My holidays may have started three weeks ago, which means the same every year, season of watching films have just started, but this year I have decided to rewatch all seasons of SVU and Brothers and Sisters first, which is why I have only seen twelve films from the beginning of my summer break.

Very Annie Mary

An amazing comedy, which was not in fact a comedy. In the beginning, how naive Annie Mary was that was just precious.


Cabin in the Woods

I am not a fan of Saws, but that was different, until it all fell apart. Till the moment the guy jumps on his motocycle, everything is great, he dies, and the film immediately starts falling apart. I was happy to se Sigourney Weaver and Jodelle Fernand at the end, and the ending was not bad itself, but twenty minutes in between ruined the movie.



One of the most intriguing post apocalyptic films in a while. Breathtaking shots. I am not a fan of German cinema in general, but that was very good.


Beautiful Kate

One of the most intriguing films about inset I have seen, the issue presented gently and remarkably, reminding everyone that Australian cinematography is truly spectacular and highly unappreciated.


Seven Below

I was disappointed Val Kilmer got killed first, but the film was good, even the ending.


Off the Map

Depression well but, but is it just me or was trailer better than the film? Not enough Amy Brenneman.


Lake Placid

Starring Bridget Fonda, Oliver Platt and Mariska Hargitay. Bridget’s character at the beginning made me laugh, and the film was not bad itself. It is not my favorite creature based or water creature based film, but not disapointing.


Butterfly On a Wheel

I figured it out in the beginning, there was not enough tension, I would expect.


History of Violence

First half intriguing, then a little bit worse, but a good thriller after all, plus the ending was very good.


Answers to Nothing

There have been just a few very good multi stories films, like Things you can tell just by looking at her or Mother and Child and this is one of them. Inspiring stories, maybe not fully presented like in the Thing you can tell just by looking at her for example, but this is life, just how it is. Though the film lacks a well highlighted  ‘Answer to Everything’ line or narration, but if we look closely, we surely find the answers we need.


Blood Runs Cold

I always tend to watch low budged independent films, expect them to be good, oh how naive I am. There are not many low budget films that are in fact good, and this one is definitely not one of them. The problem is, I enjoyed the killings.



Another huge disapointement, started pretty okay, and then got all twisted, not in  a good way. When I read the plot I thought It might be similar to Donnie Darko, and it was in a weird kind of way, but it definitely not as good.