SVU 14.03

Those who can’t do, blog.
Taking down rapist. That is ours.
We mixed it up a bit. Sometimes I was on top, sometimes she was.
You could put a diploma on it, porn is porn.
Did you tell anyone?
You know if you keep it locked inside it doesn’t go away.
Then you asked him to stop.
By keeping quiet, you’re giving him power over you.
You were raped.
You told them what he did to you, you confronted him, no one will take that away from you.
I don’t need to rape anyone, thank you. I do fine with volunteers.
Show me how she likes it. Show me how she liked it.
Is this what excites you about sex? Hunting your victim.
SVU is the only unit, where the victim’s word isn’t good enough. You have to prove that a crime was committed.
That’s true. No one asks robbery victims if they wanted it.
Good thing about America, this country loves a comeback.


SVU 14.04

So he brands them, pimps them and kills them.
You want me to sing you guys a song?
Lord No.
Ice T plays a pimp.
Liv and Amanda spent the night together.
Soon, we hope.
Oh, nice.
Amanda and Nick in uniforms, playing taxi cops.
Amanda drinking from that straw.
We’re gonna keep you safe. That’s a promise.
She’s answered an add for a nanny job.
Welcome to America.
They showed me pictures odf my little sister back home. They said their friends would take her if I didn’t do everything they say.
They’re whores, can’t rape a whore.
It’s amazing, you are as stupid as you look.
Your dad called you a fat moron.
Beats me, getting a bikini wac.
SVU takes down Alkaida.
Amanda grabbing a girl, and oh that was so good.
Who do you think I am? I am just a whore.
We can have you ecamined and when we do we’re gonna find out you’re a virgin. Aren’t we?
How can a whore be a virgin?
She can’t.
And you were hid among girls who were being raped, who were inslaved and you let that happen.
I was sorry for them, but there is so many people to be sorry for.
All that time together, two of you, was like we were married.
But you weren’t.


SVU 14.05

Cold case gave up. Just like you did.
I’d love to get over to your unit and see some live bodies for a change.
Nothing’s fair in law and order.
Why? Because he kept looking when you stopped.
Just because he’s crazy, doesn’t mean he’s wrong.
All the flashbacks.


SVU 14.06

Amanda centring episode was amazing. When Liv and Amanda tell the girl her family is still looking for her and we find out her father did not make it, breathtaking.


Greys 9.03

to be uploaded.

Greys 9.04

No! Let me go.
You’re suffering.
Yang helped the old guy.
I’m trying.
He had a beard and lived in the woods!
Because when you know who you are, it’s easier to know what you’re about. And ultimately what you really need. It might be hard to admit, but there’s no shame in simply being human. It can be a relief to stop hiding, to accept who you really are and let the world see you that way too. A little self awareness never hurt anyone. Because when you know who you are, it’s easier to know what you’re about, what you really need.
Owen in the woods and Christina’s friends with the old guy!


Private Practice 6.04

Char vomited on a guy and said Welcome to Saint Ambrose.
It never rains in California.
This is Los Angeles it doesn’t rain this time of year.
No it’s all in his head, but he still can’t move his legs.
Sure, don’t mind me, I’ll just push the kid out in a gas station.
Char, you shouldn’t use a mouthwasher right after a puke.
SVU case!
Damn it, Sheldon. You look like James Bond?
Which one?
I was always partial to Sean Connery.
Charlotte and I have already been through so much, the kind of stuff that a lot of couples don’t make it through, but we did. We made it through, and we came out even stronger and even more in love. And you know what that means? It means we are badass.
What did Sam exactly tell you about me?
Absolutely nothing.
I would think the same Sheldon have.
She’s a missing person.
I feel sorry for Stephanie, she seems great, and way too good for Sam.
I am about a hundred years older than I look.
She is not gonna walk through that door.


Castle 5.04

to be uploaded.


Castle 5.05

to be uploaded.


Revenge 2.04

To be uploaded.

Revenge 2.05

They say, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone’ and ‘To be without sin requires absolute forgiveness.’ But when your memories are freshly opened wounds, forgiveness is the most unnatural of human emotions.
Victoria, I’m so glad you’re safe.
I wanna see you here in 1 hour!
Should have been there for you, I’m sorry.
Why did you save me, all those years ago?
God, I love the Hamptons.
Mason Tredwell is back!
She didn’t recognise her own daughter!
When I was 5 my mother tried to kill me, she succeeded, actually, she frowned me, my father had to bring me back to life.
Kara telling the fake Amanda that she grew into an amazing woman and Emily listening to it.
What is wrong with you? Conrad proposed.
After everything we’ve been through.
Maybe because of it.
You may be many things but the daughter of Karal Wallace and David Clark is one thing you most definitely are not.


