I have decided not to start a new show this summer, and catch up on some films I wanted to see. When The Big C ended, all I was left with was Pretty Little Liars. I have always treated it as my guilty pleasure show, or something to watch in a background, while working on something else, but when the holiday season started, I had time to pay more attention. We all knew A was coming back, and that Mona was just their tool, and we were exited for the new trouble girls would find themselves in. I must say, Pretty Little Liars is the last teen show that I watch and enjoy. If you read my previous posts, you know that this year I tried to watch a teen series, and I failed, as the story did not speak to me at all, and I ended up forcing myself to watch it just to kill time, and thankfully, I stopped, a few episodes before the show got cancelled. For more go to my previous posts. Anyway, I started Pretty Little Liars a few month after the first half of the first season ended, somewhere at the end of November 2010, and it just felt like an intriguing story, which may full-fill my empty guilty pleasure show spot. I have not graded the previous seasons, as it is a show I enjoy watching, but not obsess about, like some of my favourites, so I am not planning on rewatching the episodes, but now I have decided to grade season three and edit this post week by week.
This season was significantly worse than the full of surprises season two. The love stories get complicated, the show lacks suspense. This is also the season when I really started liking Spencer, she is my favourite liar now. This season disappointed me entirely, and though I probably should have a separate scale for this show, as it’s a teen show (ABC Family), but I have not established one and since I did not prepare a separate one for Suburgatory or Skins, I am assessing it like any other show. Right now I am patiently waiting for the Halloween episode, but most importantly, the upcoming episodes in January.

  1. Aria’s scene at the bathroom was intriguing. I couldn’t stop laughing when Emily, a character I like the least, got drunk and just dig up Alison’s body, and doesn’t remember anything except for the car, ridiculous much? ‘Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts.
    Last night never happened.
    We’re always gonna be those girl who knew Alison.
    I really want to turn my brain off.
    I wanna know what I did to make you hate me so much.
    Have you even noticed how many skinny brunettes go to this school?
    I had a panic attack, I think I saw A.
    Bitch crazy.
  2. I used to think that Ms Montgomery would be a great friend, and she is my third favourite character, and now she’s finished Emily’s test for her, amazing woman. Her accepting Ezra may be a little over board, or maybe she’s just a dream mother. I am enjoying Hanna’s monologues a lot. Why do I have a feeling Jenna was sleeping with Aria’s dad, is that too much? Then why the hell was her earing there? The bathroom scene, very Pretty Little Liars, and very good.
    Dead girl can’t smile.
    You have made my life a nightmare.
    I’m having an ambiguous loss.
    Trust me you’re not the first person to hurt me, and you’re certainly not the last.
    Is it just me or is she blinder than last year?
    Honestly I don’t think that you remember anything clearly from that night, when we picked you up, you kept calling me Arlene.
    Bitch can see!
  3. Melissa lied about losing a child. Caleb is protective of Hanna, he also finds out Mona is the one who ran over Hanna. Ezra overstepping in Emily’s case, pretty impressive. Spencer’s mother is representing Garrett, this may be actually good. Spencer does a hell lot of digging, and her mother just acts like it’s all normal, which is again, good. Bitch can see! And… drive! When did she do her licence when she was supposed to be blind for two years? Was she lying to her parents too? ‘Wow Jenna, what a sight for sore eyes’.
    You’re laughing at all of in there, in your head, aren’t you? Now here’s the real joke, I get to walk out of that door, but you aren’t going anywhere.
    Maybe we should push a table in front her and see what happens.
    Don’t go all Spencer on me.
    He killed the girl Emily was in love with.
    If people think that you’re blind, they get careless. You see what they think you can’t see.
    God, you’re so twisted.
    I wonder how I got that way.
    I am really getting tired of everybody treating me like I was made out of glass.
  4. I was right who the black swan was. Caleb and Hanna break up, and the scene was not as heartbreaking as when he was leaving to California, but this couple is just nice to look at, and we are definitely going to miss them. Aria trying to find her mother a date. Okay, so imagine this you’re falling behind school, so you’re taking a job, real mature.
