My top 10 this year.

1. Constance Langdon
American Horror Story
portrayed by Jessica Lange

This character lead the entire series. The perfect strong character. My definite favorite this year.

2. Moira O’Hara
American Horror Story
portrayed by Frances Conroy

Only the parts played by Frances Conroy. Second favorite character of the show. I am loving Frances performance even more than I did in the marvelous Six Feet Under.

3. Dexter Morgan
portrayed by Micheal C Hall

I am a father. A son. A serial killer. My fascination with serial killers and the darkness overtaken me while watching this season. Michael C Hall, genius as always.

4. Debra Morgan
portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter

I am nicely surprised by what a new side of Deb we have seen this season. Really enjoyed Jennifer’s performance this year.

5. Cathy Jamison
The Big C
portrayed by Laura Linney

I have to say the plot of season two was not as good as the first one and the  writing for Laura’s character was not as perfect as in season 1. But it has nothing to do with Laura’s amazing performance. Last episode, just watch last episode.

6.Vivien Harmon
American Horror Story
Connie Britton

I never saw Friday Night Lights, but I am definitely going to. I absolutely loved Connie’s character on AHS.

7. Kate Beckett
portrayed by Stana Katic

The first 10 episodes of season 4, with the amazing Kill Shot. What Castle did to Kate by dragging her through her mother’s murder again, made her character fall apart. Now she’s broken and this is the kind of character I love the most.

8. Frank Gallagher
portrayed by William H Macy

Yes, I have seen UK’s version of Shameless and I did not like it as much as US’ version. Mostly because I absolutely love this Frank. William H Macy is genius in this role.

9. Charlotte King
Private Practice
portrayed by Kadee Strickland

The whole rape case. Damaged Charlotte was what I wanted to see. And it was good. The episodes when she was trying to get back on her feet. Very good.

10. Violet Harmon
American Horror Story
portrayed by Taissa Farmiga

Another interesting character on AHS. Taissa is this year’s finest discovering.