Season 13 picks up the storyline of the SVU team after the tragic shooting at the end of season twelve and by the end of the first episode we know we’re never seeing Elliot Stabler again. The beautiful 12 year partnership ends and we meet two new characters. Amanda, who I have fallen in love the first seen we meet her, when she asks some random guy at the precinct to stash her box somewhere, and Nick Amaro, a numb character, who I am still not sure a bout.

  1. 1
    I’m watching the first four episodes of the season for the third time now.
    Maid is raped, crawling out of the room ‘What’s going on, what happened to you?’
    Guy has the balls to call for his laptop.
    Amanda’s ‘Stash that for me somewhere, hun, thank you.
    Acting of the maid.
    I spit it out.
    The description of rape.
    ‘He put it in my mouth, he hold my head so hard, until he finished.
    Liv’s ‘Where did you spit it out?
    Melinda’s ‘Get ready to get lucky.’
    He laughted and said ‘That’s the difference between like and love.’
    Finally, you brought my laptop.
    Ron Rifkin guest stars.
    Stephanie March guest stars.
    Cabot meets Rollins.
    ‘And yet we do have probable cause.’
    ‘How’d he do?’
    ‘Everyone is staring.’
    Rollins sucking up to Liv.
    It’s not a check up it’s a procedure.
    We’re professionals.
    They actually show us the procedure.
    A woman is measured by Cosmo.
    Weakness. Most man are turned on by weakness.
    Later I will be free and you’ll be out of your job.
    Oh, Alex.
    Okay, good, but if there’s any part of the story you’re leaving out…
    No, he raped me, and he’s going to get away with it, do what he wants to me, just like the soldiers.
    The missionary at the refuge camp, he told me, If I bring my sons to America, there is no violence, no fighting. Someone from Africa is the president of everything, everything.
    So what? So he’s the sacrificial lamb? You’re just gonna give him up?
    You know me better than that, he’s like a son to me.
    And he’ll tell them to Go to hell.
    Oh no Liv you didn’t just say that.
    So, what’s her story? She must have some hooks to be transferred here from Atlanta.
    She’s cool.
    Elliot is probably afraid to talk to you Liv.
    Ouch, she did this for money.
    You promised Ms Cabot that this wasn’t about money.
    Liv talking in Italian.
    Alex Cabot, please. Good work Rollins.
    What part about the South Sudan didn’t you hear.
    This, if it’s even legitimate.
    Oh, it’s legitimate.
    This is not a story. This is why I came here. But you will believe what you will believe.
    Olivia. I believe her.
    If we press the case we can’t win we just tell the next victim that she’s better off staying silent.
    If we let him walk we send the message to the rest of the world, that in New York the law doesn’t apply to the rich and the powerful. We are here to even those scales, not cut them run.
    Woman see power, they find it attractive.
    You mean they like it rough.
    The dance is different every time.
    Also part of the dance?
    Are you sure she didn’t get those injuries trying to fight you off.
    It’s in a woman’s eyes, no matter what the word say.
    Even if a word is no? Even if she’s fighting you, scratching you, even if she’s calling for help less than 5 minutes after you fled your room after you you raped her. Did you see that in her eyes?
    You had time to fly him in, but you didn’t have time to inform us?
    She told me one soldier had raped her, I told her no, one dozen soldiers, this is better.
    Olivia, do you think she’s telling the truth about the rape?
    Yes, something bad happened to her in that room.
    That’s all I need to hear.
    Nice working with you.
    Elliot put his papers in, there was nothing I could do.
    You wanna talk? You wanna take a day?
    I’m fine.
    Liv, I’m sorry.
    You okay?
    No, I’ll go, give me five and we’ll roll.
    The writing was just very good this episode.
  2. 2
    We’re hiring another detective?
    We’re short on staff. You have a problem with that?
    It’s hard enough showing one rookie the ropes, now we have two, I mean, what is it, a daycare centre?
    I used to be the earliest bird.
    Good, so maybe you could help the new guys out a little, okay?
    Description of assault.
    He’s still couching, he’s still not doing whatever he didn’t do to you. You understand that?
    My son is gay and he has to deal with that garbage on the streets everyday. Bravest man I know.
