The fall season of TV series finally started! This week I watched 5 brand new shows, but the episode I liked the most was:

Greys 8.01 – 8.02

I was absolutely amazed by the whole sinkhole idea and a guy who had to amputate his wife’s leg plot. have you seen how huge this hole was?! Callie: ‘I should go. I’m the orthopedic surgeon.’ Owen: ‘You have a wife and a child. I’m going.’ I’m so sick of all the Mer/Der drama, so I’m just gonna quote Meredith from season two: ‘He’s a brain surgeon, how can he be so brainless?!’ Starting to like Owen. What Mer said to Owen about being raised by a Christina! Christina almost killed Alex! Alex telling her that he needs her to have his back! Arizona worrying about Alex! Nobody listening to April! Mer panicking. Everything was just perfect!


Person of Interest 1.01

It was absolutely good! Michael Emerson, I love you. Also the final speech reminded me of Lost so much! ‘I’ve been watching you for a long time, JOHN (I laughed adding Locke to it). We have more in common than you might think. The world thinks we’re both dead, for starters.’ ‘Let’s just say you’re not the only one that’s LOST someone.’ Oh come on, the way he said LOST that was on purpose! Loving the idea of being observed by the machine.


A Gifted Man 1.01

Very good, cried when he helped those kids. Was weird to see his dead wife. And Julie Benz! A very good show!


Revenge 1.01

Have you seen those houses, oh my! It was pretty good!


The Secret Circle 1.01

Disspointed big time. Didn’t know if to watch or not.


The Secret Circle 1.02

Fye killed a girl, so very good! Will be watching it.


The New Girl 1.01

Definetely not for me.


Will not be watching: The New Girl.