I am rewatching the entire series, because it’s been a while and I’ve missed some episodes. Right now, I’m rewatching season 2. Season two is much better than one, the stories seem to be more straight and better prepared. Alex kicks some asses this season. Episodes I have not seen – 11 – Abuse, and I heard it was good, and it’s killing me.

List of episodes, in order of how much I liked them.

  1. 15
    A paedophile kidnaps and rapes a young girl. He killed his previous victims. Guest starring Andrea Bowen.
  2. 1 – Wrong is right
    Detectives Stabler and Jeffrey are under the close look of police. Tutuola joins the group.
  3. 10 – Consent
    A student is raped and the detectives are trying to find out who is responsible. Two girls from the sorrority want her to pay for charming a guy so they make a love potion. She gives a guy a lap dance, and another one rapes her.
  4. 9 – Pixies
    A bulimic athlete is raped and killed.
    Why did I get my period? Because it’s natural. No, because I’m not training hard enough.
    Diphenylmethane. Ingredient found in laxatives.
    Also has enamel erosion on upper and lower incisors. Self-induced vomiting.
    She was bulimic.
  5. 5  – Baby Killer
    A young boy shots a girl at school. Sara Ramirez guest stars. Boy aimed to kill the guy who he saw killing another guy the previous night, but shot the girl by accident.
  6. 20 – Pique
    Chad Lowe guest stars.
  7. 2 – Honor
    Religion, brother kills a sister because she lost virginity. Father kills mother for talking to the police.
  8. 18 – Manhunt
    John and Fin get their own case and go outside NY. There’s a cabin in the woods, and the woods, where they find 15 bodies.
  9. 4 – Legacy
    Girl is beaten up and molested. Mother is to blame. Munch feels connected to the story.
  10. 7 – Asunder
    A policeman is raping his wife, and she throws things at him. Elliot gets a black eye. Cabot loses.
  11. 16 – Runaway
    Cop’s daughter runs away, SVU is being assessed as Craven is to blame for the investigation went wrong, as informant is killed.
  12. 3 – Closure Part 2
  13. 13 – Victims
    Paedophiles are getting killed.
  14. 21 – Scourge
    4 people are killed, a man who has a high developed syphilis.
  15. 19 – Parasites
    A Romanian woman’s body are burried in a backyard. Ringer.
  16. 17 – Folly
    An escort is beat twice. Someone is beating up escorts.
  17. 14 – Paranoia
    A cop and Olivia’s teacher is raped, She was set up by friends from her unit, for wanting to sell them out for selling drugs.
  18. 12 – Secrets
    A teacher is raped and murdered. She’s also a hooker.
  19. 6 – Noncompliance
    A social worker helping homeless is killed, a man is stabbed.Not a clean case, I never like when they try to frame a schizophrenic, just because it fits and is easy. The ending was intriguing.
  20. 8 – Taken
    Girl claims she’s raped, but she’s not. It’s all a money scam.

I assess the whole season for: 7.6/10