Private Practice 6.08


Private Practice 6.09

‘Sheldon, I’m dying’. ‘Not today.’

So who do you talk to then?’ ‘Honestly? You.’

‘It’s better to have someone you can just be alone with.’ ‘Yeah.’


Greys Anatomy 9.08

‘Just look at them. They’re so fresh and shiny. Can’t believe we used to be them.’
‘I can’t believe they used to be us.’

‘What do we do? What do we do?’ ‘ You’re the surgeon, hon. You tell us.’

‘All the attendings are asleep right now, and we’re in charge. We’re saving lives. This is it, you know? We’re surgeons. We’re no longer med students waiting to be surgeons.’

‘What the…’ ‘Oh, my God.’ ‘Oh, hell, no.’ ‘God, I love this job.’ ‘Now get us a real damn doctor!’

‘They’re trying to kill me! That’s what’s going on.’

‘U know that live nerves r better than dead 1s. Even I know that n I’m an intern.’

‘I have a jacket. It’s so far away.’

‘There don’t have to be harps playing or birds singing or rose petals falling from the sky.And there are definitely days when the romance is dead. But if you look around…Things are pretty amazing. So stop for a second. Enjoy the beauty. Feel the magic. Drink it in. Cause it won’t last forever. The romance will fade. Things will happen. People will change. Love will die. But… Maybe not today.’


Greys Anatomy 9.09

‘The body doesn’t know the difference between nerves and excitement, panic and doubt, the beginning and the end. The body just tells you to get the hell out. Sometimes you ignore it. That’s the reasonable thing to do. But sometimes you listen. You’re supposed to trust your gut, right? When your body says run… Run.’

My version of family isn’t like your version. You guys give each other crap and then you laugh about it. You’d walk through fire for each other. Greys are not like that.’


Revenge 2.09

Perfect fall finale. Let’s hope we’re done with Ashley. And nobody cares about the bar.


Dexter 7.10

Monsters, aliens, phantoms – none of them are real. The thought that an actual person could do this is too awful, so our imaginations create a way|to make it easier to take. But even the strongest of imaginations can’t protect us once we know the truth.

My Dark Passenger. That’s what I call my need to kill. Because it’s like this thing living inside me, telling me what to do, saying I have to kill, not leaving me any choice.
You’re not a puppet. Of course you have a choice.
Actually, I don’t.
Come on, Dex. It’s just you. You’re the one who wants the arsonist dead. And I don’t blame you. Who wouldn’t?
It’s not the same.
Well, what do you mean? How is it different?
Cause a lot of people feel|like they want to kill somebody, but I have to follow through.

Of course I have a Dark Passenger. There’s no other way to explain this compulsion.

Excuse me, but what|is so fucking awesome about my brother dating a killer?

That voice I hadn’t seen that look on your face since you took me to see the snow. Is that what you were talking about? Your Dark…Rider?
Dark Passenger. Okay, fine. It sounds a little silly when you say it out loud.
No, I get what you mean, you know. You do seem like a different person, so it makes sense that you would name that part of yourself. Does it just take over? Where do you go? Does Dexter Morgan just disappear?
No, I’m still there.
Do you hear a voice, or?
Not exactly. It’s more like a need.
So it’s just like a feeling.

Now that I have proof, my urges are beyond my control.
Your Dark Passenger. Where did you come up with that, anyway?
I thought I got it from you.
I gave you the code. The Dark Passenger was all yours.
You said it got into me too early, in that shipping container. Like you thought I was possessed.
I meant you were traumatized, Dexter. Not possessed. I remember the first time you said it. You must have been about 12. I just let it go. I couldn’t let you blame yourself for feelings that were too complicated for a young boy to understand. But you’re not a boy anymore.
Maybe the Dark Passenger is just a feeling.
It can’t be.
Because if there’s no Dark Passenger, then I’m responsible for everything I’ve done. It sure is a whole lot simpler|to just pin all the blame on something else, isn’t it, Dexter? It’s much scarier to think that the Dark Passenger is no more real than I am.

The Dark Passenger has been with me ever since I can remember, pulling the strings, running the show. But as it turns out, I’m no puppet.


Dexter 7.11

Personally, I think she’s had|one too many ‘mosquitos’ or whatever they call that goddamn drink.

This is the most fucked-est Christmas ever.

Christmas is a time of expectation. If you’re good, a red-suited fat man will break into your house and leave you presents. But Santa Claus doesn’t exist. The most wonderful time of the year celebrates a lie.

I cut him into six roughly equal|pieces with a chain saw… just like he did my mother. Just like I’m gonna do to you.

Who am I gonna be when you’re dead? Still some fucking freak, probably.

You should have killed me.

I should know better|than to count on the future. All you can ever believe in is now, this moment. Because in a blink… everything can change.


Dexter 7.12

Perfection. I’m not even sorry. Bye LaGuerta. I’ve never liked you. I cannot believe I have to wait another 10months. Didn’t Deb see Dex kill like yday?



SVU 14.09

The intervention was really cheesy, but the rest of the episode was pretty spectacular.


Castle 5.09


Bones 7.09


Go On 1.11

It’s the end of the world you know. Anne is incredible.


Suburgatory 2.07

If it was really terrible, I would know what to do, but this one was actually pretty good/funny, so I guess I will watch a few more till I make this decision.