Movies I’ve seen in January.

Cold Creek Manor

It was predictable and Sharon Stone’s character’s level of intelligence was very low, as I just could watch her standing so close to the open grave or her caring about her leg except of how to kill the guy and then again standing so close to the edge of the roof. I did not like that the guy did not try to kill the kids. I really enjoyed few scenes like the kid almost getting run over, the snakes idea, and the killing the horse scene, these were done in a very intriguing way. The final battle was way too short and easy. There was nothing special in dialogs. The thing I enjoyed the most was the whole climate of the movie.



Predictable? Not so much, as I had no idea the old lady was going to end up a villain. But now when I think about it, I never suspect old ladies. The suspence was not strong enough for me, and they should have show us the clear shot of the devil, and stop turning off the light, so I could actually see the killings, bbut other than that, I enjoyed it.



Can I say…overrated? The last 40 minutes, when the red guy is beheaded and the battles and all the killings were really nice to watch, the rest of the movie not so much. Acting, more or less satisfactory. Awards for costumes, for sure in reach. I have the same not so good feelings as I did with The Other Boleyn Girl, I have no idea, why I have just thought about this movie, but I was not satisfied with both. So, was Shakespeare a fraud?


The Human Stain

Good atmosphere, stories, acting. Was not shocked at any time while watching this, so not my favorite, but I cannot say anything bad about it.