Howards End

Emma Thompson’s acting is always so profound and the film is excellent. Helena Bonham Carter and Anthony Hopkins accompany her just as good. The book is a must read.


The Bridges of Madison County

Just a love story, but what a good story it is. The scene where Meryl’s character  sees Clint’s character from her truck and knows she chose wrong and falls apart in the car and her husband is irritated with her having a meltdown, a beautifully heartbreaking scene. Fits every relationship where one simple got away. Clint does a spectacular job as a director.



They sure seemed very homeless. I bought it at once, the plot was all I needed and Jack and Meryl were unrecognizable. One of my favorite scene was followed by my OCD kicking in when she washed her hand in holy water, absolute perfection. This is exactly why we should not go to churches.


Inside Daisy Clover

Too teen for my taste, but it has Natalie Wood and Robert Redford in it. Although the scene where she burns down the house is a masterpiece.


Eastern Promises

I did not like it as much as I thought I would. For me it was just another Russian mafia movie, just more intriguing and has Naomi Watts in it.

You were not in fucking KGB!


Out of Africa

One of the best films ever made. What a story, the film just as good as the biography. Meryl’s Norwegian accent leaves us in awe.


The Last Picture Show

It was amazing, my favorite role of Cybil Shepherd. Oh how her character messed with boys’ minds. And how losing virginity was so important, we had to witness the nasty but in a sense relatable pool table scene, when she seduces her mother’s boyfriend. God, I just got distracted thinking of The Accused, but nothing beats The Accused. One of the best coming of age films.


All is Lost

When I heard this film was being made, I was ecstatic. Robert is finally back from his retirement/doing crappy films and it is good. Just enough symbolism in my mind to get me going. Still trying to figure out what the shoe container meant.



Watched it again, as I can never skip it. One of my favorite films. The rape scene leaves the viewer exhausted and angry at the world, which is just as it should be. This is exactly how low budget films should go. Watch to see excellent acting from the main four Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox and John Voight.



It sure had it’s atmosphere. A lovely drama, very good for Christmas.



Favorite Meryl Streep film and one of the best films ever made. Every single scene is breathtaking, what a heroine Karen Silkwood was. A very realistic presentation of working at a power plant/factory. Exactly the conditions you would expect in a radioactive environment. Plus Cher kills it.


The French Lieutenant’s Woman

One of the very few Meryl Streep films that I just don’t get what the buzz is about.



It was all I hoped it would be. All I need is seeing my favorite actors doing everyday life things. Seeing Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson flying in economic class, sleeping on the plane and generally behaving like every other person was extremely entertaining. One of my most favorite thrillers of this century. I even stopped comparing it to Flight Plan, which is just the most addictive film for me along with Panic Room. Non Stop will be played non-stop at my house the minute I buy it on Blu-Ray.


The Assassination of Richard Nixon

Lacked something, but the failed assassination and the motive of Sean Penn’s character make it worth watching. For me personally the film just needed more Naomi Watts.



A disappointment, but Joan Cusack kept it funny. A very light view on college admission process, a satisfying ending.


Fireflies in the Garden

Eight months after watching it and I cannot tell you much about it. That’s how unmemorable it was. All I can tell you is that Julia Roberts played a deceased mother and there were some flashbacks. Just an average drama.


The Ladies Club

Excellent take on rape and revenge genre. Extremely underrated.



Lacking something, but in the end good enough.