This is exactly the amount of episodes that should premiere each week. Imagine what would happen if Greys and Scandal premiered too and if I haven’t seen Shameless last week already. There were so many episodes I could not catch up with them during the week with my 10 h shift, which meant 4 shows on Saturday, now, that’s a perfect day. I only managed to watch Revenge, Suburgatory, Nashville, Switched at Birth and Pretty Little Liars the morning after they premiered. On Friday I watched Cougar Town, rewatched Suburgatory. On Saturday I dug into The Carrie Diaries, Bones, Castle, SVU. Dropped exhausted and watched American Horror Story and Ravenswood on Sunday. Then I rewatched Revenge and Nashville. Then I turned into SAGA and CCA. Best weekend in a long long time.

Revenge 3.12

You really want people to think you are a gold digger?


SVU 15.11

The only thing wrong with this episode is that it did not have an SVU case.


Bones 9.13

The last two episodes, this is why Bones is so excellent. I was getting really annoyed with all the bad episodes.


Castle 6.12

This show needs better cases.


Nashville 2.11

Happy Peggy died, she was drugging the shown down.


Suburgatory 3.01

Happy to see it on my TV! Thank goodness it stayed on air.


Switched at Birth 3.01

So happy SAB is back!


Cougar Town 5.02

Grayson, Monica.


American Horror Story 3.11

Feels like a teen series.


The Carrie Diaries 2.11

This show is doing so fine this season, sad it’s only 13 episodes.


Pretty Little Liars 4.15

Seriously? Hanna and Aria’s brother? Running out of ideas there? The writers do anything to prolong the series as much as possible. So many useless plots and this one is the stupidest of all.


Ravenswood 1.07

When will I stop torturing myself with this show?


The Simpsons

That was the worst episode I’ve seen in years, probably the worst Simpsons episode of all.