The Morning After

I loved every second of it, till we find out who framed her. I have no idea why she didn’t stand up for her ex husband, I know he tried to kill her, but I think she would besides that.


The China Syndrome

I was very into the story all the way. Jane was spectacular, and looking really well in red, and Jack Lemmon gave wings to the film, I still wish his character would not die. I wish she stood up for him more confidently, cause it was really sad to look at everyone calling him a lunatic or drunk, when he was the good guy.



If there actually was rape, the film would get a 9. All the existential thoughts and the screw-up Joey, and the final suicide, were very intriguing.



What a marvelous film, I really wished we knew what happened to the dad, but other than that absolutely incredible film, the burying the kids, truly compelling.


The Day After Tomorrow

I was blown away with the special effects, for 2004 they were better than in 2012. I do not remember 2012 that much anymore, but I do think this one was better, nothing beats the scene of War of Worlds when they are transporting people by prom and people kept jumping and falling into the water, that was spectacular, good thing I have it on dvd. The thought of another ice age happening because of global warming, this is probably how we are all gonna die, and that is beyond scary.



Jack Lemmon and Sissy Specek were absolutely sensational.



All the blood on the snow.




The Graduate


Megan Is Missing

The ridiculousness of this film does not end. The last 22 minutes were the only part I should have watched, it is not possible the rape lasted that long. Which serial killer first keeps the victims under the bridge for a few days, then rapes them, and then starves to death and buries alive? What would be the point of that, he should rape then just bury. Why the hell did he stay on-line and kept talking to the girl, what kind of a serial killer does that? The girl showed absolutely no reaction to friend’s death. How is this possible that her parents would let her even walk outside, when her best friend just went missing. The lesbian friend blamed Amy, though she was the one who introduced Megan to Josh, what the? The whole camera thing, she did not play it and haven’t seen a guy in the background? I have noticed him immediately. What about him? He record everything, but does not keep the tape to get off on it? He leaves it in the woods? What is the point of making the video then? I could go on and on.