Dexter 8.04

I knew she would think he killed Rita, and that makes me furious.
Are you capable of love?
I have to fucking answer to her skinny ass.
This incredible scene:
And then take her anyway that they wanted. You could hear how much she loved being fucked by all those men. All the things she could do with her mouth, same mouth that she would kiss you with. But be honest you kinda liked it, didn’t you? Were you kind of wishing it was you inside her?
It is not fair of you to ecpose a child to your life…choices. You have to decide your desires or…
You’re like a fucking magnet, bad shit is gonna find you.
You were too late for Rita.
It is not in your control.
Everything is in my control.
Someone needs to protect him from you.
You said it yourself Decter that you cannot stop, you don’t wanna stop.
I miss the I felt on the road. That life was just a beginning. And anything was possible.
But there’s something I can do.
Room filled with all the manequines.
It’s time for everyone to move on.
Fuck! Fuck!
Goodbye friends.
How do you feel?
Glad. What does that make me?


Dexter  8.05

I did everything in my power to protect her from you, what you really are.
A monster.
You didn’t think she could handle it, because you couldn’t, but Deb is stronger than you are.
Get the fuck away from my desk.
Someone died here, someone I didn’t kill.
I’ll look into this, just fucking relax.
Deb having a breakdown in an elevator.
This is never gonna end, is it?
I don’t give a fuck Dexter.
Obviously you don’t know Dexter, cause this is normal to you., but trust me this is not fucking normal to me. I have already helped you cover up 2 murders, 3, this makes 3, and a fucking bartender, oh my fucking God, oh my God, how did this become my life?
Wow, what a bloodbath.
Fucking God Bless America.
A year ago, I might have been right beside you, following what I thought was right. But the hardest lesson that I’ve learned as lieutenant is knowing where to back the fuck down.
She killed that woman.
I don’t want to be involved in that part of your life.
I don’t want you to be.
I know you’re not gonna stop. But I don’t wanna know about it.


Suburgatory 2.01

So while everyone was cultivating stage 3 of skin cancer, I spent my summer living in a loophole. But like all loopholes, eventually It had to close.
Sorry, guys, loophole closes at 3 am now.
Dad! Dad!
I know you!
Chatswin, bitches.
He hanged the child and then used him to hold his coffee.
Bye Carmen.
Leaving for good.
Bye for good, Carmen.
New George will be hanging out doing your laundry.
Jane singing ‘Last Night I had a pleasant nightmare.


Suburgatory 2.02

Nothing funny, disappointed big time.


Suburgatory 2.03

The final scene of Dallas and George!
Ryan and Tessa, I do ship it, but why is he so stupid?


American Horror Story 2.02

They killed Clea Duvall’s character off! No!
The young sister is incredible. I did not see anything special in her last year and now she’s my favorite!
Whores get nothing.
Because I like sex, that’s my crime.


Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode

Night of living preschoolers.
The train party is an intriguing idea.
Oh that girl is creepy.
This is a high school dance.
Oh how Paige came to Spencer’s rescue.
Aria lying in the coffin with dead Gareth, this just got really good, amazing scene.
Paige, thank you.
It was a pleasure. this. this.
Noah all we knew you did this.
I guess we’ve found Ali’s body.
And what the hell was up with the ending.


Factor 2.12 and 2.13

When I finally liked Sister C, Simon eliminated them from the contest. I did not like 1432’s version of Skyscraper, there was something happy in it with should never be. Tate Stevens has to win. Vino Alan needs to be with him in the finale or win. I may have not entirely liked this version of Nickelback, but it was Nickelback, damn it. Judges chose some really bad songs for the first episode live. I liked maybe one or two and was dissapointed with the rest of them. Beatrice Miller is my third favorite, I got a bit emotional when she said she would not think Britney would chose her first over Carly. Diamond should stay, not the guy. I did not like David Correy’s version of Since You’ve Been gone, it was a yell of desperation. I am glad Lyric 123 went through, though the song should be better, but they did rock the house anyway. I really liked Emblem 3’s song at the auditions, I even catch myself singing it, but then I stopped liking them, and now I am not a fan, but I see why they went through. Is it just me or did the only good hair Demi chose is for herself? All the other girls just looked better in their natural hair styles. Cece should not have let Demi choose a song where she has to sing with her lower voice. Paige, I did not like the performance, it was way too much. I like her voice though. Am I happy with the eliminations? Not with the groups and not with the teens, young adults maybe as well, I might have kicked Paige out. Or in this case I think Cece, cause she will make it later, even if she gets eliminated next episode, she is determined enough, and Willie, people will forget about him and his incredible country voice. The over 25? I’m happy with the elimination.