Private Practice 6.12

A beautiful episode. Georgia, Caroline and Rachel! And Addie got Henry and Jake! And Violet is gonna write another book and I won’t survive next episode.


Grey’s Anatomy 9.11

Nooo! What do you mean Seattle Grace goes bankrupt?! Of course the insurance company wouldn’t pay. Nicely played, Shonda.

‘They say ignorance is bliss because once you know, you can’t go back. Will you be strong or will you fall apart? It’s hard to predict, so don’t worry about it. Enjoy the time you have before the news comes. Yep, ignorance is bliss.’


SVU 14.10

Let it go, Amanda, come on, let’s go.
Liv calls Amanda Georgia Peach.
He said he was gonna make her do it, until she didn’t want it again, to exorcise the demon of sex in her.I’m a dead girl walking, but he could still have a life.
He got the wrong priest, you should let him go.
That’s not the way it works.


SVU 14.11

A good SVU storyline.

It’s my fault he did, I shouldn’t have told him to stop.
You can say no any time.


Revenge 2.10

If only we did not have this Jack/the bar storyline and Nolan’s love life we do not care about the show would be perfect. What it needs is more Victoria, more Victoria interacting with Emily and with Conrad. The episode itself was definitely worth watching, the revealing abuse scene was to congratulate. But like I said, Jack and Nolan storylines, that’s a no. Other than that no good quotes, which is just disappointing.


Go on 1.11

I loved the episodes, many amazing quotes, and Hey Ryan remix killed me. And the intro coming right after this scene was an amazing choice!

If it succeeds, my life has been worth living. If it fails, I’ll be like Yolanda.

Let’s hear it for Mr. K! But not too loud, as we know it sexualized him in the past.

I have nothing. My life has no purpose. I’m just waiting to die. Like Yolanda.

Nothing’s worth it anymore. My life is devoid of meaning or purpose or hope.
What brave emotional honesty. Let’s discuss that further.
No, Ryan has his thing. My despair can wait.

Fausta, honey, there’s been some kind of mistake. You forgot to send me an invitation to the quinceanera.
I didn’t forget. You are not invited.
Wait a minute. Not that I care… I mean, I clearly have way better things to do…Why not?
Because you are… how you say… You are sour, you are difficult. Momento. Sonia wrote a few down for me. You are wet blanket, bummer, buzz kill, bit-cah? How you read?
Yes. That’s good. Bitch.

Well, what happens on the radio is between you and Dan from Burbank. Listen, is there anything I can get you? Coffee, medication, anything to help you avoid another epic meltdown like the last time you were on TV?

Do you experience me as a wet blanket? A bummer?
Anne, you’re kind of catching me off guard here, but yeah.
Fausta didn’t invite me to her niece’s thing. I mean, yes, okay, I’m not all sunshine and rainbows, but my life is hell. I’m basically drowning in a sea of sorrow.
Hard to imagine why she wouldn’t want that at a 15-year-old’s party.
I can be as difficult as I want. My stuff is bigger than hers.
I don’t think she sees it that way.
Why are you defending her? Why aren’t you mad?
Well, I was invited.
What? It never even occurred to me that she would invite you. That’s it. She’s not getting away with this.

Honey, is she bothering you?
What the fuck is this? I don’t want to know.

Anne, what are you doing here?
Shut it, Aladdin. Fausta does not get to exclude me from this. Look there. A completely empty table. All right, out of the way, girls. Widow coming through. Yeah, that’s right. Life ain’t all Justin Bieber and second base.

Now I have to be brave enough to ask, “what’s next?”

911, that’s a sequence of numbers that you should call. The fashion police to talk about that firbucci’s hat there.

Look at her having so much fun with her family and her friends while I sit at the table with my partner, loneliness.

Banana shoes, come. Translate for me. I want to hear what she says about me.
No, don’t sit at the table. It lessens my isolation.

She’s glad that we made it. She loves her niece.
Wow, what an orator. Move over, Abe Lincoln.

Fausta, I’m sorry that you miss your family. I’m sorry I sat at your table. I, uh, I am a bit-cah.
No. It’s okay. You and these people, you help fill my empty table.
How do you do it? How do you smile with so much pain?
You can smile or you can cry. And I choose to smile. You people help.
Come on. Let’s get you fun clothes.
No more sad man suit.
This is a good suit.

Oh, God, look at him.
Are those tears in his beard?
Becoming a better person is such a drag.

Oh, honey, you’re on TV.


Castle 5.10


Private Practice 6.11

Amelia’s episode was not special.


Cougar Town 3.01

Disappointed the show used to be soo good.


Pretty Little Liars 3.15

Not so bad.


Suburgatory 2.08


Grey’s Anatomy 9.10

Yet Shonda killed off another character.


Revenge 2.11

And we’re back to bad episodes.


Shameless 3.01

I hate the Jimmy’s storyline.


Bones 8.10

Okay I have missed Wanda and Buck like crazy!
Sayonara, I don’t even like feet and definitely not when they’re coming off.
Who wants a real life when you can dance.
I love going undercover Because it’s fun and exciting.
I have a lot of stories like that, I’m Wanda.
Booth and I intend to win the rumba competition.
And solve the murder.
Of course that’s the main objective.
I understand Angela and I feels so bad for her.


Bones 8.11

Bones competing with Clark, yes, but the murder no.


Carrie Diaries 1.01

Sweet and awesome. I swore not to start another teen show, but the teenage version of me was obsessed with Sex and the City.


Castle 5.11

I have just realized that epiosdes with Alezis are betterm but enough with the boyfriend storyline. Anyone else wants to see her in trouble?

Major hottie is what you are.
Okay, now that we’ve got that cleared up.
During that investigation Stana loked like from season 2! Other than that, just another case.


Go On 1.12


Suburgatory 2.09

Each episode has good and bad moments, never shockingly good.