I have been planning this for almost three months, and now’s the time to say goodbye. After Friends ended, I haven’t been a comedy girl anymore. I guess it’s the growing up thing. Sometimes you have to make decisions you should have made a long time ago, but somehow you kept hanging on the thought that the shows will get better.

Cougar Town

I do not know where should I start. I used to obsess with this show and somewhere in the beginning of the previous season, I stopped caring. Okay, I did care, but I was not really that much into the story. The funny parts were not that funny anymore, and I think It started getting to me last year, I just did not realize it. When the show came back I was occupied with the exams and when they ended, I did not rush to watch it. I waited two months till It aired on TV, and I was not really into the cul-de-sac crew adventures anymore. My parents were all why are you watching this show, from the very beginning, though they knew I was obsessed with Courteney and I should have seen that the season three was nowhere near season two. I will try to remember the good Cougar Town, of season 1 and 2. I will always remain a huge Courteney Cox fan, but my story with Cougar Town ends here.

Go On

The jokes got worse, Ryan is sleeping around and I really am not interested in the sport part of the show. I will miss Anne and the group therapy parts.


Oh, yes, Suburgatory, and the terrible season two. Absolutely disastrous for my taste, not at all funny, even Dallas’s lines are no longer witty. I will never forget the ‘Stronger’ scene from season one, but the bad show needs quitting.

Now that Private Practice has finished, and I have decided to quit three shows, my tv schedule is poor, but somehow I am proud of how limited it is.
TV 2013 Schedule

Mondays: Shameless; Revenge

Tuesdays: Bones; Castle; Carrie Diaries; The Big C, back 30.04

Wednesdays: Pretty Little Liars

Thursdays: SVU

Friday: Greys; Skins back in Spring.