The fall season has finally started. Every year I get out of my ways to try to find something to occupy myself with during the summer break and this year wasn’t any different. Thank God the shows are back and I have 14 of them this semester. Since it’s a massive post, let’s get on with it. Since I’ve misplaced my notes when moving three times in one week, Bones, Revenge, American Horror Story, Bad Judge and the rest of the episodes will be posted tomorrow.

Parenthood 6.01

I’m starting off with Parenthood, as it’s in it’s final season, which is something NBC won’t let me forget. Do I really need to here ‘Parenthood’s farewell season’? in every promo. It aches too much. But back to the premiere, why does Julia have a new guy when there’s just 13 episodes left? Shouldn’t she be happy with Joel? Vegas was an excellent idea, especially Sarah being the one celebrating Zeek’s birthday with him, but what was up with Adam undermining her constantly? I didn’t cry till Kristina welcomed Max to her school.

Your mother must be thrilled.
Sarah’s taking Zeek to Vegas.
Any person can come in.
Dad that’s not what he’s asking.
I felt like I had a great hand.
Hell yeah I’ve been drinking. This is Vegas for God’s sake.
With my second least qualified sibling? How can you, Adam?
This family is sick.
Now we’re like old. We’re real life grown ups, dude.
Max Braverman, welcome to Chambers Academy.
I’m pregnant.


Parenthood 6.02

So I wasn’t imagining it when Amber got into bed with Ryan at the hospital then. I thought I imagined it. I was complaining about them not showing us Sarah’s reaction last week, but I got all I needed. I never know how much of this show is scripted and how much is actors killing it, but Lauren Graham’s reaction was everything I needed and more. ‘How?’ was the right question we all hoped she’d ask. Do not get me started on Julia and this new guy. Come on, guys you have to have photography elective and get Hank and Sarah to teach, please. ‘My autistic needs are not being met. Nora agrees.’ We missed Max. Who’s Janis Joplin? Just when I forgot Sydney’s a brat. Nora is so grown up, shouldn’t she be 2? ‘What’s your motivation?’ ‘Being cute?’ Oh, that’ll get you far in life. Kudos to Parenthood writers for not trying to pull a ‘grandpa’s in his mid 60s’ storyline. I can’t stand when shows try to convince us that parents have their kids in early twenties. Late 30s and early 40s always seem more accurate, than a married 23 year old father. ‘Can you sign a form stating that this counts as my art elective?’ ‘That’s absurd, I cannot do that.’ ‘Then I’m not singing. Im not singing.’ That is not cute, that’s a way to humiliate yourself for your family, so, for a good cause. Nice knowing you is definitely not something any doctor would say, but fits right in. Sarah and Hank trying to figure out how Amber and Ryan had sex considering he was in a full body casket is the highlight of this episode. ‘We would have heard something.’ Driving privileges, Zeek? I don’t agree with Sarah that she let Amber down with an ‘Oh’. Any other reaction at that point would not be appropriate, ‘freezing’ like Sarah did or going ballistic on her for getting pregnant at 22 seems just right. Many girls would die to have a mother this understanding. The heart monitor didn’t go off, cause apparently it’s perfectly normal to take the edge off one way or another. ‘He was in traction maybe it helps.’ No, no Sarah this is the point. Hank’s reaction is all mine would have been in this case. Adam is hilarious these past few seasons, nothing better than a person cracking up during their own jokes. ‘You be quiet, I’ll do the talking.’ ‘Wait till you see my review on yelp.’ And Kristina is back, welcome to season 6. Plus the guy clearly eats too much gluten. I just hope the Grahams will take care of Sydney, as a few comments like this at that age, a few screw ups, parents’ high expectations and an eating disorder guaranteed. Adam has to show he’s better than Sarah and Crosby. ‘What’s his name?’ Exactly. Adam please, you’re not better that the rest of the Bravermans. ‘You check that email’ and bagging the groceries is all I need in a show to make me feel better. ‘She just said no questions, how do you stay married?’ Wow, Crosby, remember when you were annoying in the first seasons. ‘To have all the dietary requirements met.’ ‘I just wish you weren’t doing it now.’ Excellent, that sounds more like something a mother would say it this situation and yes, Amber hasn’t thought of how hard it is. And Adam was right, Crosby can’t do this. ‘It’s an elective surgery I elect not to have it.’ Adam’s going to cook. ‘It better be photography.’ ‘I can’t wait to do it with the whole band.’ ‘No no I like fire.’ ‘This is not art, this is slave labour, you can be arrested for this.’ That is exactly how parents and kids coexist, arguing and screaming at each other. ‘Try the filling, it sucks.’ Yep and that’s how birthday’s look. Sarah’s all clueless. ‘So what is going on.’ ‘I want one.’ ‘Then you can use this one.’ ‘He’s not in the best health right now’, ouch. Camille can’t say anything to Zeek or he’ll what, leave her? All the kids are telling him to get the surgery, but Camille just waits for them to convince him.


