I will start with what I really liked about the show, which was the fact that the main character had no social life outside her job. How she came home to her mother and lived like and average person. Goes to job and comes back home, that’s it, no boyfriend, just what life of an averagely successful person looks like. I watched this show in one day and I was digging it and I still think it should not be cancelled that quickly. The show should be made more like a horror, the value of it would be higher. I am not a fan of paranormal, magical and mystical shows, but this one was not that bad, it should be given the whole season. There are many worse series. I still do not understand how Ghost Whisperer made it to the whole 5 seasons or the shows like Charmed, Buffy and Supernatural have so many viewers, sorry. The show has a lot of points that I would definitely change, starting with better writing, and bringing some life to the dull main male character. The procedures are not well prepared and it just feels like everything is happening too much and too fast. The cases are more or less interesting and the team is not the strongest.

Past Life 1.01

This is worse than some dream, you actually feel what’s going on, don’t you? Your heart races, your palm sweat. No matter how hard you try you can’t make it go away. Must be terrifying.
Calm down.
That’s it? We’re supposed to figure out who killed this kid based on that?
I never said this was gonna be easy.
Start recording, it’s the red button.
Oh, thank you, I’m not an idiot.
Okay, the so the guy ran into a girls room, so he must have been a girl, that is ridiculous.
It’s 5 dollars for a cup of coffee, I should have it how I like it. Exactly what I say.
I don’t want  to be a girl anymore. Ha, okay.
A boy was a girl in his past life. He was kidnapped with his sister, who turned out to be still alive.
Why do you come here, is there a reason?
Yeah, my life sucks.
Do you not see the irony here with Mister non believer, knocking on the wood, playing with little pretend angels.
So I’m superstitious, big deal.
It’s just a coincidence, Kate.
Okay, whatever you say.
Kid checking if he can swim.
I know about the guilt. I know what it’s like to wake up everyday and just want to black out the pain. The truth is If I could see my wife again, I would do it, maybe that’s why I am here, with this crazy woman standing next to me. Maybe that’s why I haven’t walked away from this all. I guess hope is all we have left.
The girl is alive.
Don’t give the parents false hope.
Kate, everything that has happened today, I don’t know, it’s like you spend your whole life playing this game ad suddenly someone changes the rules.
She doesn’t know he kidnapped her, she thinks he’s her father.
I knew you didn’t take this job for the money.
Just so you know, I still think you’re crazy.

Past Life 1.02

A girl comes to Kate so she could help her sister.
If my PhD degree came out of cereal box then I’ve lost a lot of time at school.
You can feel the vision coming on, but you don’t know what causes them. They started as a flashes, but they’re gotten worse, more intense, more detailed. They’re scary, that’s not the worst part. The worst part is the pain. They make you feel. Not being able to control them.
Why do I keep dying?
You’re not a mad person, you’re just sick. Let me help you.
Or we can break in.
How do you deal with her?
I drink.
She’s coming onto a guy to get information.
Everything says she was a killer in her past life.
The girl is stoned.
It became about you when you started coming to work half drunk.
So I have a drink sometimes, I’m a social person.
Sitting alone at the bar isn’t social.
The guy is about to be executed, but let’s go to a sauna.
What a view, she’s falling off the cliff.
They got her on a tape.
I cried when they stopped the execution.

Past Life 1.03

Two people have the same regressions from two lifetimes.
They were both criminals.
They’re all over each other.
Girl broke the pattern, guy couldn’t.
Kate, I’m here.
Yeah, make yourself at home.
Tequila, I feel the lecture coming on.
Which one do you want? The one where every doctor at some point loses a patient in their carrier or the one where you’re very good at your job?
I go with number two.
You have to accept the fact, that even the great Kate cannot fix everything.
She’s getting more action then two of us combined.
It’s a sad situation, my friend.
And the truth is I actually cried at the end.

Past Life 1.04

Stigmata. A girl bleeds from hands at a spelling bee competition.
Her head starts bleeding too.
Kate’s mom messing with Kate’s things.
She was a boy who committed suicide.
Finally a little scarier episode.
Kate’s scenes with her mother.
Oh, hun, we’re from Texas.
You are not bad. This is your life. That was his.
Kate comforting the kid.
A test.
The new student is killing for teacher too.
I think he’s depressed, that’s why he cuts himself.
If you pull the trigger, there’s no turning back.
I know what he made you do, but this time you can say no.
When Kate threw the keys.
Oh, sweetie, you’re the one taking care of me?
There, you loved them frozen when you were a kid.

Past Life 1.05

They uncovered the body and a guy is kidnapped.
Kate gets into a car with a guy.
I’ve driven faster to the drug store for tampons.
They dug out the body.
That might be you.
The fiancée is so weak.
Their lunch talk.

My rate is: 4.1/10