Private Practice 5.05

Genius episode, that’s it. Just genius.

‘Are you crazy?! Are you actually clinically insane?! Did you really do this thing? Because even I didn’t think you were stupid enough n crazy enough to actually go through with it. What is wrong with you?! Why are you this self destructive?!’

‘So we’re both screwed up, but maybe we can be there for each other. Like some kinda messed up body system.’

‘I won’t drink today, if you don’t kill yourself.’


The Slap 1.04

Just brilliant, I assumed Connie’s story would be just another teen romance, was nicely surprised.


American Horror Story 1.04

good not superb.


Pretty Little liars Halloween

Did not bring anything to the story but I absolutely loved the fat Hanna, wild Aria and nerdy Spencer. This is what this show should be about, not the perfect teens.


The Secret Circle 1.07

Very good. Point plus for Halloween decorations!


Revenge 1.06

Almost as good as the previous one.


Greys 5.07

Funny, medium good.


Desperate Housewives 8.05

The only scene I loved: ‘It’s okay, Gaby, we got it.’ ‘I don’t know what to say.’ ‘Just take care of your husband.’ heartbreaking scene.


Suburgatory 1.05

That was just bad.