Parenthood 6.09

Furious about Sarah not ending up with Mark. He only shows up to break our hearts all over again by updating us about his happy life.

So good. That was so good.
What’s your next class?
It’s hot.
What did you call me? (Lorelai/Luke flashbacks all the way)
I’m so excited I can’t wait to see her.
He’s speechless.
Step on the gas.
That’s the English teacher? Hi… hot!
I am more hygenic than he is. (please Max, you just started showering, last season)
Were you waving to the hot English teacher?
She knows him. They dated. They were engaged.

I think this is a case of absentee parents trying to blame someone for their absence (Adam is back after what seems like an entire season just to… kill it)
It’s been really eye-opening.
Look, there are no cookies. Game’s over, boy. (Camille’s first good scene since, well, ever)
It’s not booked or anything.
Oh good, it’s not gonna be booked.
Can you just make sure the credit card doesn’t come out?
You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. (Just when I was missing Sarah/Mark)
Some of those kids, right?
I felt like I didn’t deserve to be in your life, Julia. I love you so much. I’m never gonna stop loving you.
I understand that Max can’t help it.
They never listen! They don’t get that it’s the first place in five years that actually helped me.
That’s confusing.
I was only trying to do nice things.
This is gonna sound weird, but I’m glad I knew you.
I’m glad I knew you, too. I’m very glad I knew you.
You’re happy, right? I have baggage and I’m weird. Do you think your life would be better if you chose him?

Only if she wants to see me.
See you tommorrow at school, Asbergers.
It’s okay. In her case it’s a term of endearment, so I understand and take no offense.

You asked me if I’m happy. I’m happy. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
Camille, Camille. Call an ambulance. I can’t breathe.


Greys 11.08

The last 2 minutes made me cry like a little baby I was 11 seasons ago. This show will always be more important to me than my life.All the flashbacks to the most important moments of Meredith’s life accompanied by a hearbreaking voiceover left me utterly breathless.

I know how fo read a brain scan, Derek. I learned from the best, remember?
I just said I don’t want to know.
Marry the work, Rollins. It’s always there for you.
So by nothing you mean everything?
Oh good idea. Just sit still and stare. Like a creep.
What’s that and why do you keep drinking it.

We’re all a risk. We all have something.
A fellow of Dr Shepherd.
It’s spectacular.
Robbins, occupied.
She is the head and Derek is not.
You could try. She’s open to ideas.
Oh shut up.
What are we to you? Trash? You just move on to the next one?
You will figure it out.
You too.
Do you miss me? At all?
Of course.
Just not enough.
Welcome to my life.
They’re both so much like their mother.
I’m gonna screw as many Grahams as I want.
God can you keep something in your head for like two seconds?
911 for this?
What if it was me?
Or someone really good like Bailey?
And screw you.
Shepherd screwed me again.
I’m not gonna care how that sounds.
Okay. Now I’m bored.
Sorry, kale rage talking.
You have people, right?
Do you? Have people?
Let me know if you need people. I’m around.
Stop throwing football at my face.
It worked.
So, what does it mean? What do we take away? Which pieces will haunt us? Hurt us? End us? Inspire us? The carousel never stops turning. You can’t get off.


Svu 16.08

That work related?
Guys what is this? Celebrity nudes task force?

It ain’t easy.
That changes everything.
How the hell did they get that?
The old fashioned way, they paid for it.
I was raised the same way.
Just because a person can’t admit, or is in denial about the abuse, does not mean the abuse didn’t happen or won’t worsen.
That’s not what I saw on video.
Yes, and I’ve heard that before.

I won’t ask more about Seargeant’s double standards.
Savior of damaged women.
Some of us don’t need to be saved.

That doesn’t bother you?
You can’t take this job home. You can’t take anyone from this job home.
Physical violence is a crime, even if she’s ‘just’ his wife.
You think he was beating me up? What do you think you did?


Revenge 4.08

You tweeted the picture of this view, hashtag #neverleaving.
Turns out she has one.
She took everything from us.
I cleared your name.

I was never here.
Until I heard my name cleared. That was your doing, wasn’t it? I am so proud of you, Amanda.
I love you, Amanda. Infinity times infinity.

Can I just have a normal friend?
Start talking.


Bones 10.08

We’re gonna be at every school play, graduation and hockey game.
I doubt that very much.
I don’t think yiu understand infants.
That’s foolish and ignorant.
Wait, didn’t Daisy ask for a general anestisia when she had her tooth filled?
Is there anything I can do?
Maybe just keep telling her she’s ignorant, stuff like that.
Should I go now and tell her that she’s ignorant?
And this appointment is with a real doctor?
You’re an addict.
Oh shut up.
Bones this is really not the time.
He looks like Sweets.
He’s Seely Lance Wick Sweets.
I knew your dad.


Castle 7.07

We certainly did it, Mr Beckett.
So we procastinate and make sruff up.
Especially after all the hell they’ve been through.


American Horror Story 4.07

We paid good money for them.
There’s something wrong with Dandy and you know it.
I’m sorry, but I choose my sister. Always.
Truthfully? Adequate.
Of course my darlings. Anything you need.
Are you trying to get your way with me?
Who’s the stronger man now?
Do you condemn this outrageous behavior?
We make the perfect before and after picture.
Ma Petite in a jar.


Bad Judge 1 08


Nashville 3.08

Rayna looks so beautiful.
I must thank the one and only Deacon Claybourne
So what is he saying, Rayna wouldn’t have done it without him?
She makes it look so easy.

It’s just always so damn lonely.
Is it just me or do they really not seem happy right now?
I’m not my father and you are not your mother. We’re us.
There’s plenty of sunshine for all of us.

It’s about what sells.


The Simpsons 26.07

I’m sorry. Hahaha.
It’s not Bart’s fault that his haircut looks so stupid.
Look at me, I’m Bart.
Quiet Smelson.
I just need to get it to 60 %.
Homer Simpson, I love you.


Scandal 4.09

Charge her and lock her up. As for my father, find him, hunt him, kill him.
Elisabeth’s in bed with vice president.
Photos are out.
This seems cruel to James.
A kill card.
You have a finger?
The sun came down a while ago and it’s not coming back up.
Today I’m a joke. A punchline.
Thank you for your service.
Yes, Leo Burgen.
At his house? All night?
Could you be more ungrateful?
Girl, you need to move on.
He ruined you.
So what? That’s how it is.
I’m marrying a whore, at least I know what I’m paying for.


How to Get Away With Murder 1.09

I’d pay to see her face right now.
Sam killed Lila and Rebecca is trying to prove it.
I’m just saying, he fell.
I was protecting Laurel.
She was.
Shouldn’t we be calling an ambulence?
You mean police, idiot. He’s dead.

We could be charged with fellony murder.
I’m like the most grown up grown up of all of you assholes.
What do you suggest?
Something that doesn’t involve carrying a body across the campus on the busiest night of the year.

This is murder, none of us knows what we’re talking about.
We have the whole night to dig.
I’m a grown ass woman.
Just come here, you idiot.
We all had to do things tonight we did not want to do.
Enough about the ring, Frodo.
Same time next week?
Train’s leaving, waitlist. You’re coming?

I’m so sorry.
Don’t be.


Faking It 2.09

Like he’s a fucking Mockingjay.
They made us wear these brown sacks.
Who knows what important texts we’re getting.
Wait? How the hell would you know?