Grey’s Anatomy 9.12

Owen screaming at Karev to stab Arizona in her foot. Kevin’s face killed me. That was spectacular, so was the Cristina and the poor orphans scene during the gathering.


Grey’s Anatomy 9.13

The beginning, with everyone confused and the cameras and Bailey rocking that practice and Grey being better than her, and Chief not wanting to cooperate, was much better than the rest.


Bones 8.12

bones was absolutely amazing! but hodgins and angela are broke now! why didn’t pelant empty brennan’s account?


Bones 8.13

I cried at the end. Bones’s ‘Not my problem’ answer was great.


SVU 14.12

‘We’re not judging you.’

Amaro hates gays, why the hell is he working at SVU then? I just needed one thing to understand why I never liked him and this may be it.


Shameless 3.02

Shameless is back to its best, incredible episode. ‘Well, that’s a piece of shit anyway.’
‘It’s like I said, the only way to make money when you’re poor is to steal it or scam it, but hey, let me know if the rules are changing.’


Shameless 3.03

‘I don’t excuse you, you sick bitch. I don’t excuse you ’cause you’re hot or ’cause you’re blonde or ’cause of what you’ve got between your legs. You see that? They’re digging your grave. And u want to b gone bfore they get down to 6 feet. How’s it goin’, boys? Tick-tock, kid fucker.’

‘This house is so quiet.’ ‘Kids! Breakfast!’ ‘Jeez, Fiona.’ ‘This shit is all in your head, V. This house ain’t quiet.’

‘No shit?’ ‘No shit.’ ‘No shit?’

‘Only one coupon per customer.’ ‘It doesn’t say that. I have four coupons! I dug through the neighbours’ trash to get them!’

‘Just stay here and bag the groceries.’ ‘We didn’t pay.’ ‘She said we could have ’em.’

‘I’d be happy to give you a coupon for a free ham.’ ‘That’d be great.’

‘The kid’s already a half-wit. U want 2 give him autism too? Now close your mouth before someone considers it an invitation, and pour me a goddamn drink.’

‘That kid’s just got cancer. Hymie’s mentally deficient. That’s a permanent condition.’ ‘You should know, Frank.’

‘Why didn’t you stab him?’ ‘Stab him with what?’ ‘You ride the city bus without a knife?’

‘I’ll file a report, but…’ ‘But what? Nobody cares about a pervert on a bus?’

‘Dude wanted a blow in exchange for a job, giving new meaning to blow job. You grow up in tis house, you think that nothing can shock you anymore and then.’

‘Yo, we’re going to jump a pedophile. You want to come?’ ‘Have fun wailing on the pedophile.’ ‘Is there any way not to?’

‘What the fuck you want?’ ‘Convicted child rapist just moved in down the street.’ ‘Let’s get the boys.’

‘What the fuck is this little parade?’ ‘Kid fucker, next block.’

‘Since when do you…parent? Well, make sure you wash the sheets too, okay? ‘I look like a woman?’

‘That is terrible ugly dress. Your friend, she must not like you very much.’

‘The good news is, the cancer’s in your brain. And you never were much of a thinker, so it probably won’t affect you that much.’


Revenge 2.11

What I tweeted during Revenge:  Nooooo! Kill Victoria Grayson? No, Aiden, please no!
‘We know he’s trying to save his sister. But who’s the target?’ ‘Victoria. Track his phone before it’s to late.’
‘You think we’ll ever get back to being the people we once were?’ ‘Maybe. Just not tonight.’


Go On 1.13

Quitting the show, but I’m gonna miss Anne’s ‘I’m listening.’ and her being angry all the time.


Castle 5.12

wait, so Alexis is still 18? She’s been 18 for two seasons now. It’s 2013, why hasn’t she turned 19 yet?


Pretty Little Liars 3.16

Most likely the best episode of the show ever. I am so glad Spencer finally knows Toby’s working with Mona.


Pretty Little Liars 3.17

This second half of season three is surpringly good. Hanna at the lesbian bar and better, her mom asking her if a pink drink is a gay thing and if she wanted to try something new.

Suburgatory 2.10

I am quitting the show, I have given it a lot of second chances and there is nothing that could possibly save this show.


Carrie Diaries 1.02

I was kind of hoping the second episode would be bad, so I could quit the show, but it was pretty good.


Carrie Diaries 1.03

The episode was fine, nothing special.