    Olivia, I’m really sorry about Elliot.
    Steve said that you got it worse than you did, when did coach stopped raping you.
    How come you get so upset every time I bring it up?
    I’m trying to resurrect your case and you don’t like my tactics.
    He’s going to be doing bed checks and everything.
    What we all have to remember is shame is not ours is his.
  3. 3
    His Spanish is slightly better than yours and the girl lives with her Puertorican grandmother.
    He’s your new partner?
    Oh, no, I’m just showing him the ropes.
    Liv talking to the girl.
    Well, somebody got you pregnant.
    God impregnated her.
    Why do I always get priests.
    13 year olds today, we try to keep them innocent. We lose them to the Kardashians and Lady Gaga.
    This gets better and better for us, not for you.
    She is lying. He doesn’t own a car.
    Someone sent her flowers.
    Look, there’s no florist-client privilege, okay?
    Kyle Macchalahan guest stars, for the third time.
    I know she’ll never forget me.
    Make you feel like a man when you popped her?
    Threw some charity, okay?
    Little punk thinks he can’t be touched.
    Grandma forces her to have the abortion.
    I don’t want to go,
    I wanna keep my baby.
    Oh my God.
    He said it was my fault that he couldn’t stop.
    He got her drunk, the lemonade was spiked. She was a virgin, she said it hurt, she was crying, she said no.
    There was no outcry afterwards, he sent her flowers.
    What the hell is that supposed to mean? Counsellor, what the hell’s that mean?
    You’re off. What I saw your anger pushed her disclosure.
    I’m off? You and your office have lost your nerve.
    Kid goes missing.
    I’ll call, I’m sergeant.
    We have his cell phone records, son.
    And what were you doing there?
    It’s not like he paid with the check, honey.
    I just wanted you to call me your son. I just wanted you to say you love, why couldn’t you? I’m your son too.
    Nice, Kyle.
  4. 4
    Oh, life is not that bad, give me a smile. You look so much prettier when you smile.
    Look at me. Look at my face.
    You did everything right, you survived.
    Tell me you love me, Mommy.
    Rollins is right.
    These aren’t gonna catch anyone.
    Big Brother’s is most definitely watching, Amigo. I mean what’s next they take your DNA at birth, and put them in some government database.
    Because we are looking for a white man. Somebody please take over from me, I’m gonna chew some glass.
    You are the sergeant.
    Is he always like this?
    Hey, Rollins.
    Nice job.
    Your rapist is still out there.
    You tell my boy I never raped anybody. You tell him that for me.
    Nick just helped the guy.
    Back when I got my shield, All we had to go on was blood type and fingerprints. We went with our gut. You know what, kid, I miss those days.
    He has an identical brother!
    She drugged him, then she burned him up in font of Bryan.
    I will talk to her, the blonde.
    So If he doesn’t talk to the blonde he walks?Captain, we need a statement.
    Can you lift up shirt? Lift up your shirt for me, baby. I wanna show you something.
    It is your party.
    I don’t I don’t know, he could he could’ve.T I Knight is amazing!
    She’s a drunk whore, who cares.
    It’s okay, anybody would be broken.
    No one ever really listened to you, have they? I wanna hear your whole story, not just these mistakes. Everything, I’ve got all night, and I’m not leaving you.
    Look at me, look at my face.
  5. 5
    ‘That’s my point, Ma.’
    Amanda and Fin going from home to home and screaming ‘Treat or Treak!’ in their child voices, perfection.
    Someone stole my baby, someone stole my son.
    Check everything scene.
    If I saw I would run, I don’t like babies.
    They put a baby in a cooler.
    The baby’s body.
    Elliot would shook the shit out of them.
    Baby under the table.
    Would you let your son go out looking like a pumpkin?
    The beautiful location where they buried the baby.
    With his blanket and a toy.
    Everybody knows in New York bad things happen all the time.
    Now what? We let them go. Just send them home.
  6. 6
    The opening.
    I didn’t yell. I didn’t fight back.
    You said that he had a gun, it was rape.
    You’re alive. You did what you had to do.
    Actually the bottle would be better.
    I’ll remember for the next time.
    Ouch, Liv, you screwed up.
    That girl has just been robbed off all her power and all her humanity. And your best advise is pretend it never happened and walk away?
