Parenthood 6.03

So much preparing for the worst, a big deal with the ring, rumours of one of the Bravermans dying was enough to make me believe this wouldn’t go well.

We can watch the squirells fornicate. That will be a scoot.
I’m pregnant.
I’m going up there with you.
Dad’s still doing paperwork.
We’re going to the drug store.
Box of twizzlers.
Red is for old people. You should get the red.
I don’t want to give you my wedding ring.
You look really pretty.
Adam sent this to scare the crap out of everyone un the family.
We’re gonna win this one, son, cause you’re not getting my truck.

We need to take your ring, Mr Braverman.
Tell him to turn it down.
What’s the score?
If you get bad news they take you to the bad news room, so you can break down in private.
She’s gonna be looking fine when they wheel dad out healthy.
Why are you taking me to the bad news room?
It’s like dad. You think you’re gonna fix him. You can’t help him. If you were gonna help, it would have already happened.
I’m not leaving you in Wyoming.


Greys 11.03

I realize that I said yes to being your new person now.
She’s what?
Why aren’t you taking notes?
I’m not that tight.
If anyone asks, I’m sick.
The only thing you inherit in this family is Alzheimers.
Wow. Dark.
Good one though.

Bailey taking a selfie.
Yeah, I bet.
Mer’s yeah it’s great.
I’m the sun and he can go suck it.
I will stop screaming in the hallways.
You’re a very different person.
That’s illegal.
That’s when she tried to kill herself.
Speaking of which, Avery has a history of making bad choices.
How are you on the board and I’m not?
You knew I had a sister, you had a daughter and you haven’t told me?
You didn’t tell her?
I would have liked to do it 30 years ago. I would have liked to have a daughter.
How sobby do I look?


Revenge 4.01

Only Victoria can leave psych ward in such style and so much grace.

To die, to live and to be reborn.
Maybe you better off alone.
Maybe we all are.
You know what they say about a girl who gave up revenge? She lived happily ever after.

I’ll buy you a new one.
The old Grayson house.
Look at you solving conflict without a red sharpie.
I may as well hang myself.
This is Victoria Grayson, I’m being held captive.
I want my childhood.
For the record, Conead slaughtered Pascal, not me. As for everything else, I would do it again.
Sorry you wasted your call.
Every queen needs a throne.
Who’s your in here?
Emily Thorne.

That’s why you can’t get rid of Emily Thorne.
It’s the truth. I don’t know who I am without it.

Am I right, Amanda?
How did you get out?
With a little help from my friends.


Revenge 4.02

I told myself Conrad was the master mind and you were a victim as much as I was.
All I could hear was the sound of my revenge free summer being strangled by a web of thorns.
Emily is an ex con?
I’ve waited too long for this. There’s no way I’m gonna lose you again.
I suggest you follow her lead and disappear.
This isn’t primary school.
My muse.
I’m telling you Nolan, she’s not.
Jumper’s been apprehanded.
I had no choice so I became the good wife.
I still love you, I always have.
She owes you her life.
Actually she owes you.
She’s the only person in the world you need to be listening to right now.
I’m your sister Charlotte, I’m Amanda.

I wasn’t able to do it for Amanda.
You kidnapped me and you say you wanna pick up where we left off?
I understand, duty calls.
At a certain point I could only see one way out.
You dropped your steak knife?
I killed Conrad.
Thank you.
You’ll be landing in Heathrow.


American Horror Story 4.01

Favorite opening credits and they changed the theme song.

To see the monster?
What pretty girls you are.
So fortunate to have a sister.
Shut up, what’s wrong with you!?
Complicated, no?
Tell me has anyone tasted your cherry pie?
Oh Dear God. She’s a psycho pervert.
Shut your disgusting mouth, you filthy whore.
Mr Hitchcock had some kind of nervous break when he casted his picture.

I don’t go to the movies much.
My monsters wouldn’t hurt a fly.
What happens when she sees you, all of you.
Oh darling, it’s on the house. Stars never pay.
Don’t call us freaks.
Life on Mars.
‘But the film is a saddening bore.
He doesn’t know he’s in the best selling show.’


Bad Judge 1.01

And somebody get me some gatorate.
Sorry if my line of questioning doesn’t work with your hangover.
Let your junk breathe, you may wanna have kids someday.
Someone’s been looking into travel.
I know what I’m doing. Oh is this going up?
Red hot chilli peppers, uninvoluntary.
Personal space, dude. That one is on you.
I just think his head looks like a dong.
I’ll be happy to do portraits of your family.
That’s the best advice someone gave me in a long time.
Wow, I’m sorry, please continue.
What? How am I gonna pick up girls?!
Nope, I think you’re a mess.
You’re really taking this cougar thing to a new level.
Drinks on the house! Judge’s paying!


Bad Judge 1.02

Dude, seriously.
911, I forgot how to breathe and there’s giant fruit!
Wink wink.
What’s the matter, cat got your hashtag?
Yeah, we’ll need more handcuffs.


Castle 7.03

Dude, you’re supposed to be on call. Why do you smell like vino?
The devil came and got his due.
Our killer is not Spiderman.
Agreed, cause he’s the devil.
Clearly the killer’s the Invisible man.
We didn’t get a good look at the assailant.
He ran of with my credit card.
I got a job bouncing at a club.


The Simpsons 26.02

They did everything they could to stop us.
Freeze nudity!
I don’t know what that site blocks.
That better not be what it means when I say it.
You poor woman. Dealing with Bart has turned your ketchup to water.
Milk? That’s for babies and old dudes who can’t sleep at night because of what they did in war.
Now I’m never eating broccoli.
You are definitely eating that broccoli.
You lick this table clean.
I’ve gotta take out the Wifi.
She’s under a lot of stress. Her husband’s at the sea.
That doesn’t match my phone!
You critisised me. That’s all I ever wanted, honest parenting.


The Simpsons 26.03

Jesus is my coach.
That’s a higher power than even I believe in.
Hey I was listening to that.
Dad, dogs don’t know when to stop eating.

Mom dad is imagining me as a food again.
Never claimed to be.
Yeah and aren’t.

How much money do we have put aside?
That’s how I bancrupted a pizza hut.
Must be licensed to hse mayonaisse gun.

You won’t hire me cause I’m pretty?
Now I’m running to the unemployment office.
Are you wroking two jobs here?
Some fat blob wants to see you.
You wanna make American kids work?
If I’m gonna do this when I’m 40, I might as well start now.
Simpson, why aren’t you at work?
Put the body with the others.

You’re working so hard, you’ve lost weight.
I’m going to Moe’s.


The Good Wife 6.04

Who’s that?
I have no idea.
She hit a child in rhe deprtment store.
Talk to mom about hitting children.
Christianity 3, atheism 0.
Is it about Kalinda?
It was a public service.
It was videotaped.
Are you kidding? This is fantastic!
Should have spanked you, you bitch.


Faking It 2.03

I guess I just assumed since you fell for me that you were a lesbian.
So you can see yourself having sex with the guy?
I saw a guy guessing a girl’s weight for prizes.
My life is not a movie. You are not a director anf you cannot fast forward.
I fell in love with my best friend and I finally got the guts to tell her and everything got weird and now she can’t wait for me to fall in love with someone else. But everytime I look at her I get that sour feeling and my stomach gets these I think I’m gonna barf feelings and as much as I want then to go away I kinda don’t.

I really wanted that stuffed banana.
For what? Being the school’s slut?
What do you think you’re doing, Nancy Drew?