Dexter 8.03

Harrison ate all the popsicles and it looked like a crime scene. Late night eating, we’ve all been there.
Deb keeps getting wasted.
Exactly what my reaction would be if I hit that pole.
It’s just so unusual.
Are we done I need a fucking nap.
How do you know I’m hangover?
Awesome, fucking awesome.
Fuck Dexter I don’t have time for this, you know? I have to find out if some rich asshole is banging some chick which he probably is so that I can tell her and she can get a killer divorce settlement and they can move on with their stupid fucking boring lives. And I can move on with mine. Cause this is my life now.
He could be hunting me right now or he could be selling fitness equipment at the mall.
Yeah its really fucking classy.
When your sister found out who you were and what you were doing why didn’t you kill her?
I would never kill Debra, she’s my sister, I love her.
Selfless love is hard enough for typical people and for psychopaths it’s impossible.
I want you to revel in what you are. I told you you’re perfect.
You’re perfect as a psychopath, all this talk about helping Debra and loving her is like you’re Michaelangelo trying to play banjo.
What the fuck are we doing in this hell hole?
I’ll take a bourbon neat.
You’re a good person. You brought a lot of good to the world.
Have a nice day at the mall.
She just didn’t wanna see it. People get used to living in denial. Its just easier you know.
That’s why the kitchen is so clean, it’s a kill room.
Wasn’t checking my body fat for my own fitness, he was checking to see if I was fit to have as a main course.
Fuck Deb confessed to killing La Guerta.
When Debra killed LaGuerta it was real selfless love. She sacrificed everything she believed in for you.  Can you see that?
That was interesting.
Hold this.
I am perfect, but only at one thing.
You’re disgusting, cannibal consumer of human flash.  There was a time when I couldn’t imagine anyone being what you are, doing what you do, but now I realise I’m just like you, I consume everyone I love.


Dexter 8.04

Dexter’s need to kill was born in a container much like this one. And he’s been trapped inside its walls ever since. As a psychopath he will never be able to break free, but you can by reliving the events of that night over and over again.
There are countless ways to inflict physical trauma on a human body and sometimes the deadliest wounds are the ones we barely see they run deep like the ones I inflicted on Deb.
Dexter is fucking Dexter.
That night in the container Dexter was exactly who he was meant to be and so were you the loving sister.
Now that mirror is cracked an the only reflection you see is one of darkness.
You are no monster, you never have been.
Anyone on my table would disagree.
Dexter. Monster by definition is outside of nature but you’re a part of natural order of things.
I’ll still want her in my life.
Want her but not need.
Dexter can’t help who he is. He has no conscience Unlike you. You knew the moment you pointed at gun on La Guerta it was wrong and still you pulled a trigger. You shot a woman in cold blood you let her bleed out and did nothing. You shot an innocent woman for simply doing her job.
Because of Dexter.
And that’s what terrifies you the most. You so desperately want to believe that if you had just shot dexter then you wouldn’t have to face the hard truth. That if you had to do it again you’d still choose him, because in your heart you know you’d always choose Dexter.
How do I make it right?
By finally accepting that you are a good person who was forced to do a terrible thing. And that you made the best of an impossible situation. You can walk out that door, you can move forward, the choice is yours it always has been.
Masuka has a daughter!
Somehow he’s deluded himself into thinking his feelings for his sister are genuine unaware there are no real emotions behind them.
Do you understand or do you need to write it down?
I don’t think I can live with this.
Fuck and i’m supposed to?
Vogel believes I’m just like all her other experiments, psychopath who can’t form real connections but she’s wrong, Deb isn’t a prop like Yates’s father was to his son. She’s more than a mirror. She’s family. if I have a purpose, and value and a right to exist, so do my feelings for Deb.
The body forms scar tissue to close a wound. Has my sister began to do the same? Eventually scars fade. Who knows, with enough time you may not even remember how you got them.
Did dad killed himself?
Yeah. He od’d on his heart medication. Thought he created a monster.
I think I know how he felt why he killed himself. But he only got it half right.
Nothing says family like shit.


Dexter 8.05

So I’m not perfect.
You are not even listening to me. You don’t understand I’ve been trapped in a fucking fog.
I’m stupid that way I’m limited.
I don’t hate you.
Why did you save me, why didn’t you let me drown?
I saw the car go into the water I knew you were gonna die I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.
I was expecting that.
Yeah we’ll get him. Dexter will.
Serial killer bested by 100 pound nanny.
That’s why he’s taking the shoes.
Which little piggie won’t be making it to market?
She slapped him around like his mother used to.
It’s a search for the same connection.
Poor boy.
Fuck you, Dexter.
Debra, are you okay?
I’m good really I’m good.
We’re the family that kills together.
You’re doing well Debra you’re very resilient.
You never gave up on her. I’m impressed I know Harry would be too. He was always concerned that as you grow older you may drift apart.
We never really had a choice. If anyone ever really knew us they’d run screaming.
A few days ago everything seemed hopeless between me deb a d me but through Dr Vogel and Yates I’ve got my sister back. Not like things were before. Its something different, but for now its enough.
Its beautiful out here Dexter.
I like it. It’s peaceful, alone on the water.
Tonight you brought us.
Yes. Why?
I wanted to be with family.


