This week I’ve seen 9 shows. Have you noticed I’m already quitting on some of the previous ones? First of all I wanted to say how sad I am that I’ve lost 3 shows that I’ve been watching for the last year or two, V, Off the Map and No Ordinary Family. This year, I’ve decided to add to my regular/old ones (Private Practice, Greys, Cougar Town, Bones, Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Skins, Pretty Little Liars) 6 new shows. It’s my senior year so clearly I will not have enough time to watch all of them each week, so from all that I chose I have decided to follow Revenge and The Secret Circle, I treat them as my guilty pleasure shows, as they can help me relax after a hard week. The shows I’ve seen and quited on are Prime Suspect and The New Girl. But there are 5 more shows I will catch up with after my final exams which is after 18th of May. I’m planning on doing good on my exam and catching up with myself, my health physically and mentally, eating habits and growing up. The shows I will  be probably watching after my exams: Person of Interest, Pan Am, A Gifted Man, The Walking Dead, Terra Nova and Suburgatory. I have also started watching The Slap, and it is very good, it only has 8 episodes, so I will be able to watch them in Fridays afternoons.

From this week, the episode I liked definitely the most was:

Private Practice, 5.02

Dad of a sick person thanking people who’s child cord blood Cooper stole from them; Amelia’s speech about helping Charlotte and not getting help from her; the new doctor, that he liked Vi’s book; Cooper breaking boundaries, again; Charlotte screaming at Coop; Pete treating Violet like shit; Amelia drinking wine at the end; Pete being mad at Addison, Sheldon and Violet’s shrink talk; Sheldon talking to Charlotte; recrutation process. Thing I hated, Addison and Sam still together, all the sex, seriously, Shonda? We all hate him. Still I cried and laughted and concider it very good!


Desperate Housewives 8.02

A very good episode. Gabby and the pole. ‘When were you born?’ ‘1992.’ ‘Me too.’ And buuum!; Bree and Mary Alice references; everything else basically was good.


Dexter 6.01

Dexter’s back, but most of all, Deb is back! ‘Snakes, holy freaking fuck, snakes!’ Good episode, funny at times, like the preschool appointment.


Pan Am 1.02

Some of the main characters are really getting on my nerves, and their boring stories like the blond one and the pilot. Liking the French one and Christina Ricci’s character. Maybe will like the older sister too. This episode: ‘I’m not in the price of your ticket; lovely ending.


The Slap 1.01

This kid is a monster, I wasn’t raised right, but I would loose my temper with him as well, I would say fuck probably, not hit, but still, a terrible kid. The only thing I found disturbing was this 5 year old drinking breast milk. Good acting. Interested to see more.


The Secret Circle 1.04

Fighting demons? I finally start to really like this teen show. Good episode, best so far.


Revenge 1.03

After last week I thought, ok I’m not watching this and then I watched this episode and I’m starting to feel sad for Victoria, and the show is actually pretty okay now.


Grey’s Anatomy 1.04

All boys episode was a pretty bad episode, though Owen is my favorite male character now! The whole guys working together on MerDer house scene was very cute; and the last scene with the bottle. When I first heard ‘all boys episode’ I though, oh great It’s gonna be disastrous, and It was better than I expected but still bad.


Suburgatory 1.02

Did not know what to expect after the pilot which was pretty good, but this one was just bad. Liked the beginning. This stupid neighbor kid and the main character that was super gross and just stupid. The thing is I really like the Altman father so I will keep watching, maybe it gets better.