The list of the movies I wanted to see this year is very long. Unfortunately there is not enough time right now for me to handle everything, and I am trying to follow my 13 shows on time, with which sometimes I need to catch up with later, like I had to do with Dexter this year. Also I watched the whole The Big C and Shameless in September and October, and Castle through November and December. I am promising myself not to start any new shows till June, as I need to focus on my studies. This also means, the only movies I will be watching will be those at the cinema. Anyway in the last month I have seen:

Feast of Love

It was different. Stana Katic’s scenes.


For Lovers Only

Independent movies. Gorgeous shots. Loved the pigeon scene and all others.



Before the whole sister getting raped by 5 men, movie sucked. I liked the idea of a girl killing men with just a stiletto and the idea of revenge. This movie is a kind of rape and revenge genre, which is my most favorite.


Bond of silence

I was surprised to love it that much. The true story starring Kim Raver, very solid.


Angel’s Crest

I loved all of it. A touching story of a father and the consequences of being a what seems to be an irresponsible young father, good plot. Absolutely loved the ending. Kate Walsh in this movie, the best.


Remember Alice Bell?

A very good short movie.

Because you can’t be sad about something you don’t remember, can you?