Dexter 8.06

He’s drawn to blood like me.
I remember that feeling ‘oh’, wonder, it only fed the urge.
What do you like to do for fun?
You know normal stuff.
That’s it?
That’s all I can tell you.
Dating is harder than I remember.
Families fuck you up that’s just the way it is.
He treats the blood like a swim suit model.
Wow very colourful.
Forgot it’s a crime scene. Keep thinking that dead chick spilled all that blood just for me.
He’s streets smart.
Just like old times, huh?
It was worth living for.
He’s 4, duffus.
Jesus Christ how many pictures of fucking women in tights does this pervert need?
Someone’s shitting is somebody’s cheerios.
How weird was that she confessed to killing La Guerta?
I should have stayed in my office.
You look incredible.
Don’t look so fucking surprised.
I just don’t wanna touch anything i’m not supposed to.
He deserves nothing but my table.
To take a living person and make them dead, imagining that you can actually hear the moment when their heart stops beating, smell the blood as it pulls across the floor.
I can’t help it, it just builds up inside me all these years.
How was it once you killed her.
It felt like this huge weight was lifted off my chest. This release of something horrible inside me.
Like you’re finally in control.
Yes just go ahead and kill me
Because if you don’t, I know I’ll do it again. I don’t want to be like this but I can’t help it. I just am some kind of freak.
You never had a harry. Someone to talk to. Someone to teach you.
Some things happen to us by accident others are choices. There are parts of me that I can never share with my own son, but with Zack, could I teach him? Am I ready for this? To be a spiritual father?
He likes me cause he doesn’t know a fucking thing about me. Yeah I killed two people and tried to kill myself and my brother i’m sorry what kind of wine would you like to order. I mean what the fuck.
but Hey life is good i’m feeling optimistic for a while i’m even thinking about taking on a kinda intern.


Camp 1.05

Sorry, grown up stuff.
Hey mom look what dad got me for my birthday he must love me so much.
At least my other parent cares.
What can I do? Get a little jerk a better present.
Shopping I love shopping.
No you don’t.
The way he grabbed her.
Yeah we all remember valentine’s day.
I’m asian adopted and my parents are gay how do you like that kind of pressure?
Who looks great? My dads do.
Also grace honey you should probably go through vocabulary again when you get a moment.
What about an electric guitar?
Are you ready to listen to smells like teen spirit at a 1000 dwxiblws?
Have you eaten today?
No why? Cause You’re getting a little irritable.
A pop singer. Super bubbly. Hopeless romantic. Rights songs about her breakups.
Katy perry. Kelly Clarkson. That awful girl that broke Justin Bieber’s heart.
No she’s dated literally every guy under 30 in America. She wears sparkles and too much red lipstick. Kanye west stole the microphone from her.
What kind od a gay are you? Taylor Swift. Pick up a people magazine why don’t you. Taylor swift. It’s Taylor Swift you idiots.

You’re right food does help especially this crap. Which is awesome. Double cheese I dont eat like this anymore.
Every day I like to have 3 awesome things to happen.
why life is hard. It just gets harder and harder.
Life is awesome Mac. Focus, 16, what you were doing when you were 16?
Me? Getting high, roaming around the mall looking for posters trying on clothes. Go to the arcade. God it was so fun.
Of course we’re playing truth and dare.
I think its my second awesome thing.
The fact that its your second awesome thing make s it my second awesome thing.
Sure you can afford this. You’re not using your food money or anything.
What are you my mom? No im not using my food money.
I was born cool.
And you’re stoned. You guys got stoned together.nice thats fun isnt it getting high at work?
Follow me stoners.
This leather is so soft which is a total deal breaker I don’t know why so many animals need to be killed to make car seats.
Parenting advice from a childless man.
The white gay dude got stung by a bee.
Okay I ship them.
And them too.
Clearly that had to happen.
Would have been criminal if it didn’t.
You really made lemonade out of that leukemia.
You made my crappy day awesome.
Oh oh what’s happening.
Can You hear that? I don’t like it.
Happy sweet sixteen man were gonna die!
One time I list him at the mall.
It doesn’t matter.
Yesterday was still fyn though. I like three awesome things every day.
Why not?
All kinds of reasons.
Let me know when you think of a good one.

I haven’t have so much fun all summer or even a year.


Switched at Birth 2.19

Ask the right parent.
John and Regina.
Remind me to thank him.
You should go with your stomach next time.
Sure I’m good down here.
I don’t have the Kennish gene for atlethics, okay? I don’t.
Can you ask Daphne?
There is a special place in hell for boyfriends like you.
Because of what happened with Chef Jeff.
Melody and that doctor.
We’re very 2013.
You jump.
Bay almost shat herself.
Not surprised she got pissed.
Shit, it didn’t work.
This is sound, Darling.
Emmett’s father is my favorite character together with Melody.
‘Hello’, I can hear that.
I’m the wizz with the copy machine.
I don’t know who I’m more scared of you or him.
Bay mentioning the helicopter that went down.
She’s broke her ankle.
Emmett’s dad listens to him play drums.


This was simply the best episode of the second half of the season. It is probably worse because it’s not based around school or Bay’s art anymore and girls don’t live together and Angelo’s child storyline is not very solid.

Pretty Little Liars 4.09

Ezra’s watching Aria and his girlfriend’s going to Washington.
A bail of 1mln dollars.
I was wondering where did the preacher go.
Preacher posted the bail!
Take Malcolm and get back with Aria.
What if he takes the paternity test and it turns out he’s not his father.
He was a corrupted cop, Ashley.
Everyone has their limits.
Jenna got thrown into the pond.
It was Ted.
Maybe you could let someone navigate for a while.
I knew it was Cece.
Mona’s back where she feels most comfortable.
And we know Jenna is not A for sure. Shonna isn’t probably either.