Greys 11.01

Not the show’s best premiere, probably least favorite, but still a 10. Already missing Cristina, Richard is not telling he’s the father. Amelia moves to Seattle. Derek is being McDreary and flashbacks are not quite good enough. They changed the girl, of course they did we met little Meredith back in season 5, she’s almost a teen now. The one in five looked exactly like Ellen Pompeo, this one, has a wig, as in that’s all we know about her at this point. But what is up with two cancer teens having sex in the car and Mer/Owen/Maggie letting it fall on them during the storm? Yep, completely casual. Must be Shondaland.

She told me it was time to play the quiet game.
I might have told her I forgot my doll. I loved that doll so much. It killed me to leave it behind.
It’s funny isn’t it? The way memory works. The things you can’t quite remember and the things you can never forget.
Amelia hears ‘Last night I found out I have a daughter.’ Of course she does I had a feeling someone from the hospital’s would be there, forgot Amelia joined Seattle.
Page Yang. Page Pierce. And Grey.


Greys 11.02

Great portrait of the character we already grew to hate.

Grown woman having her parents their only friends. I approve.
And you solve the puzzle.
People are a harder puzzle.
Willis. Milton. Watson. Why cannot she remember her name? Witton.
Jo is short for Josefine, not for Joanne. Did not see it coming.
Please let me die.
Nice, Maggie getting Karev fired.
Zola saying hi to Maggie.
Isn’t that gonna get cold.
I’m really killing it today.
I’m sorry is everyone in the room somehow related?
Amelia’s reaction to the above.
Meredith Grey has an adoptive daughter.
She adopts a kid, her mother gives one up.
You’re off my service.
You’re nice and full of crap.
Doctor Blabbermouth.
I love you. No one has ever called my brother the other doctor Shepherd.
She had to register that thing to put music on it. Someone has already said it on Greys.
I like her.
Way to embarass your kid.
It was incredibly cheesy and I loved it, thank you.
I feel like I’m missing out. I mean I don’t want a stroke, but I’d like to get close.
They’re all very all together and I got a little mess.
When I find a puzzle It’s very hard for me to put it down.
Pierce, you’re letting her die.
Doctor Pierce just slow coded her patient. She let that woman die.
Grey took her side.
My mother was Ellis Grey.


SVU 16.01

Good continuance, not best case.The new detective looks like a paedophile, good choice. Super trustworthy.

Who are you? I asked for someone experienced and sensitive.
Are you stupid enough to threaten Detective Benson.
Somebody’s cleaning the house.
This is Seargant Benson. Shots were fired at the playground.
You sent me the Virgin Maria.
Yeah, save it sister.

Also, perfect use of Kat Dahlia’s song. Very relatable, not only because I’m 21 and my family’s job and money problems are the source of my stress all day and night long. Made me download a few more. Have you heard Mirror? All I’m saying.

‘I’m young, twenty one. Living in a crazy world.’
‘And this recession’s so depressin
My parents don’t stop stressin
Just hopin I learned all their lessons
And I’m paying rent, food, clothes, phone, christmas presents
6 shots in, I’m just countin all my blessings’
‘No days off baby I ain’t restin’


SVU 16.02

I hope this season we will finally find out what happen to Rollins in Atlanta. Amanda clearly did not want to see her ex boss. What did deputy do to Amanda? Why did she have to leave? For the first time Amanda used the phrase ‘From personal experience, hinting yet again, that she has been a victim in the past. But this week, a weak case.
He’s not a hero, he’s a rapist.
From personal experience, pretending things didn’t happen, doesn’t make them go away.
Remind me why you’re SVU?


SVU 16.03

Amanda Bynes’s case meets every teen star’s attempt to make it while being harassed by the bosses and falling a victim to exploitation. Might call it a true inside to what a life of a teen star looks like and an excellent case. Ron Rifkin is back as a defender.

