1. 18
    Cabot falls down, and Elliot picks her up. Poor Alex is suspended.
  2. 16
    A fourteen year old girl is raped at her boyfriend, pimp’s party.
  3. 9
    A little girl is beaten to death by her foster grandma. Alex slaps around a foster home.
  4. 8
    Chinese women are raped beaten up by a black n chinese son of a rapist. Olivia feels connected to the case.
    My mother was a rape victim. She got pregnant. She had me. So, yeah, it was personal. I think I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that that’s probably the biggest reason that I decided to become a cop. You know, to join SVU. I used to think that it was because I wanted to do something good, you know, make a difference.
    But you’re questioning those reasons now?
    I don’t know. You know, I mean, look at my job. I have to be aggressive, even violent.
    And you think that makes you like Darrell Guan.
    Well, look at Darrell Guan. I keep trying to convince myself that he had a choice.
    You know, be a rapist, don’t be a rapist. Be violent, don’t be violent. But… If he had this aggression inside him, even violence, then,does he have a choice? Does anyone?
    You don’t hurt people, Olivia. You protect them. You’re proof that we do have a choice.
    Or… Or maybe I’m just lucky.
  5. 2 –
    Someone kills people connected with Olivia. Olivia shoots the guy.
  6. 3
    A child is kidnapped.
  7. 17
    Emily Deschanel guest stars.
  8. 22
    A girl with Down syndrome is raped.
  9. 10
    A man is raped at the party, one of his rapist is killed. We meet Diane, but not as Casey Novak.
  10. 13 –
    A man is found on a FBI woman, in a park. Aaa, and they are both dead, and she doesn’t have head or hands.
    Screw you.’ ‘I can screw you harder.’
  11. 14
    A policeman is raping woman, and killing them.
  12. 15
    A serial killer. And Stabler fucked up. Then got beat up, and Wong too.
  13. 19
    Judge’s daughter is killed. His the father of is daughter’s baby.
  14. 21
    A woman is investigated for killing two of her kids.
    If she was high, then it’s her own fault, she was asking for it.
    No one asks to be raped.
  15. 4
    A woman is raped. Another woman is raped.
    He wasn’t supposed to die, you were.
  16. 1 – Repression
    Father rapes his daughters. Therapist is putting shot to patients heads.
  17. 6
    A cop sent to prison a wrong man, he’s working with Elliot.
  18. 7
    Gay porn.
  19. 11 – Monogamy
    A woman is found with her baby taken out. By the time Liv and El find him, newborn is dead.
  20. 12 –
    A mother drops off her son at the ER, and runs away with her other son.
    ‘Law is not about justice.’
  21. 5
  22. 23
    A priest molesting young boys.
    Your risking your soul.
    I believe I’m saving it.
  23. 20
    A fraud.

Mean grade is: 8.7