Revenge 4.09

Someone’s gonna die again? Please tell me none of the people from the promo. You can take Louise or the FBI agent or the cop. Stay away from Margot and every other supporting character. God, can we get rid of Charlotte, please? The show is much better when we don’t have to deal with her very mediocre drama and drug addiction. It’s episode 4.09 and I finally started liking Daniel. He’s much more fun when he knows everything. Is it possible that I may actually be shipping them? Victoria finally went back to her old ways and called her contact and not just sat there and waited for everything to play out. I got used to having Margot around, even though I could not see the point of keeping her these past two seasons, now she’s one of the characters my life would be a little worse without. Having David as the male lead has too many holes in the storyline. He is not a strong enough character to go anywhere with.
God, I really miss Conrad.

With Amanda. I can’t hold on to hate.
My friends are my family.
Look into her father’s death.
You owe me a reputation, a cell phone and about 20 thousand twitter followers.
I will always watch out for Emily.
September 1st 1993 we were supposed to leave, you, me, Daniel and Amanda.
Madeleine’s ‘Daaavid’.
A tracker in a glass of water.
You want me to call a poor guy and read him his last rights?
We’re the same person.
Tell me, who you’re hunting these days.
The answer is Emily Thorne.
Turns out I only care what my friends think of me.
That’s what retractions are for, no?
We’re both screwed up because of our families.
Because I’m pregnant.
What is it with you and David Clarke?


Bones 10.09

The online traffic cop teaching Booth how to drive was the one perk of this episode. This led Bones to being forced to work with the new guy. Also, Bones was wrong for the very first time. Plus a mediocre case that involved birds, how did I give it a niner? Must got nostalgic about the good old episodes, or the thought that the 200th episode will air next week.

If I wanted to talk squint, I would go to squint land.
Are you studying part A?
Apparently you and I eat different cereals.
Turns out they were quite helpful.
Until I can judge your value as a colleague.
I don’t really have things.
A lot more interesting than mall walking.
Aubrey, I’m impressed. I will do that.
Domesticating animals is a form of enslaverment.
I need to deal with professor stop and go.
I second that.
Seems like a foolish pursuit.
Dr Brennan is gonna be so impressed.
A gift that conviniently dissappeared.
No, you’re supposed to nod.
You’re supposed to be a genius!
Why are you acting like your hockey team won?
Right now I’d rather arrest the killer and charge him with animal cruelty.
Stand up, I have to arrest you.
This is not your jurisdiction.


Nashville 3.09

This show is always such a surprise. This week, though a little weaker, solved many loop holes, we got rid of Zoey, Layla has a chance at a carreer and so does Scarlett. Isn’t it hilarious they got rid of Zoey the minute they signed a deal with Laura Benanti? Can Rayna sign Scarlett again? Is George right? Is this what she really wants? Will she like it more the second time around? I doubt Rayna is going to marry Luke, they wouldn’t do it to us. Can we take a minute to talk about Julliette in that walking chair completely covered? How hilarious was that? I hate Gunnar for ruining such chance for Scarlett and Avery. Most of artists have children, get over yourself Gunner. Also, I just realized how stupid the kid’s mother was to leave him with Gunnar and so easly ruin his carreer. She knew he was in music industry, every other show that has ever mentioned a musician character also proved that they are not exactly fit to be good parents. At the time she left him, besides thinking how cheesy this storyline is, all I thought was Gunnar is going to be a great dad, but now when he just put his family life over his friends’ carreers? Jeff finally realized Layla has so much more to offer than being an average cover pop star. I am even okay if they want to turn this hook up into a relationship. Layla, who was the most annoying character, until she wrote that song three or so episodes ago, deserves happiness too.

