Before I share my thoughts on this weeks episodes, I want to talk about some of this years shows in general and explain why i wasn’t around every week. Let me just start off by saying, I finally found a job I like, but my rota has been insane. Since March 3rd I have had 4 days off and I have 12 h shift.  I barely find time to watch anything, but my shows. I cannot use my phone at my desk, so i did not have time to update anything. Since I’m at home barely 8h a day, and in march exactly 4h a day, I stopped rewriting my notes on the shows. Why am I back now, not in a month then? Next friday we’ll know which shows get renewed and which ones we’re gonna have to say goodbye to, I wanted to write some very brief reviews a couple more times this year, in case Nashville gets cancelled. It’s a great show and I wish I started it last year, but even though we all struggled with Teddy’s storyline, It’s been 6 amazing months filled with many memorable songs. I hope it gets a third season and I am sad they cannot cut it to 13 episodes, like they did with Suburgatory, which has a million more viewers than last year and is doing so fine, by the way, but Nashville is not a 21 min comedy the network can take a risk with and put it wherever they find space. It’s a show that already struggled last year and desperately needed people to watch it this season. I really hope ABC gives the singing drama another chance and does not send so many talented people home. Fingers crossed! I also started watching Surviving Jack, but the ratings are plain low, and I no longer see a chance of NBC renewing it, which is ridiculous, as the show and Chris Meloni are funny and brilliant. This month I tried to start so many shows I have put off for years and none of them spoke to me, which means, for the first time in years I will have no shows to start in summer. I am a little disappointed,  but happy as I think of all the films I will see. And last, but the most important, I am starting to get really depressed about Sandra Oh leaving Greys, it’s all I can think about. I rewind all the twisted sisters scenes from 10 years in my head and cannot imagine my life without Cristina Yang. I grew up with these characters. It’s my show, it’s my everything. I am not ready to say goodbye. I will keep my fingers crossed for all the shows I watch to survive this terrifying week, but now, let’s move on to this week’s episodes.

Greys 10.22

All I have in my notes is ‘You’re leaving.’, which tells all about this episode. The chocolates that Cristina did remember about, the moment in which Meredith realized her best friend is leaving, will forever be stuck in my mind. I was extremely excited and emotional about Burke being back after 7 years, but I did not see him as Cristina’s biggest love. Imagine my surprise when the story went into a completely different direction. When Burke was saying that he finally understands that one person has to stay home with the kids and its okay to love someone who does not want surgical greatness, I thought of Owen and that him and Cristina could work if he stayed home and let Cristina do her thing, but then again, he dumped his girlfriend when she was saying the exact same thing, so there is no hope left for Crowen. Richard is so right to fight the foundation, but it was nice to Kepner standing up to someone for once. I do want to see Amelia in Seattle permanently, even though I want her to stay with Addie and the gang in LA and for her to be safe and sound and avoid any future disaster that Shonda’s already plotting. Which intern is getting kicked out and which one is dying in the terrorist attack? Leah’s out, Ross dies.


SVU 15.21

Oh the aftermath. It was all I thought it would be. When Liv said ‘I told him to rape me.’ to IAB and described why she chose not to resist, I felt so proud of her and couldn’t calm myself down. Despite everything that has happened to her, she found the strengthand pace to tell the truth. Captain Lewis earned more respect from fans in one episode than Cragen did in 15.5 years. Everyone making the case even worse for Olivia, even the little girl Liv saved, bug Captain Lewis.

Revenge 3.20

Another spectacular episode of this amazing show. Conrad pushed Pascall preventing Victoria’s happiness once again. Victoria all miserable calling the number finding out it was fake and probably linking it to Emily. Why the heck didn’t she change the name completely? Did she really have to use Rebecca? Victoria has her figured out now and I cannot wait for the moment she discovers the final piece of truth. Charlotte getting kidnapped? By all means take her, she is the most useless and most fake character this show had, even Ashley was more bearable.

‘Am I supposed to believe my father tripped and fell?’


Nashville 2.20

Between Juliette being the taxi service and Rayna being the only ond to calm Scarlet down, we had Deacon saying sure we do drugs and booze, it’s a real party’, 3 songs, Gunnar writing a song about Scarlet, miss Claybourne dropping out of Rayna’s label, because she hated the pressure of being famous, and many more, and I’m asking how come more people don’t watch yhis amazing show? Also, no Teddy in this episode, but unfortunately, no Stella sisters either.


Bates Motel 2.09

The show is not doing as good as the first season as I bet no one cares about the drugs trade and Norma trying to fight the road, and Norman drinking with some skanky friend. But what this episode had was Norman remembering killing the teacher and most importantly hearing his mother telling him to. Norma fully trusting the cop, that she’s eventually gonna end up with, amazing, but can we just get rid of the whiny Emma and everyone drug trade related but Dylan.


Surviving Jack 1.06

It’s a fun show and this was another fabulous episode. Rachel answering to Jack’s question about making herself more attractive to college admissions  ‘Good, I lost 3 pounds and got highlights’ and signing up for wrestling and Joanne calling varsity guys ‘stupid weiners’ hilarious.

‘It was pretty damn funny.’


Castle 6.21

It was mainly good because Esposito and Ryan were trying to get chosen as Castle’s first man, but he chose Alexis over them. Other than that I do vaguely remember the strip poker and Kate beating Castle in scrabble. Other than that? Another case I don’t remember the moment I turn the episode off. Ryan and Esposito earned 6 out of the 9 points I gave this episode.


Suburgatory 3.11

Tessa talking about her extra curricular activities that would not really count in any college admissions office and saving herself, mostly and Dalia talking about her various hobbies that have nothing to do with school, hilarious. Great episode,  like I said the show is doing so well, if only George and Dallas got back together already.