Absolute Power

Clint Eastwood comes back as a director and casts himself as a thief who witnesses a crime. His character does some great sketches and the film features young Laura Linney. Overall, a good thriller that I will definitely buy on DVD.


The Details

I tried to watch it when it came out, but it seemed like just another stupid comedy. I wasn’t wrong, but it was funny at times. Laura Linney as a middle aged cat lady got my full attention, but that oh so ridiculous and try-way-too-hard sex scene was too much even for a person who thinks the highly controversial sex scenes in Savage Grace are absolute masterpieces.


Beyond the Poseidon Adventure

I do not remember much from the first part, since I haven’t seen it since the 90s, but this one was purely excellent. Sally Field and Michael Caine killed it, and the movie joins my 100 favorites.


Sometimes They Come Back Again

As I was checking what films to see this month, I bumped into this one,one of the few Hilary Swank films I haven’ seen yet. It was disappointing, but then again, I haven’t read this particular Stephen King story nor have I seen the first film.



I remember reading this scary novela in middle school and the film was an adequate adaptation. I think it was part of the Skeleton Crew series by Stephen King, if I remember correctly.


Cat’s Eye

Since I was watchng another Stephen King adaptation, this one seemed like a good fit when it popped up. It may seem to be about animals, but to my dissapointment, it was nothing like Pet’s Sematary.


Inside Man

Man, was I postponing watching this one for eight years or what. Now I see why. Not enough Jodie Foster, other than that, bearable. Clive Owen hasn’t disappointed me yet.


Twelve Monkeys

I was a little surprised how well it turned out. It’s such a shame Madeleine Stowe did not have a great carreer after the 90s ended, she deserves all the attention she is getting in Revenge and so much more.


The General’s Daughter

The three scenes that will stay in my head are: the brutal gang rape, Madeleine’s character getting attacked by the alleged rapists and the alternate ending which was so much better than what they went with. The way she was backing off when he started walking towards her and the kiss were more than cute, they were excellent.


Closet Land

This film took my breath away, minimalism is everything. Two amazing actors (Alan Rickman and Madeleine Stowe), one room, no rules. Postmodernism at its best.


Being Flynn

It had a great deal of personal meaning to me, because of the writing and Julie’s character’s suicide, but I feel the film is not for everyone, and many could find it plain boring. Thankfully, I’m not that person.


The Big Lebowski

Don’t we just all love cult films? Surely I loved the Dude’s way of life the second time around too, but this time I focused on Maude Lebowski’s feminism and her vaginal art. Dude’s friend remains my favorite character though.


Marie and Bruce

I was forcing myself to love this film and it was not bad, especially the party scenes when Julie Moore’s character listened in on everyone’s conversations, but it got bad around the time she said she wanted to go home and yet stayed. I thought Evolution was the worst film starring Julianne Moore, now we have a tie.