Right after I finished watching Chase and Past life in the first week of August, I watched a few episodes of different shows.

  1. L&O: Criminal Intent 7.5 – Kelli Giddish’s episode
    Though I have seen only a few episodes of the series, it is not my favourite part of the Law and Order franchise. The episode was just bad.
  2. Without A Trace: 7.5 – Kelli Giddish’s episode
    Though most of the team decided to abandon Kelli’s character case, who just happened to be a lesbian and find the little girl, the episode was amazing.
  3. L&O – 6.16 – Ellen Pompeo’s episode
    Clearly not as e excellent as Ellen’s later episode, the case is not bad and to my big surprise Ellen has brown hair, is super cute and looks way younger than 26.
  4. L&O – 16.2 – SVU’s episode
    Mariska guest stars and Ice T also appears in one scene.
    Why did he die trying to call me?
    She gives out thousands cards per year, oh if she gave me one, I would call her everyday.
    The case was very good and should be SVU case, as there were the characters that we have previously seen on SVU, so should just air on SVU.
  5. L&O – 8.3 – Kate Walsh’s episode
    Kate in her natural blonde hair color and everyone appreciating how beautiful she is.
    She’s what I dream about.
    You want the truth? I stopped listening, I was picturing how she’d look in leather.
    This is the woman people tend to remember.
    Yeah she is a head turner.
    I’ve been trained to control my emotions.
    You never lose control?
    Losing control is not an option, you lose control you die.
  6. The Good Wife – Kelli Giddish’s episodes
    There are so many people who can see us right now, but I swear I will scream at the top of my lungs if you don’t get out of my office now.
    Mamie is killing it.
    And the judge is enjoying it.
    Miss me? Now you gotta kiss me.
    Kelli’s character is stalking Kalinda. I really loved her character and wish she stayed.
  7. ER – All Mariska Hargitay’s episodes

    William H Macy, Maria Bello and Chad Lowe are also in this episode along with Mariska.
    I have already seen this scene, but my, she’s a genius.
    They didn’t even like me there. PERFECTION.
    A kid is bulimic, wish they showed us the actual conversation.
    And yes, she got the job.
    Julianna’s character is all what the heck is she doing here?
    That was a nice boom.
    I hope they’re clean?? Come on, don’t say these things.
    The bulimia patient is back.
    Oh where’s your gun Liv?
    So Liv before SVU was afraid of walking home alone?
    Who peed in your cornflakes?
    Did you just offer him a backrub?
    Clooney knows this stuff.
    You’re spending too much time together.
    So before SVU Liv gave backrubs and she was good at it.
    Okay, that was not at all akward.
    Drunk laugh.
    You have a son?
    That was good.
    Mariska and Maria play tomagochi at the ER. Oh the 90s, I remember you so well.
    What an ass going through her pregnancy pills.
    They want to play tomagochi again, but it died.
    Maria’s hitting the table with it, amazing.
    Maria’s eating from the floor, she’s incredible.
    Mariska’s character is having a breakdown, nice.
    He is not good enough for you, sweetie.
    Of course they lost her bags.
    Jessica Tuck guest stars.
    He doesn’t love her, how can you not love her?
    I deserve better. Yes you do.
    I adored Mariska’s character, she was just awkward and super cute.
  8. Nurse Jackie 1.1
    She signed the consent form herself, nice one Jackie.
    Did he just grab her boob?
    Maybe a little ox.
    Puke away from the ear.
    What do you doctors have against healing people for Christ sake?
    I’m off the clock.
    So am I.
    I’m sorry I puked. It won’t happen again.
    It will.
    I like to have a clear head. Yeah, good one, Jackie.
    She actually took his picture.
    Fuck you, and she flashed his ear.
    Be careful.
    Fuck you.
    The show is absolutely perfect, and I hope one day I will have time to watch it.
  9. Homeland 1.1
    I liked it. I would love to see what does the fingers sequence mean, maybe I will watch it one day, like when I’m on my retirement.