And again, this time of year came when there are more assignments due than there is time, so I will not be writing here for the next two and a half months. I will not be watching any movies, I’ll catch up in summer, but I will finish watching all my series. This school year has been the best of my life, but I feel like I haven’t paid enough attention to my shows, aka, I didn’t obsess about them as much as usual. It is partially because my internet here sucks, so I cannot rewatch anything, as sometimes I spend 6 hours watching one episode, waiting for it to load. Anyway, I have decided to watch most of the shows again in summer, this year’s season to pay the right tribute to them. I will just write down the finales dates, as for Australia/Europe dates. I am really mad that most of the shows end already in April, but I am glad I will have more time to focus on uni.

In order of finale dates:

Shameless – ended this week
Cougar Town – season 4 ended this week
The Carrie Diaries – ended this week
Go On – apparently yesterday’s episode was a finale. I just found that out, while writing this

Still to end:

Suburgatory – 2 episodes left, ends 18.04

Bones – ends 23.04, 2 episodes left

…. in May

Revenge – ends May 13th – 4 episodes left

Castle – ends May 14th – 5 episodes left

Greys – ends May 17th – thank you Greys, for always being the last to end the season, that makes me super happy – 4 episodes left

The Big C – end 21 of May – back 30th of April, 4 episodes

SVU – ends May 23, thank you very much, 5 episodes left


Dexter back July 1, PLL – 12 June