I am proud to announce that all the series that I watch got renewed for the 2012/2013 season. And this is the schedule I will be following, I live in another time zone, so I am always watching them at 5am, when it’s Greys or Private Practice, or later that day, when other. Suburgatory starts a little later, and I still don’t know when American Horror Story starts. The Big C will be back, probably next spring, just four one hour episodes. Shameless is back with the 3rd season in January. Cougar Town will be back in January too.

Monday: Revenge (starts Oct 1), Dexter (starts Oct 1)
Tuesday: Bones (starts Sep 18), Castle (starts Sep 25)
Wednesday: Private Practice (starts Sep 26)
Thursday: SVU (starts Sep 27), Suburgarory (starts Oct 18)
Friday: Greys (starts Sep 28)

The new shows I am going to check out: Revolution, 666 Park Avenue, Nashville, Carrie Diaries, Go On, Made in Jersey, Chicago Fire, and… still thinking.

I seriously cannot wait for my TV schedule to get busy. Right now I am watching films, rewatching SVU and patiently waiting for the last week of September.