Last time I went to the store to buy soup, some guy asked me if I can get the can open.
Before you read the Rolling Stone.
Oh so he’s obviously trying to make himself attractive to someone.
I can’t believe it took so long to make me look even smaller.
Like a good girl should.
He walked in on Maddie and Luke’s son.
I’m happy to fill in for you. I know all your songs.
There’s more to you than annonymous hook ups.
The amazing Scarlett O’Connor is with us!
You okay?
Yeah, just PTSD. I’m fine.
So you got into music by listening to Joni Mitchel?
The problem was I didn’t have anything to say.
Why am I not letting go? Because I love you.
You’re even better with Scarlett O’Connor.
No, new life.


Castle 7.09

The case was actually quite bearable. Also, I completely get Kate’s relationship with her apartment. She lived there for more than a decade? (Is it the same one she had before it burned down or did she move along the way?) I always get so angry when my father threatens to sell my childhood apartment. Even though he was military and lived aborad at times, we never moved and even though I haven’t lived there for years, I am very much attached to my childhood home. Even though I don’t even live in my country anymore and never will, the thought of always having a place to come back to is what keeps me sane, as I deal with life disapointments. If I lose the apartment, It’s like none of the risks I took ever mattered. Now back to Castle, since I don’t remember if Kate moved back in season two, I clearly need a rewatch. Maybe I’ll appreciate the show more when I remember the emotions it used to bring me. Kate made me reminisce to the good old Doc Martens’ days, god I miss my Docs.

Used to rock that with my Doc Martens.
We can hear everything Mr Kubiak does in his bathroom.
I had her poster on my wall for like!… a minute.
Despite of being an ex-goat hurter.
And a goat hunter.
How’d you know that?
FBI seminar.
When? On her way to jail?
That’s because that’s exactly how it does look.
My opinion is not affected by her shimp outfit.
Along with your poster.
This is where you rebuilt your life. Where you solved your mother’s murder.
To the best apartment ever.
I had hard kill pajamas.
You’re my boyhood dream.
I’m starring in my own action movie.
I just found something very interesting.
Identity of our killer?
And reward you for your semi-illegal behaviour?


American Horror Story 4.08

And we got to this time of year, when AHS characters start dying one by one every episode, till Jessica Lange’s character dies in the finale. I am surprised they killed Kathy Bates’ charcter so early in the show, but Ethel did not bring anything to the storyline, well ever, to be honest. Jessica’s fake and overdramatic reaction to her death was so perfectly acted out, I could not stop admiring the scene. ‘Oh I could have helped you’ had me laughing out loud. I could not be more angry with them killing Frances Conroy’s character so soon. As one of the original and recuring every season, she should have stayed till the very end. I am liking the Freakshow so much more than Coven. They brought the Axe Man back from Coven for a small cameo performance. Don’t we just love the 21st century and how easily Grace Gummer’s character could cope with the face tatoo, by simply using white ink (probably better effect than removing) and lots of make up. It woukd not be much of an issue, since she already has a guy she loves, who is in love with her (how did he survive without medical attention, we’ll never know). Kudos to the writers for another AHS paraller. I am scared to think who they’re gonna kill next. Not Amazon Eve, I beg you. Erika brings hope and inspiration to all.

Just a mother’s intuition.
Looks like an animal took her.
Go forbid someone comes along and steals your spotlight.
I am just like the rest of my children.
So we all were, Elsa. All of is. No one is innocent anymore.
Chuckling her bloody dress , that was a nice touch.
Her head has come off.
Where’s your sense of drama?
This is not a theatre.
You’re gonna win an Oscar one day.
Oh Ethel, why!? Why!? I could have helped you!
My mother went to buy squash?
That girl is every last one of us.
It’s going to be a very messy clean up.
You’re spirited.
That’s a laugh. Where’s my mother? She ain’t buying squash.
All you have to do is kill Regina.
I’m bringing you to sit on my lap.
But I like me this way.
What if I tell you there’s a place for where every pound will be cheered and celebrated.
All 800 pounds of her.
You are no good to us without your figure.
You drank your dinner.
Look who ain’t dead yet.
This is freak women only.