    You’re not alone. I will be here every step of the way.
    They don’t clean up when they’re done?
    This is a huge burden to bear in my experience.
    In your experience? Until you’ve been raped, you don’t get…
    That’s why I hate elevators, you know, no girl is gonna smile at some stranger who tries to get in her car.
    I was raped.
    Guy attacks Rollins, Fin and Amaro.
    Remember when you (…) were that age.
    Death by thousand paper cuts.
    Bad identification.
    Please don’t tell me he’s black.
    Munch is all I’m a sergeant, I rule.
    Oh, you’re in trouble.
    I don’t know his name.
    You were held at the gunpoint.
    Prosecution is handling it well.
    Don’t tell me it was worth it, that was so ugly.
    Healing begins when someone bears witness. I saw you. I believe you.
    I didn’t ask for company.
    You said that if a white girl cries rape in that neighbourhood, she must have wanted it.
    All I can think of is I’m so tired.
    This is what happens if you live for the job.
    I do okay on my own.
    You sure about that?
    The writing, proceeding and that case.
  7. Izabella Miko guest stars.
    No English, sorry.
    Now she speaks English.
    What about your father?
    That’s a long story.
    You got a name on her?
    Something Russian.
    I paid, I paid, I paid.
    I gave them everything I had and they still killed her.
    First spit out that lolipop.
    Amanda and Fin blackmailed them, and the feds come in anyway.
    Ain’t life a bitch?
    Guy deleted the files.
    Fin blackmails him again.
    Remember captain, no matter how temping it may be you cannot get intimate with the suspect.
    Knock it out, killer.
    You’ll do fine, you look good.
    I worry more about my stuff.
    How the whole precinct finds out about captain’s past.
    Please, you have to help me, whoever you are.
    Prostitutes, no family, illegal, no one to miss them.
    No mothers to forgive them.
    Nice one, Rollins.
    Officer down, officer down.
    Who got hit?
    I want this bitch gone, now.
    She played you all.
    Liv, about that stuff I said on a wire.
    What stuff?
  8. Is that our guy?
    Whoever that is, it’s not right.
    Guy is running around the park naked.
    Rollins is always jogging.
    Who the hell you talking to?
    The guy is not nuts, he’s having a bad trip.
    I grew up around both, my sister had it rough, so.
    We all come from something.
    Girl is being raped and Amanda and Fin do not believe him.
    Keep your clothes on.
    Gia, you’re just like every other survivor who has to tell her story over and over to get justice. That’s just the way it works. But you’re gonna get justice.
    When is Gia’s birthday? scene.
    Finding the photos scene.
    Gia, we believe you, I believe you.
    He will never touch you again, you cannot promise me that.
    In the real world, he’s save and I’m not.
    Liv tells about her assault. Amanda and Liv talk.
    Bad things have happened to me, I’ve been stabbed, I’ve been assaulted. My gun didn’t save me.
    You told Gia that you were assulted…
    Something happened to me on the job. Part of the reason I had to leave.
    Somebody you work with?
    Something not worth pursuing, you know.
    That’s how they win.
    I know it’s hard to imagine now, but you survived the abuse, Gia, you’re gonna survive the recovery.
  9. Some guy is following a kid.
    Haha, and your name is?
    You’re in trouble, your partner is pretty and small.
    Ron Rifkin guest stars so does Stephanie March.
    So sweetheart why don’t you do me a favour and call your boss.
    Ada Cabot.
    Questioning the retarded kis who let teenage girls in.
    It’s not him. It’s not my boy.
    I’m sorry, I’m very, very sorry.
    Amanda’s come on we had the rabbit’s foot, we had the metro card.
    The girls are on tape.
    Girls did it.
    What did Courtney say?
    Staff came out, it felt funny, but nice.
    Emma’s freaking.
    He’s just a dump gypsy, who’s gonna miss him?
    Stupid little bitch. It was just a joke. I shut him up. I gave him the only funk he’s ever had.
    It’s a little late, dad.
    She’s right.
    Anything else?
    Yeah, Why?
    Why not?
  10. Kay Panabaker guest stars.
    Come on, it’s just Marcus.
    Give me my money, she’s crying.
