So far it has been the most stressful, yet the most successful summer of my life, so to deal with that stress I have decided to seize every free minute to relax and rewatch the shows I love. I have just finished rewatching 12 seasons of Law and Order Special Victims Unit, and earlier this summer 5 seasons of Brothers and Sisters. The question is were to go next. I have also started rewatching Sally Field and Rachel Griffiths movies, and I am planning on continuing to do so. I may have aimed higher, and go watch old, most preferably black and white films, that I have not seen yet, but I have decided to postpone it. Right now my aim is to gather strength and get control over my life back. This is the to be updated list of the films/shows I will most likely see this summer.

  1. Chase – A US Marshall show staring Kelli Giddish (already saw 3 episodes)
  2. L&O: Criminal Intent 7.5 – Kelli Giddish’s episode
  3. Without A Trace: 7.5 – Kelli Giddish’s episode
  4. L&O – 6.16 – Ellen Pompeo’s episode
  5. L&O – 10.14 – SVU’s episode
  6. L&O – 16.2 – SVU’s episode
  7. ER – All Mariska Hargitay episodes
  8. Downtown
  9. L&O Trial by Jury- 1.11 – SVU’s episode
  10. L&O – 8.3 – Kate Walsh’s episode
  11. Oz – All Christopher Meloni’s episodes (already saw 2 seasons)

I have made myself a promise not to start a new show, cause my life is about to get busy, and I am already following a hell lots of shows. I watched Homeland’s pilot, and though, sure I got caught in the story, it is not Showtime’s best, and I decided to be strong and not watch any more episodes till my retirement.