Private Practice 5.03

nooooo! what have the writers done to Cooper and Charlotte! why, oh why did this woman have to come and ruin my otp! a son, seriously?! And here I was thinking Amelia’s story was going to be so cliche and useless like Chief Webber’s on Greys, and now I’m starting to love it. Sam’s a better person? that’s a load of crap! also why does Addie talk so much during sessions? Amy Brenneman finally without her wig! And totally excited for Addie/Violet friendship. The whole Pete/Violet thing, amazing, and why does he need to treat my favorite character so bad?

‘I woke up with a hangover this morning, again, and I’m just, I’m over it, this have to be it. I don’t know why I was able to put together almost a decade sober and now I can’t seem to make it pass about 30 days. This program gave me a life and now I have a lot to lose, so I’m not drinking today. I can’t believe it is day one, again. I’m humiliated, I’m humiliated that It’s day one again. But you know, it’s one day at a time and I’m not gonna take a drink today.’

Violet: ‘I’m afraid you think I’m a bad mother and you don’t love me enough.’ Pete: ‘I’m afraid I’ll die before I’m done raising Lucas.’


Grey’s 8.05

‘Ladies and gentlemen I would like to invite a few very lucky residents to scrub in on this country’s first penis transplant.’

Interesting episode, wasn’t happy about getting to know Avery’s mom, but not that I did, It was a very good ep. Plus saw Ian Gomez at the beginning of the ep, so my day is good.


American Horror Story 1.01

Absolutely digging this. Was waiting for some time to see if it’s good, and was not disappointed.

‘The world is a filthy place. It’s a filthy God damn horror show. There’s so much pain, you know, there’s so much…’

‘If you want to kill yourself cut vertically not horizontally, this way they will not be able to save you.’


American Horror Story 1.02

Not as good as the first ep, but still very intriguing.


The Slap 1.02

Almost a good as the pilot. What looked like a cliche pregnancy story with some young kid as a father turned out to be good, but she got the abortion and really liked her story.

‘You’re gonna be a great writer. Fucking write then.’


The Secret Circle 1.05

Finally something is happening! Nick got killed, isn’t it too soon to kill off one of the main characters? Anyway, very good.


Revenge 1.04

The tape was absolutely hilarious. Good ep.


Desperate Housewives 8.03

It’s slowly starting to be a boring season 7. Best part Gabby dancing on a pole. Does everyone need to propose to Bree? Glad Chuck is gone. Why did Susan tell Mike the truth, and why didn’t she have an affair with Carlos? shipped Susan and Carlos hard the entire episode.

‘I’m not much older than you. What year were you born?’


‘Me too.’


Suburgatory 1.03

This week’s ep was pretty good, nothing very good but still okay.