They shoot horses, don’t they?

It all just felt magical, but I would not sign for a dancing competition like that. I would not last 5 hours. The suicide scene was spectacular, summing up life so accurately, and the last scene ‘They shoot horses, don’t they?’ I was just amazed every single second.


Les Miserables

I was not impressed with Hugh Jackman’s singing, but a good adaptation, and the last scene killed me. The rape scene was not compelling and dramatic enough for my taste. I cried when they cut her beautiful hair. Anne did great job, and I am still singing all her singing parts, but oh well.


The Impossible

After Lincoln, my favorite film this year. When tsunami hit them, this scene left me speechless, the whole film did actually.


Hyde Park on Hudson

The scene when she realizes he lied to her and he has tons of lovers, oh marvellous, and all the contemplating of all these beautiful landscapes, and both Laura and Bill Murray were spectacular.



I still have no idea how could they be so happy, fishing next to a dead body. That is both absurd and so sickly intriguing.



Laura Linney looks so beautiful in red hair. I loved the film, though the love twist at the end was not necessary, I really think the film would be better if he didn’t get the girl.


Coming Home

I adore the moment when I realize I have already seen the movie, though I thought I did not. My father must have showed this one to me when I was younger than 12, and that is why I did not remember. But when the scenes passed I realized I  remembered them all, but for some reason could not tell what would happen next. But why am I saying all this, amazing film, and Jane Fonda and Tom Voight were sensational.


The beginning was excellent, but what happened after he grew up was just one big misunderstanding. But Ann-Margaret’s performance was glorious.


The face on the Milk Carton

What a great film. Jill Clayburgh was amazing in it.


On the Edge of Innocence

I was all depressed yesterday, so I thought, lifetime movies. It is hard to rate them, cause they are all pretty much the same. This one was pretty much bad and the happy ending, I am not keen of it.



I love Holly Marie Combs, that is pretty much it. It is truly saddening why cannot the abused stop giving second chances to the abusers and just get out.


Confessions of a go-go girl

I am not going to comment on acting here, but I loved the film, it was light and cute, but with the lifetime scandal.


Why my daughter?

The scene when the mother finds out he is her pimp, yes, nice, and I am still shocked that he killed her.


Selling innocence

Of course this guy from help centre was the creep, I am disapointe din myself that I have not noticed that sooner, a great film, I wish she would tell the young girl what was going on. I am not surprised she did not tell her mother, that was a lot of money for a few, not nude pictures, and how old was the main character?