The Good Student

Now when I think of it, I have seen it before. It was just as bad as the first time I watched it.


I Know What You Did Last Summer

Was I postponing watching this one or what? More like avoiding it. The only film that was on UK tv during that night shift I did once at that one place. It was either this or Glee. I remember rewatching Revenge two times, same episode, two channels. It-s just like Final Destinations, we know they are all gonna die, though here they did not.



Good Australian drama avout coming of age and insides of a boarding school featuring young Noami Watts and Nicole Kidman.


Unlawful Entry

Oh the thrillers of the 90s. This one has Madeleine Stowe and is obsessive and awesome.


Can’t Buy Me Love

Simply amazing. One of the teen 80s films everyone has to see.


The Babysitter

Very average.


The Crush

An amazing thriller, I was not expecting for it to be this good. My favorite Alicia Silverstone film after Clueless.

I’ll tell ya, if you were ten years older…
You’d what?

I mean, let’s face it, you’re fourteen, I’m twenty-eight. That’s a big difference.
Whatever you say.
Seriously, Adrian. I want you to know, you can count on me. I’ll always be your friend, no matter what. Okay? Okay.
Like the night up at the lighthouse when we kissed?
Now, that was a mistake, Adrian.
Was sneaking in to watch me undress a mistake, too? Hmm? Nick, ever do a virgin?
I know you want to.
Now, look! Let’s avoid any confusion here! I’m gonna make this very simple for you. You’re – You’re too young for me. There’s nothing between us.

You wanna do her, too, is that it? I’m not good enough for you? I came back here for you, Nick. My parents tried to take me away, but I fooled them. I came back here for you, and I found you with my best friend. I still love you, Nick!

I got my period.


The Simpsons : The Longest Daycare

An amazing short film from The Simpsons. Over the 25 seasons we have never seen Maggie at daycare. We don’t know much about the youngest Simpson. Maggie’s a precious little thing and there’s a scene at the very end that might have left me speechless, which seems fitting, as the film is mute. Completely deserved that Oscar nomination.



An excellent animation, great songs, lovely characters.


Monsters, inc

I loved it so much when it came out, watched it, as I was rewatching Monsters University for the fourth time, and wanted to fill sin some blanks. Monsters, inc it’s a great entertainment for the whole family, but not as good as Monsters University.


Toy Story 3

I don’t remember much from the first one. And I have never seen a sequel, but this one? Cried at the end. Why would you give your childhood toy away?


Dear Dumb Diary

Incredible film for pre teens! I just love the book series. I honestly have them all and still buy when they come out. And I’m twenty. Adored the soundtrack, and no one is going to outhrow Emily Alyn Lind from the number one favorite child actress spot for me. She’s gonna have to outgrown it. Favorite song? Definitely Dear Future Jamie. The day she thought her Diary was stolen, the fear and panic, followed by a candy binge, everything a 13 year old fears, was shown so incredibly. I guess we’ll never know why little girls pay attention to everything and care too much about what everyone says. I know this too well, and If I saw this film when I was thirteen, I think a certain thing in my life would not have happened, and I would remain a jolly person, just like Jamie. I absolutely loved how she handled it with a song, actually believing this won’t matter in a few years. I have barely read the Dear Dumb Diary Books, but this was an amazing adaptation. I was exactly like Jamie, always in my imagination, super creative, having long conversations with myself (hello, Lizzie McGuire), always with a musical number in my head. Not much has changed.

‘Dear future Jamie, it’s me, I mean it’s you, only younger
Do you remember how complicated life used to be when everything seemed so
unfair, but you don’t care anymore, do you?’
‘I bet you never shared a single tear for me Jamie of the past, cause you grew up really fast.’
‘And have you ever told them that old story
About how they stole your diary from me
Oh Boy I bet that gets a good laugh.’
‘Maybe you’re in Hollywood among the movie stars.’



A truly interesting rape and revenge example. Just when you feared it would happen, it did.