It’s like my mother telling me I’m the only one who can mop the floor.
She did have an encounter with a 15 year old.
Start checking ID.
I guess he wants to be traumatised again.
Sexual tourism.


Downton Abbey 5.01

One of the three shows that leave me thinking, along with Parenthood and How to Get Away with Murder. The entire episode focuses on Moseley’s hair. Cora remains my favorite character, god the compassion that woman has. Mary or Edith would have her fired, not to mention the man of the house.

Why the lamentation?
Avoiding one’s friends. That’s the real test.
Daughters in law and how to survive them.
You look very latin all of a sudden.
Cora all please tell me.Two parties in one day’s too much for me.
What happened to Moseley’s hair?
She’s not allowed to that opinion.
Principles are like prayers. Noble of course, but awkward at a party.
Lady Mary not so lady like.
Lady Edith chose to set fire to her room.


Castle 7.01

Kate running to the car in the wedding dress.
What are Alexis and Martha doing at the scene.
Kate panicking while the guy is crushing the car.
Your father will be here before you know it.
Kate thinking Castle brought her coffee.
Kate doing what she does best, solving the case, the same way she solved her mothers, by posting photos and notes to the window.
Just when I start liking Alexis again, she goes all stuck up med student on us and uses sentences like ‘Why hasn’t he regained consciousness.’ Not medical really, but a simple Why isn’t he awake from a concerned loving daughter would suit here more.The amnesia story line. Do we really want to go there?
He was shot a few weeks ago?
What was he doing? Camping. That can’t be right.
My reaction to You have been missing for two months is best described by what the f?!
You never wrote a book called Tropical Storm, Castle. Cute and compelling.
To my amazing mother, wonderful daughter and the love of my life.


Castle 7.02

I might have been writing the notes to this episode at work, but I cannot explain how come I gave this episode a 10 and cannot remember more than three scenes of the twenty I wrote down.

I’m not gonna give them my phone number.
I’ve always loved you, always.
I think I have a crazy theory for you.


How to Get Away With Murder 1.01

Or as I prefer to call it Hhow to get away with murder
Day 1 and you’re unprepared
From the waitlist
Did she do it?
They killed her
The weapon
What does Katie Findley study
She asked to burn an old rug for her?
He got in
they killed the husband


How to Get Away With Murder 1.02

Good luck proving it
Laurel, speak up more. I like your ideas.
Oh thank god, Liza finally showing what she can.
he’s a hunter. He knows how to kill.
Paris being slaughtered to death at the bench.
Okay, I don’t like this part.
They arrested Katie.
Rebecca killed the sor’s husband.


How to Get Away With Murder 1.03

Shut up and learn.
Hooker mom turned out to me bomb mom. I freaking love this job.
We were fasting. That’s called food deprivation.
I’m not concerned if you’re comfortable.
The bonfire. That’s our alibi.
Smile or go to jail.
Please clean your mess.
See the pile.
She’s my next door neighbour.
Have you located your client?
Your client just confessed.


The Simpsons 26.01

Come on Milhouse, don’t pretend you’re asleep.
Then we go to some more permissive parents.
Your nose is red cause embarassed to be seen with you.
Every muscle, till I’m a supermodel.
Shut up, children.
Yes yes, buy the house.
I want you to binge watch.
Where’s my whisky flask.
Pour. Helga.
With me it’s easier to say which one’s aren’t hookers.


Scandal 4.01

The only premiere, that took my breath away. Every character is in a completely different place than they were when we left them. Bones left me speechless and furious at the same time, but this was actually interesting, as in comparison to literally all else.

Harrison’s dead.
OPAA completely empty.
What happened to OPAA?
She sent suggestive selfies. Oh Huck.
Next customer.
Mellie in bathrobe with cereal.
Portia De Rossi joins the cast.
Wives, mothers, people like that.
There’s no ‘and associates’.
You’re working at the white house now?
You abandoned Harrison. What kind of a gladiator that makes you?
Son of a bitch.
The time you killed 3 people?
Mellie’s washing her hair. She’s not brushing it, but it’s clean.
How do I choose the box to bury my friend in?
They’re not Abby and Huck anymore.
I need an ambulance.
That sounds rehearsed.
I am Randy. Randy doesn’t hope.
Mellie laying at her son’s grave.
He’s a rapist. He’s a sexual predator.
We’ve seen this more than thousand times.
When a man grabs you, you remember every single detail.
It’s the intern.
Everyone showed up at the funeral.
I won’t try to kill myself, I’m not you.
I’ll add it to the list. Dead son, missing mistress, Mellie’s rape, Fitz’s suicide.
Are we gladiators or are we bitches?
Women being harassed at work.

