Can you believe we are already at midseason, when May was like a week ago? I still remember all the emotions concerning last years midseason finales. The Grey’s plain crash, Sam proposing to Addie out of nowhere, Victoria boarding the plane, Bones being fugitive, or Kate and Castle finally doing it. Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch all my shows after second half of February, as I am starting my Uni year, and as I will have to work part time, I will not find time to write in here that often. But any time I will have a longer break, I will catch up.
Private Practice is ending, the show that literally saved me when I was down, which affects me drastically. It has been keeping me going for three years now, when this sublime show was my only friend.
Till the second half of February I will write more often, at least twice a week. Next note will be catching up with all the episodes of all the shows that came out in December and I haven’t written about them, then before the Mid-season starts I will grade every show separately, and most likely grade one out.
I have quit on American Horror Story, as the only thing that was intriguing about the show was Jessica Lange and Sara Paulson’s acting. But I did not relate to any of the characters, and I was not invested into their stories.
I still have no idea what to do about Suburgatory. Possibly I will not watch any more episode, or maybe I will just watch it till the second half of February.
Dexter has ended it’s 7th season, most likely my favorite, or second favorite, still extremely good. Though I still do not know where am I at with Hannah, I love that Dexter dragged Deb in his crimes.
Oh and The X Factor, thanks for keeping me occupied this fall. And Tate Stevens has to win.

TV 2013 Schedule

Mondays: Shameless, back 14.01, Revenge, back 7.01

Tuesdays: Bones, back 15.01; Castle, 8.01; Carrie Diaries starts 14.01

Wednesdays: Private Practice, back 9.01, ends 23.01; Cougar Town 9.01, Go On, back 9.01, Pretty Little Liars, back 9.01

Thursdays: SVU, back 3.01; Suburgatory, back 10.01

Friday: Greys, back, 11.01

Sundays: The Haunting Hour, back 20.01

The Big C, back in April and Skins back in Spring.