Barely, and with many obstacles, I have survived the last two weeks of finales, and most importantly,  the cancellation week. Suburgatory cancellation came with a shock and a bit of sadness, as I am forced to say goodbye to a show that brought me many laughs for three, thoughest years of my life. It was a great companion on my journey to adulthood and a great relief for a tense week. I am going to miss it dearly, definitely the most of all the shows that ended this year. Surviving Jack was the second of my shows that recieved bad news that awful and stressful week, after airing just seven episode. Till this week I was certain there was going to be eight episodes as was reported earlier in the year and I fully pushed the signs away as the official instagram account was telling for three or so weeks that episode seven was to be the absolute finale. It was a sweet show, and I will miss seeing Chris Meloni on my screen, it is a shame I have to say goodbye to him yet again. The third show that was taken away from me was one of the very last teen shows I watch, The Carrie Diaries. It came as a surprise, and to quote myself and my first reaction ‘I thought the whole point of watching teen shows is that they never end, hint Pretty Little Liars’, and truly, what is so great about teen shows is that we do not pay much attention to them, they are there when we come home from a twelve hour shift and manage to ease the pain and aftermath of work related confrontations. That is why I will have a teen show as a back up show on my list for at least couple of years I think, till I settle in as a person and learn to fully grow up, shame one of these shows will not be The Carrie Diaries. I will not know what happened to Carrie and how she met Charlotte,  unless, of course, I read the book. I am relieved I am only losing three shows this year, last year, none of my shows got cancelled but three of my absolute favorite ended, I am speaking of Private Practice,  Dexter and The Big C, of course. Nashville got a third season, even though we all sweated about its fate for a couple of weeks. I am extremely furious that the next year will be Cougar Town’s last season. I love this show and it has been with me for five years and it helped me in many ways, it entertained me and brought hope and light to my life. Greys, SVU, Revenge and Castle,  I could not be more proud and ecstatic to have you with me for at least one more year.

Greys 10.23

Great first part of the finale and ‘I’ve gained 8 pounds this week’ is the most relevant description of my anxiety about Cristina leaving. I loved how graciously Leah took the news, she knew she would not be a surgeon. Stephanie did some good for the very first time, and if we are to be stuck with her for the next couple of years, all I can say is finally. ‘I chose not to honor their wished’ reminded me of Pete in Private Practice or should I say Cooper. Derek being a selfish bastard that he apparently is and Owen begging Cristina to stay. I am very happy about Amelia possibly staying. Last words of wisdom for this episode ‘Give them the poop diary’.


Greys 10.24

I have not cried this much since the plane crash. The whole weekend I was replaying the ‘let’s dance it out’ and ‘what do you need I love you or something? I love you’ scenes in my head. I am exhausted from crying for so many hours and cannot get enough sleep. It was a beautiful exit, I loved how they finished Cristina’s storyline, but also hers with Meredith and hers with Owen. Ross going with her, and Leah coming in for the last time, all great. Ellis Grey giving up a child she had with Webber for adoption shocked me to the bones.


SVU 15.22

SVU managed to join Allen and Polanski’s cases and make a brilliant episode.


SVU 15.23

After three years with Amaro, I still do not like him, great episode, Josh Malina guest stars.


Revenge 3.21

Shocking and so revealing.  Conrad is finally in jail and Emily was the one who kidnapped Charlotte. The way Conrad confessed to his sins was one of my favorite scenes of any show this year.