As in topic, in order of how good they were.

  1. Deb after finding out, basically the whole part when she run out of the house
  2. Deb telling Dexter she’s in love with him
  3. Cristina telling Owen animals ate Lexie ‘s body
  4. Cristina’s PTSD, not being able to move or speak
  5. Mer and Karev’s PTSD, fear of flying
  6. Victoria’s past, her mother telling her she’s acting like a little slut and her being a prey to all the pedophiles
  7. Violet screaming at the funeral
  8. Meredith’s phone call to Cristina ‘I’ve lived here as much as I’ve survived here.’
  9. Conrad’s face when they enter the house and see Victoria.
  10. Violet telling Sheldon she’s off her game
  11. Coop’s ‘You’re not fine, Charlotte.’
  12. Deb telling the guy he’s jeleaous of all the men his mother slept with
  13. Dexter’s Everything is in my control
  14. Deb killing LaGuerta
  15. Kate jumping into Castle’s arms
  16. Bones and Booth fighting
  17. Bones telling Booth that it would affect her if something happened to him
  18. Violet telling Lucas Pete’s dead and him understanding
  19. Violet’s My son has reached acceptance
  20. Charlotte telling Violet how much Pete helped her after her rape
  21. Victoria pushing Amanda off the stairs
  22. Mer’s Let me off the plane
  23. Castle/Beckett handshake
  24. Are you a serial killer
  25. Rollins’ episode of SVU.
  26. The SVU storyline on Private Practice
  27. Kepner on the farm
  28. Charlotte running to Emily after saying Conrad kill her mom
  29. Violet at the morgue
  30. Hangover Alexis.

I will think of more when I find a second, but that is pretty much it.