This past year I didn’t enjoy watching my shows, at all. I used to obsess about every single episode of Greys, Private Practice, Bones, Castle and some of others, but this year, I don’t know whether I’ve grown up (please no) or simply had too much uni/work/living on my own stress on my mind, but I never really enjoyed any of the episodes. I hated that the entire year. Remember when you used to cry every episode and rewatch a couple of times especially Greys and Private Practice? The shows used to be my whole life, the reason I got up in the morning, and now they were just an addition to my boring life and I hate that. It feels like I haven’t given them the respect they deserved and that feels awful. I hope it will go back to how it used to be a year or more ago, I’ve missed obsessing over them. Since summer is coming to an end, most of my shows are coming back on air very soon. I am going to sort them by time. I have Dexter to keep me sane in September, but it feels different, watching this season, knowing it’s the last.

Let’s start with which summer shows end when (Australian/European dates)

Switched at Birth – season finale – Aug 20
Pretty Little Liars – season finale – Aug 28
Camp – season finale – Aug 29
Dexter – series finale – Sept 23

When do fall shows come back? (AU/EU dates) In calendar order

Bones – Sept 17 – which just happens to be my birthday
Castle – Sept 24
SVU – Sept 26
Greys – Sept 27
Revenge – Sept 30
American Horror Story – Oct 10
The Carrie Diaries – Oct 26

Shameless, Cougar Town, Suburgatory, Switched at Birth, PLL back in January

Will add new shows and their premieres when I get through them and decide what to check out this week. My plan for the early September is to rewatch first 3 seasons of Greys like every summer.