Revenge 3.12


Bones 9.14

There are 15 kids in the class.
Because Cam won.
Of course he said all good.
That’s why I don’t live in Canada.
Oh my, Peter Gray, what are you doing on Bones?
You told them to honor me?
When I stress I eat.
Check mate.
Normal people who saw people yawn they yawn too, because they feel guilty.
It’s for children.
We both do a shot.


Shameless 4.02

Fiona eating McDonald’s while driving.
Who the fuck plans three kids?
I’ve got a magic dick! I’ve got a magic penis.
At least I don’t have a tiny dick.
Call me when it’s grad school cock.
I’m only 13. Okay.
Over my dead sperm.
I lied. I’m a Gallagher.


SVU 15.12

Everyone in charge has drinking problems.

Something Cragen said to me. Nothing changes except what has to.


Nashville 2.13

You’re a beautiful person with a beautiful voice.
If you say jump, he will always say how high.
It’s magic. I do want it. I love it.


American Horror Story 3.12

You will perform the seven wonders or you’ll die trying.
Tell the truth, Cordelia, are you into girls now?
She’s gonna kill all of us.
She’s pretty but she doesn’t have your cheekbones.
Did you walk into the wrong house.
Nobody messes with our coven.
By the end of next week we’ll have a new supreme.


Castle 6.12

What do you mean aunt is putting it on facebook. Tell her to take it down.


Cougar Town 5.03

Eye molest me.
Why are the girl scouts hand clapping.
It’s my mini cul de sack.
Grayson is really tiny.
I added pilates to my workout.
So smart.
How did you know one of my boobs is slightly bigger than the other one.
Let’s photobomb some pictures.


The Carrie Diaries 2.12

There are things you’ve always invisioned, like your senior prom.
Sometimes things don’t turn out exactly how you imagine.
You raised 6 thousand of it?
Are you smart?
Prom in Manhattan!
A degree? Why waste four years to have a job I already gave you.
I imagine my dad react to me not going to college.
It is tradition to mock it and love it at the same time.
A friend that I made a promise a ling time before.
For us it was celebration of our friendship.
And we need our arms to be even more stiff.
You’re a writer you don’t need school, you need life expierences.
I started volunteering at gay crisis centre.
Take the job, you were born to write.
This is my boyfriend, Bennet.
Oh my God!
What is Mouse doing?
You still have the biggest wreck in the school.
You’re my legacy and I’m proud of you.


Suburgatory 3.02

A lot can be said by someone’s breakfast table.
Hunger strike.
Lisa, call for your brother.
I stand with you.
It’s a poor man sack.
Thank you. You’re welcome.
Poor little bitch girl.
How many can I have?
You would’t hppen to have a European model? Oh you didn’t.


Switched at Birth 3.02

It will fill in your PE requirements.
I am 17 so I have a carfew.
The sad drunk high school student trying not to vomit.
You really should not be handing me a stick right now.
Art was the only thing I was good at.
I want you yo take that cheesy art and smash it.


Pretty Little Liars 4.16

You’re the one. Always have been.
I just wanted to let you know that this was the best year of my life.


Ravenswood 1.08