    All right, Roger that.
    Roger that?
    What? We’re on a mission.
    You know what they say, if the feather fits…
    Hanna, It’s the shoe, if the shoe fits.
    Mom, you better tell me right now or I swear to God, I’m gonna walk out that door and I’m never gonna come back.
    Like it or not, this is your family.
    I can’t do this anymore. This, I feel like you’ve been pushing me away for weeks. I just, I keep, I keep hoping that things are going to go back to the way they were, but clearly that’s not gonna happen. I feel like I only exist in half of your life and that’s not good enough for me.
    You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to get out of this place. All these dysfunctional people.
    Truth always comes out, one way or another.
    Look I get that you’re trying to help me here, but you’re not.
  5. Jenna’s birthday party. Paige is back and gets drunk. Hanna wears sweatshirt and finds Emily’s clothes from the night she got drunk. Emily finds out she has been drugged that night. Aria walks with Ezra not afraid of everyone finding out, and Jenna doesn’t pay attention to it. Aria gets a job and finds out Lucas is the one who drugged Emily.
    Hanna hasn’t eaten since Tuesday.
    Why would A care about Garret’s mother?
    Maybe A wanted her out of the house.
    I feel a lot safer when I’m in charge of what happens to me.
    I’m too depressed to work a zipper, alright? Get over it!
    Do you have plans tomorrow?
    Yeah, I’m going to listen to every sad song I’ve ever downloaded on repeat.
    I’m hungry and your cupcakes taste like old pennies.
  6. Garret’s trial is dismissed. Aria finds a huge amount of money at Ezras. Spencer finds Ali’s bracelet. Spencer has a breakdown at the end of the episode, which was the only good thing of that episode.
    I’ve been in the library so much I am on a first-name basis with the homeless guy who sleeps next to the microfiche.
  7. We find out Hanna gave a false hope to Ali’s parents. Emily finds out Maya’s cousin likes her, which is a plot I could not care less, as it does not bring anything new to the story. Aria’s mom goes out with the same guy as Hanna’s mom last episode, but finds herself another date. The girls meet Ali’s friend. Hanna is being framed. Hanna and Aria go to see Mona but do not find out anything really important. The season is slowly losing suspense and is becoming weaker and weaker with each episode.
    I just wanted to say I’m sorry for what I did.
    Miss Aria you’re a killer, not Ezra’s wife.
    Friends don’t let friends sneak into insane asylums alone.
    Move over, why? Because this never happened.
    No one save Ali from evil. No one save Ali from evil.
    God you used to be so much more fun.
    And then I grew up. Go to bed, mom.
  8. We meet Ezra’s mother who is a bitch, which helps Aria reunite with her father. Spencer asks Caleb for help in breaking a password. Paige tells Emily that the night Em was deadly drunk she came to Paige’s house, and the stupidly in love girl took advantage of her. Emily first seems to be pissed, but then realizes maybe that’s what she really wanted. Girls find something on Maya’s website. Hanna convinces the board not to move Mona and kisses Wren.
    You ask questions like you already know the answers.
    Am I just destroying everything that I touch?
    No, you couldn’t. You would never hurt anyone, and no one could ever be harmed by having you in their life.
    Get out your phone, we’re taking pictures.
    You kissed me, maybe you thought I was someone else, I think I knew that, but I didn’t stop you. I didn’t wanna stop you, it was like a dream.
    And then what happened?
    The dream ended. Then at school I could tell you didn’t remember or you didn’t wanna remember.
    I convinced myself that what I did was okay, it wasn’t. You were there and I just got greedy. It was bad enough when I thought you were drunk, but when I found out about the flask I felt worse than awful.
    I can’t talk to them the way I talk to you.
    That was then, and this is now.