    Please, I don’t wanna do it anymore.
    I’m sorry, baby.
    My wife sent you to the right place.
    They cut her in the act.
    No, how about some cuffs instead baby?
    She’ll never say a word against me, I own that bitch.
    What Trade did to you, that’s not love, your parents, they love you.
    Told her, that’s how I got the shield.
    He has no idea where he is.
    He just stood there, like he couldn’t figure out why I was screaming.
    Get a lawyer?
    I’m not crazy.
    His torturing his client to save him.
    What where the three things I asked you about?
    I didn’t have sex with that woman! Everyone’s looking at Liv.
    What are the changes you’re facing today.
    You can’t have it both ways, Olivia, world doesn’t work that way.
    Did we win it, baby?
    Yeah, we won.
    So I didn’t do it? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.
    The ending is absolutely beautiful, the slow motion and how he grabs the gun and shoots himself.
  11. Girl is raped at the play opening.
    They were watching they thought it was a part of the show.
    Stephanie March guest stars.
    This isn’t a theatre. It’s a crime scene.
    Small town girl moves to the city, her first job on a stage and she gets raped. Audience applauds. New York is just…
    The actress
    I live in hell, I don’t need to see a play about it.
    I bet his watching me right now.
    From what, slipping in the shower?
    Judge says it was consensual.
    I was invited there to satisfy her.
    Someone’s framing her.
    Oh, man, Your were robbing your mother’s feet?
    Jason Pollack plays a director.
    He’s at her apparent for the scene work.
    The director, the IT guy, the judge, just pick your pervert.
    How do you ever trust the guy.
    I draw inspiration from life.
    I am the victim here.
    I’m so tired of being the ugly duck and I wanted you to know what it’s like to feel dirty and used, to want to give up.
    I thought you were my friend. You had someone rape me.
    It’s about time something bad happened in your life, don’t you think?
    You’re just like her. Everything just handed to you, guys jumping up to help you, nice appartments, uptaded to first class, all you have to do is show up. You get the part. It was my audition. She just came help me read lines and soon as Tod saw her, he wanted her any you didn’t say no.
    With all the abusive men her life and Megan’s betrayed by a woman.
    You’d like to think that we could look out for each other.
    Good night.
    Get home safe.
  12. Payback is a bitch.
    Why did it take you so long?
    After what they did to my little girl, guy git what he diserved.
    Dude, we’re not here to play deal with you.
    Girl’s description of the rape.
    They tore her apart.
    Me? Ah, Just getting over something.
    Isn’t everyone?
    They got to her.
    Does your daughter flinge when you’re trying to hug her? Waking up screaming in the night, was your daughter raped so brutally that she’ll never be ableto have children?
    Father was stabbed and the girl was attacked again. And someone was at Livs apartment and the witbess drunk himself to death.
    Well you know what they say you can never find taxi or a police officer when you need one.
  13. Reality show. Kid from Shameless is staring.
    A guy finds an unconscious girl so takes his occasion and rapes her.
    I thought she was dead.
    Let’s go creep boy.
    Everybody always wants something. Which one of you heard the screams through the sound proof door?
    If anything happens to my dad I swear you’ll be sorry.
    Detective is he sexting you up?
    I hope not. Lead the way.
    She couldn’t save both of you.
    I’ve seen people have two sides.
    That doesn’t mean you’re like him.
    I know what you’re feeling, I do. My father did terrible things to women, to my own have a choice. I’m nothing like my father and you don’t have to be like yours.
    They said you got through to the kid. What did you tell him?
    The truth.
    Acting suspense and the writing!
  14. Execution of the entire family.
    Don’t cry Amanda you can do this.
    Fin, I have a problem.
    Anything else you wanna know about your new partner?
    He hit you?
    Are you okay?
    You sure?
    Tonight he knocked me around he threatened you.
    Tell your girlfriend she’s gonna be sorry.
    Detective you think this will stop her. Your girl is sick.
  15. 9.5/10
  16. 8.5/10
  17. 9.5/10
  18. 3.5/10
  19. 5.5/10
  20. 8.5/10
  21. 10/10
  22. 5.5/10
  23. 4/10

Total: 7.7/10

Will post the quotes from remaining ep later this week.