In season seven we finally see Bones and Booth together, whom I have always described as the best partnership on television, I cried when he always took care of her and protected her, especially in the first four seasons. Season 6 was a breakpoint when Bones realized she loves him too, and as a result of that emotion, they hooked up one night, and Bones got pregnant, which I could never forgive the writers, as neither we saw them kiss, nor we saw them go on a date. The seventh season started like they have already been together not for five months but for years, because they were, they just did not realize that for a long time. I was mad at the writers the entire summer, for not showing us the kiss, not even talking about the what happened after the kiss, but the pilot made all those feelings disappear. The problem is, this season lacks in very good and surprising cases. I am writing this in retrospect, the season ended in May and we have late August, and I can honestly and sadly say that I do not remember most of the cases. Sure I remember all the Booth and Brennan scenes and the jokes, but no many criminal cases and I remember most from every previous season. When I read all the notes that I have gathered through the entire year, then yeah maybe I remember like a three or four, but the cases used to be much better, and the characters cared about the victims more. I do believe the season got better after Christine Angela was born. I was very sad the season only had 13 episodes, the show is absolutely genius and I am just grateful it got a full 8th season.

  1. We see Bones and Booth living together and Bones is far pregnant.
  2. 2
    They’re having a girl! they’re having a girl! little bones! I love the new intro, the bed part most. Hodgins, I love you. do not kill that snake, people! Eating competition, Brennan and Booth jumping with the crowd.
  3. Did not like it, I don’t know why this season is worse than all the previous ones. Daisy and Prince Charming.
  4. Guy’s body is severed and put in boxes. Booth’s father is dead.
  5. Angela n hodgins looking through all this post tornado stuff. That song was on repeat for a long time since the premiere of the episode. Tornado was great. but oh my! He played his song as a lullaby for michael! ZZ Top, genius. Hilarious episode. Best of this season.
  6. We meet the most intelligent killer who will ruin our characters lives.
  7. 7
    The crowd scene, when Bones was trying to get through all the prisoners, and they all started fighting, and Bones just kept walking.
    Jessica Tuck guest stars.
    Christine Angela Booth.
    The birth, beautiful, ‘No, it’s not your fault.’
    The scene when Booth takes Bones to the hospital for a tour, and she pulls out her ultra violet light watch, and goes all there’s blood everywhere.
  8. 8
    She’s very advanced I knew she’d be.
    I told the director to send a photo every half an hour.
    Wow, I didn’t know they did that.
    They don’t usually, but I told her that because of my position, I could get her fired.
    How, is there an unsent button?
    Tina Majorino’s back.
    Remember me, when you take over the biuro.
    Fin and Michelle, shipping it.
    How quickly Emily lost weight.
    The victim’s head under a truck, Bones under a truck, and Booth, trying to pull her off, adorable scene.
    Bones talking about the dead woman to Christine. ‘She’s going to be beautiful and quite brilliant, I assume’.
    I love how this lady took a photo of Christine’s dirty diaper, and Bones is all this is very nice of her, and says, ‘Thank you, thank you so much’. And Booth goes ‘I don’t think nice was her intention‘, and then takes away the photo from Bones. Bones just walks into the shop and starts talking about the dead woman, but that’s normal.
    Unless you have a diaper that needs changing or need to be breastfed, I’m afraid,  I can’t help.
    Shopping, while arresting a guy.
    Just because something is difficult, doesn’t mean, I shouldn’t do it.
  9. 9
    Amazing first scene Birds falling from the sky on people.
    I feel like I’m in someone else’s body.
    You don’t think I should care about how I look?
    You’re just feeling a little vulnerable.
    You look particularly lovely today, Dr.Brennan.
    Booth told you to say that, didn’t he?
    Poor Arastoo.
    Man was scalped.
    I think she’s feeling a little unattractive.
    That lawyer’s reaction.
    Touch the bones, let them give you the answers.
    Who cares about the Egyptians.
    They guy kept the hair!
  10. 10
    Guy got stuck in a ribcage, the episode is just one minute in and I already give the highest score.
    Booth fell down the hill and finds the scalp. I approve.
    Now you can go to the airport, Booth.
    Parker is back.
    Directed by Chad Lowe.
    Where the hell is Jessica Capshaw?
    Bones wants to do a little bones project. Yes, I’m in.
    I don’t think playing with dead animals is gonna make things all that better. What do you mean Booth, I don’t understand. I’m with Bones on that one.
    Hodgins wants a party and Cam doesn’t allow him to have one. Not fair, Cam.
    Parker is adorable and does not hate Bones or Christine like I assumed he did.
    They’re getting Cam drunk.
    The problem is I have absolutely no idea what this case was about. I guess it was not good enough.
  11. 11
    An enormous pig finds a body with sparking eyes.
    Looking for a nanny.
    Sweets’ ‘Really?’
    Bones kissing Booth at the crime scene.
    I enjoyed the previous one so much, I wanted one more. I’m done now.
    I’m not done. Bones? Bones?
    Tempe’s father is back and he babysits Christine.
    Oh no Wick, you’re so annoying, just shut up.
    The cannibalism was responsible fore some excellent recipes.
    Bones hanging out of the car, cause apparently the phone reception is better that way.
    A guy is shooting and hits Booth.
    Didn’t they teach how not to be irritating at shrink camp?
    Ma is not picking up.
    Bones works from home.
    Oh, come on, Bones, that was not Ma’s fault.
    I would like to remind you that you’re a guest here in this lab.
    Prisoner is more like it.
    Again, I have not idea what was the case about.
  12. 12
    If I was Bones I would just shut the production entirely.
    Cam’s film!
    The final scene when they are showing the trailer and they are having a picnic, oh that’s just hilarious.
  13. 13
    Bones on the run, and the finale was perfection.
    I begged her to run, and was shocked when she actually did. The writers get a big applause from me.
    With all the Booth, and squints sticking to the system and Bones and Caroline and Sweets leaving it behind, amazing.
    Cam, you did the right thing and you are my hero.
    I love you the way you are, Bones, okay?
    I’m gonna get my family back. You tell Bones that!

Total grade: 7.2/10