    I think I understand how angry she was. We started out at the same place. Mona made sure we didn’t disappear and I owe her that. I see her in that robe and these slippers and I realize that could be me in there and if it was me Mona would be sitting here asking all of you to not send me away, so please don’t. Don’t send her to Saratoga, she doesn’t know anyone in Saratoga, there will be no one there to hold her hand, and no one will care a brown rat’s ass about her in Saratoga, so please.
    I was drunk that night and I got lost, only I didn’t really get lost. I was looking for something, I was looking for somebody and I came here. Don’t look away.
  9. Hanna and Caleb are back together. She tells him that A ran over his mother and is still out there. The scene when they were staring at each other from across the hall and that song was playing, I got a little emotional. Aria went to Jenna’s party with Ezra and now is afraid about someone finding out, it’s obvious they already now. Truth or dare game, a big yes. I wouldn’t trust that girl with my application. When Spence got an email that her early admission has been accepted I got all very emotional, that scene was just beautiful.
    The universe is a finicky little bastard.
    This person dag up a grave and stole a body, this person might have killed Maya, because she knew something she shouldn’t have. This person… A run your mother off the road. Do you think I would have just let you walk out the door If I had a choice? I have missed you so much, it’s making me do stupid things, crazy things.
    At least one of us deserves to be happy.
    I don’t appreciate being lied to.
    Dude, keep walking.
  10. We find out that Maya has been to Noah’s cabin in the woods, and the video he sends Spence we see someone kidnapped her from there and it was neither Noah, Jenna or Garret. Emily’s a slut and kisses Maya’s cousin. Bitch is cheating on Paige and doesn’t have the balls to tell her. Spenc and Hanna got locked in Noah’s cabin. Hanna gets stabbed, and Holden gives her stitches. Aria tries to deal with knowing that Ezra got some girl preggers and his mother paid her off. I don’t think Paige is A’s ally. Let’s hope it’s not Caleb.
    I’m saving you for later – A.
    What the hell just happened?
  11. Spencer is suspicious of Paige after Cece told her pigskin was abusive of Ali. We learn that Ali bullied Paige. We find out Erza has a kid. Spence is attacked by a snake, but the scene was way below my expectations. The only good part about this episode was when Jenna came to worn Em about… Nate I hope. We also see there are two As other than Mona.
    Once I’m done with that no neck bitch, she won’t even exist.
    Um, Nate, she’s gay, she dated your cousin!
  12. Halfway through the episode we could see who A was. We knew it was Toby the minute we saw his face, when he was hugging Spence. We knew Nate killed Maya, as a sudden trip to the cabin in the woods was suspicious. We know Caleb is gonna get shot when we see the gun. The scene when Caleb and Emily are hugging after he put the gun away is ridiculous. What surprised me was that Paige was not involved, seeing her tided up in a wardrobe. I suspected Nate from the very beginning, cause It just seemed off that he was so desperately trying to be close to Emily. And like I said, I also suspected Paige, but the last two episodes were just too obvious, the way Spencer was on to her. Calling the parents would be the best decision at this point. The scenes I admired were finding Paige in the closet, Emily running towards and hugging Hanna not Paige and Spence forgiving Paige for suspecting her. Hanna’s cry over Caleb made me cry and seeing Toby’s face under the hood was obvious, but good. Finding out Toby was one of As was a little shocker, I though at this point, when we’ve learned to trust Toby, he was harmless. I suspected him the entire first series, but now when he was hugging Spence after they slept together for the first time, that was not expected. What the writers should have done, was changing the saying goodbye scene, Toby should look all happy when hugging Spence, that way, out jaws would drop when we saw him wearing the hoody. I do not think Nate was A, he was just Maya’s killer. I like Ezra’s ex, I actually think she and Aria could be friends. Definitely the best episode of this season.
    ‘It was actually kinda genius.’
    Three against one, A wins.
    That’s just another monster Allison created.
    She’s been gone two years and we’re still caught in her cell.
    With a pink ferry lamp?

Total grade: 3.7/10