Scandal 4.02

The first lady would like her chips.
This photo of you looking crazy is in every paper in America.
And David did not get the part.
I call it winning.
Abby killed it.
And my lovely, amizingly strong wife, Mellie.
Mellie stood up first.
Mellie’s breakdown.

Nashville 3.01

Luke punched Deacon, and yet Rayna chose Luke. Better yet, Juliette is pregnant and a road trip that made no sense.

I guess timing really is everything.
How am I supposed to tell you I want mom to marry Deacon and not Luke.
I know he’s the safe choice.
No painful memories.
Tell me you don’t feel that and I’ll let go.
You know where you’re going? Yeah, home.
Rayna can we have a shot of the ring?


Nashville 3.02

As exciting as this is you my wanna do sth nicer than siting here staring at the window.
You liked this song yesterday.
That was yesterday. Today I don’t like it. Can we just change the station?
I also remember standing on this carpet when daddy kicked me out when I was 16.
How did he get Rayna bumped to number two.
This can’t be a all male label.
Rules are different now.
Why didn’t you just say something? Why didn’t you fight for her?
I’ll still be here when you open your eyes.
How could she not have chosen you?
I’d love it to be you so badly.
Me too, sweetie. Me too.
Laura Benanti joined the cast.
It’s not a cowrite. It’s your song.
Did he just call her fat.
Deacon can’t leave Luke’s tour.
Rayna’s 1 year tour.
How do you think it went. It was terrible.
Don’t forget to smile for the cameras.
The camera’s weird close ups.
I don’t know who I am right now.
Thank you for bringing me back. It’s the right thing.
I guess you were right before, fantasy doesn’ exist.
The music buissness is your thing, not mine.
I need to spend a little time just being Tendy Hampton and see if I like it.
Oh just shut up.
This time.
Oh my God, It’s not Jeff’s.


Nashville 3.03

I guess I’m not the me person to yy anymore.
Ii’m in the bathroom can you just hold on and give me a little provacy.
If you’re satisfied with the message press 1. To delete press 2.
I love you dad.
That does not work for me at all.
You what are you singing?
Deacon asked you to marry him and you said no. Why didn;t you just give him a chance.
In what world did it seem appropriate for you to tell our daughter that you proposed marriage to me?
Round and round you go.
Well I don’t anymore.
Scarlett will write for other artists?
No short shorts.
Don;t go through my stuff.
That was good.
Of course she went to a party.
She wasn’t clean and she wasn’t true.
Maddie just left with some guy and Scarlett saw them.
Because trust me your night was about to get a gell lot worse.
Stick tou your reality show cause your carrier is over.
That’s a big part of what makes you an artist. And it’s a blessing, but It’s also a curse. Cause that is what we do. We feel. Very deeply all over the town. The best way for people like us to deal with all their feelings is to write them down.


The Good Wife 6.01

Kalinda, she needs to come with me.
I bring in prestige and 38 million.
I thought Chicago was corrupted. Can’t you just steal more?
Which intern is not wearing panties?


The Good Wife 6.02

I’m going to Florrick Agos.
We are now Florrick Agos and Lockhart.


The Good wife 6.03

Mrs Florick is here.
Thank you Nora. Your precognitive powers amaze me.
Some indian woman told him.


Faking it 2.01

Mother’s so happy she’s straight, she’ll allow anything.
No judgment, no judgement at all.
This is America, we’re all entitled to our secrets.
You slept with a boy. That means you’re straight.
No it means I’m confused.
If you could be with a boy why wouldn’t you? It’d be so much easier.
For me or for you?


Faking It 2.02

Do you secretly have a crush on your bff.
Now let’s just get out of our clothes and into some sweats.
My face is doing this because I really need to pee.
And he’s a veterinerian. I’m just fucking with you. He’s a pediatitian. He’s a mortitian.
I dare you to kiss Amy for 60 seconds. With tounge.
I’m not into backhair and I’m guessing you’ve got a lot.
Have you ever masturbated thinking about Karma?
I don’t wanna play anymore.
Sister talk.