Greys 10.13

I am so happy my favorite show is finally back from hiatus and in such a big greys style. The way Meredith hugged Alex saying ‘Alex, please, please’, best scene of the season. No relationships with coworkers? Shonda you’re ten years late with this rule. Warren filled the ibtern spot for Heather, I am so happy for him, I don’t know why I haven’t thought of it. When it comes to me, they could get ridbof all the interns, maybe not Jo, but it’s not just Leah thats annoying and whiny, they all are. April chose Jackson, and that last scene, that’s all, thank you.


SVU 15.15

Every episode of SVU feels so fresh lately. Another excellent case. Laura Slade Wiggins played the victim. I miss Karen Jackson.


Shameless 4.06

One of the best episodes of the show.


Shameless 4.07

Wow, no government job? Fiona you are screwed. I am so happy Lip is still doing his studies and that he wants to finish college. Mandy in that squirrel hat. Ian sleeping for money and Deb cutting herself and going all ‘fuck’, because a guy 7 years her prior wouldn’t sleep with her. Frank getting again kickedboutbof the house, amazing episode.


Castle 6.15

It’s real life Carrie! Castle and Kate dancing to In My Veins.


Castle 6.16

Alexis finally realizing she was stupid and finally acting responsibly. Even though her situation is the exact opposite of mine, and I could relate to her moving out at the age of 19, I love that she moved back in, this gives me hope. Weird case which was simply better when I didn’t know how it turned out, it was so fun when they all confessed to murder and Castle was all ‘this case is fantastic and not so boring after all’.


Suburgatory 3.06

Tessa joins a cult, whatever. Tanning senior class? So Chatswin and so amazing, was waiting for it since the trailer for season 3 was realised. I just hope it’s just not a one time thing. Dallas and George have to get back together. And Noah being all anger free and bursting at the end, hilarious.


Nashville 2.16

What a fabulous episode. I just love when everyone is singing and an episode has at least three songs. I cried when Glenn was quitting, oh this scene was so painful. Rayna losing it at the end.


Cougar Town 5.06

This may be Cougar Town’s best season.


Cougar Town 5.07

Another fantastic episode.


Scandal 3.11

Paul Adelstein is doing so good, I couldn’t be more proud. Everytime I want to quit this show, it gets good.


Switched at Birth 3.05


Switched at Birth 3.06


Chicago PD 1.06

I will not watch it, even though Voight has such an amazing tone of voice I couldn’t focus on anything else. The SVU crossover good, but nothing special.


Pretty Little Liars 4.20

Probably the best episode.


Pretty Little Liars 4.21

Teen show currently at its best.