Grey’s Anatomy 9.15

Let’s all quit our jobs.


Grey’s Anatomy 9.16

Who did not see that one coming? Why else would she ask Jackson to come to the meeting?

‘A solid capital investor w/a team of surgeon consultants led by Richard Webber, Derek Shepherd, Dr. Torres, Robbins, Grey, Yang, n myself.’

‘You lose a patient because you forget to check their airway, you don’t make that mistake again. You fail your boards cause you’re too busy sleeping with your best friend, maybe you stop doing that. The hospital you call home shuts down just when you’re finally starting to feel like you’ve got your life together.’


Bones 8.15

Bones gets shot.


Bones 8.16

Bones is acting like nothing happened, but Bones caring about that raped girl, yes.



Bones 8.17

Time travel. Terrible.


SVU 14.14

‘I’m sorry, Olivia, I’m sorry.’ But why? Olivia n Dana were like sisters. ‘You know me, I get over things, I’ve been raped, I’ve been shot.’


SVU 14.15

Amanda’s episode was spectacular. I love how they dug up her gambling addiction, though 20 thousand is not that bad.


Castle 5.14

Stana throwing tables. All you need.


Castle 5.15

Finally something bad happened to Alexis, but of course shei’s the face of uni flyers. Loved that rooftop shot. I must have said ‘what the hell is this,SVU?’ at least 4times. Her speech though, was all I feel right now, but this time I won’t get jaded.

‘You remember the girl with the red hair? I’m her father.’

‘I had this…I guess it was another freshman moment. I’m sure eventually I’ll become jaded and cynical, but not today. Today I look and I see beautiful buildings, I see students who are just like me and nothing like me, and I feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities, with how lucky I am to be a part of this and…how there’s nowhere on earth I’d rather be right now.’


Castle 5.16

‘So he’s Liam Neeson now?’ Hunt was overrated, but here’s to hoping Alexis won’t stop posting on her blog, her vlogs are the only good thing on the show right now. Also, Stana kicking that girl’s chair.


Revenge 2.13

The wedding, I was disappointed that Emily let this happen, then the nezt episode happened.

‘Is that what you think? That I don’t feel? That I don’t mourn the life that I could’ve had? That’s why people like you and me fight. Because it gives us something to live for when everything else has been taken away.’


Revenge 2.14

Amanda was in the way sometimes, but Emily could always count on her. ‘What about Amanda Clarke?’ ‘Poor girl, she chose the wrong enemy.’


Shameless 3.04

The girl and her girl penis.


Shameless 3.05

Best part, The sins of my Caretaker, Joan’s acting is spectacular. Deb almost drowned some bitch at the pool and we’re literally digging up a body and Jimmy’s all ‘but my father’s gay’.


Shameless 3.06

That was the most shameless episode of Shameless ever. Mickey’s father making Ian watch, amazing. V making Kev screw her mother, insane. Karl asking gays that very inappropriate question.


Pretty Little Liars 3.19



Pretty Little Liars 3.20


Pretty Little Liars 3.20

Wow, they are killing off all the good characters, why Toby?


Carrie Diaries 1.05


Carrie Diaries 1.06



Carrie Diaries 1.07

The limo scene.