Shameless 2.03

Fiona’s story was very good, her image of the perfect high school boyfriend was all ruined. I did not see that bitch coming on Fiona like that, they probably have a similar situation, older sister taking care of her siblings, at least Gallaghers have money now. Karen and that 37 years old dude getting married, just ridiculous. Frank genius as always, but for the first time watching this show I was disguised by his character, when he answered that pager and then called and said ‘She doesn’t need that heart anymore.’ How she paid him 2 000 $ and a flat screen so he fuck her to death, that was good. I was nicely surprised when he felt sad after seeing death’s face. Frank’s talk how people shouldn’t interfere with god’s plan, that was excellent. Last scene, of Frank stealing money from church, that was so obvious. Debbie and her death phase was good, don’t know why they had to end it.


Castle 4.13

The incredible interaction between Kate and Castle in the hand scene. When he was showing her how she should rub the dog, was touching her, when she is so in love with him, her face said everything. I am so intrigued by this scene. The rest of the episode was not good enough for season 4, which is in total a masterpiece. Too much Esposito and this reality TV star not enough investigating and Castle and Beckett. I knew the dog would not choose them, this scene was nice though. The running away from dogs scene was amazing, Esposito’s ‘Run’ and Kate’s  ‘Aaaaaa’. Hilarious.


Desperate Housewives 8.11

Gaby’s story, the scene when she tells that woman ‘At least you believed her, my mother never did.’ That was just well written. Also the previous ‘Then believe me.’ Bree is definitely my favorite character this season, when he walked through church, after she confirm she is a neighborhood slut, genius. I love how this show can handle alcoholism, the card very nicely played. Australian guy should be back on V, where he belongs. Renee is less annoying these days, maybe after her speech last episode I look at her differently. I am not saying that Lynette and Tom shouldn’t break up (they shouldn’t though) but this is not the storyline for the final season. It is hard to watch these two, and we all should fully enjoy this last season. Not well thought, Mark Cherry, not well thought.


Pretty Little Liars 2.17

Finally a not so bad episode, the previous one was so cheesy. Ezria all the way, I am glad they are staying together, but when the hell are they going to sleep together? This is ridiculous, in real life he wouldn’t wait for her. You should have told Caleb everything, I have a feeling he could protect you. Alli was harassed by A too? That is interesting. Spencer is acting all stupid again, and Emily is such a useless character.


Skins 6.01

This generation is super annoying and just disastrous, but what happened in the last 10 min of the episode was genius. This is the old Skins back! The most annoying character ever falling into coma, well played. I don’t like Minnie and Al together, when she got up I thought they were going to play the ‘Cassie waking up to drink water’ card, which could have been marvelous, but no, she woke up to take a shower and get into Al’s pants. They could have played the ED card so well here, and now I don’t like any of the characters. First season of a new generation is usually better as we get to know all the brand new characters and the second is all about partying, but this coma storyline may change it.