Just a very quick update of what I have seen this month. No, it does not look like all the movies are with Laura Linney, oh wait. 2 of them (Kinsey, You Can Count on Me) I have seen before. Laura is an excellent actress, and all of her roles are that good.


Masterpiece. Laura and Liam’s acting and the whole. The story, all the characters. A very intriguing biography extremely well shown. Her performance deserved that Oscar, still disappointed she did not get it. So did Liam’s.


You Can Count on Me

Excellent movie. The Oscar nomination well deserved.


Squid and the Whale

This is definitely one of the best films ever made. The story is compelling, and portrays an everyday life of an average family. Still impressed by all of it.


The Mystic River

Goes to my 10 favorite thrillers list.


The Savages

Amazing movie. Another Laura Linney film that does not lack anything. One of the scenes that I admire the most is when they are yelling in the car and the father sounds off his hearing aid and covers his ears, looking outside the window. Music makes this film so beautify tactful. They missed their father’s death, and that was extremely realistic. The portrait of coping with the loss and all the mourning is breathtakingly depressing. The final line ‘Where’s the conference?’ ‘Poland.’



It was a little different, but, still, I loved it. Laura Linney and art.


The Other Man

The plot was pretty bad. Liam and Laura starring together, again. Antonio’s character was getting on my nerves. Loved the daughter.