American Horror Story 1.10

Vi running into and out of the house, not being able to escape from it. Ben ripping rubber man’s mask off. and Vi is dead?! so fucking good.


Castle 4.10

Excellent episode. I am starting to like the new captain. About Castle, I have just finished catching up with all the 4 seasons. Now I know everything, and I love it.

‘Don’t get up yet, stay in bed.’ ‘Castle.’ ‘Kate, hi…’ ‘Castle.’ ‘What?’ ‘Did you do this?’ ‘What?’ ‘Stop saying what and wake up!’

‘Handcuffs. Kinky.’ ‘Castle, It’s not funny.’ ‘I didn’t say funny, I said kinky. And I didn’t cuffed us.’ ‘You think I cuffed us?’

‘They look like police cuffs.’ ‘Somebody else did this to us. My watch is missing.’ ‘Mine too. And my wallet.’ ‘And my badge, and my gun.’

‘And my phone. I’ve just renewed my contract.’ ‘Would you stop joking?’

‘Okay, lift my top.’ ‘I think you might still be under the influence, but okay.’ ‘Castle, not like that. Okay, you can put my shirt down.’

‘What the hell did Castle get her into?’


Bones 7.05

favorite part of bones mid season finale, angela n hodgins looking through all this post tornado stuff. that song, currently on repeat. Tornado was great. but oh my! he played his song as a lullaby for michael! ZZ Top, genius. Hilarious episode. best of this season.


Revenge 1.09


Suburgatory 1.09

Dallas and George kissed, finally. Best episode of the season.