In no particular order.

1. Daniel dies on Revenge.
2. Mer’s ‘See everybody lives here’.
3. Amanda loses it and screams out the truth to David.
4. Mer’s ‘My mommy tried to kill herself’ flashback.
5. Zeek escapes death, even though we were preparing to say goodbye.
6. OPPA Research, especially Alicia’s mom hitting a child at the mall.
7. Sarah runs into Mark and they have a closure.
8. Emily recognises David at the precinct.
9. Violet doesn’t want to lose her companion.
10. Isobel is humiliated in front of everyone, but smiles at young lovers passing by.
11. Abby tells Leo what her husband did to her.
12. Elsa tells how television will never replace motion picture.
13. Alex breaks into hospital files to help calm Meredith.
14. Nolan is Emily’s midnight insomniac bestie.
15. Sweets dies on Bones, with no warning.
16. Anna gets arrested for killing her rapist.
17. Vicroria makes a fabulous exit from the mental institution.
18. Taye Diggs and other associates of Lockhart Gardner join Florrick Agos along with Diane.
19. Drew chooses economics to help his family.
20. Mr Mosely finally gets Miss Baxter to tell him the truth and says that in his eyes that made her innocent.
21. Dandy’s why aren’t you dead yet?
22. We’re Florrick Agos and Lockhart now.
23. Callie and Arizona split up.
24. Jessica performs Gods and Monsters.
25. Olivia saying unfortunately she is an expert on sex crimes.
26. Max’s campaign to expell Aaron Brownstein.
27. Dale is mistaken as to wanting to have his way with Amazon Eve.
28. Frances cluelessly invites killer clown to her mansion.
29. Derek is happy to have a new sister.
30. Mary’s comments on Edith dissappearance and later telling Edith she ruins all the fun.
31. Cary gets arrested for no reason.
32. Everyone finds out about Amelia’s past.
33. Robert fights over Cora.
34. Castle and Beckett get married.
35. Bailey takes a selfie after telling everyone to stop taking pictures.
36. Phyllis’s What?! after the police reminded Baxter she’s been in jail.
37. Mellie’s ‘Mellie’s rape. Fitz’s suicide’.
38. Judge Wright’s day on the jury.
39. Hank focuses on how Amber and Ryan got pregnant instead of listening to Sarah.
40. Nolan’s ‘Your lies finally caught up to me’.
41. Meep’s killed on AHS.
42. The top four kills Annalise’s husband.
43. Baxter tells Cora about her past.
44. Judge Wright laughing at ‘Yolo, hoes!’.
45. ‘My mother was Ellis Grey’.
46. ‘Or as I prefer to call it How to Get Away with Murder’.
47. Castle’s commercial.
48. ‘The bonfire! That’s our alibi. Smile or go to jail.’
49. Pepper is framed for the murder of her nephew and is thrown into Asylym.
50. Mer’s flashbacks to all 11 seasons.
51. Cam’s a thief and a murderer and falls out of the plane on the alternative universe 200th Hitchcock style episode of Bones.
52. Rayna realises she doesn’t love Luke.
53. Pepper looks at the cover of a magazine, revealing Elsa did make it after all.
54. Scarlett is back on stage, and with Gunnar and Avery.
55. Avery and Juliet get hitched.
56. Amanda’s forced to face her rapist.
57. Dandy kills his mother.
58. Elsa has her legs cut off on screen.
59. Alicia’s ‘Zip up your pants and start banging the stuff!’
60. Elsa’s dramatic and fake ‘Oh Ethel, I could have helped you.’
61. Captain Gates tells Castle he can no longer work with the NYPD.
62. Amber’s day with Max and Nora goes all wrong.
63. Hank tells his ex wife he has Aspergers.
64. Max’s affection for Dylan is misinterpreted.
65. Dylan calls Max Aspergers in front of her parents, and Max kindly explains that for her is a term of endearment.
66. Joel fights for Julia.
67. Cary takes the guilty plea.
68. Castle goes to another universe.
69. Robert loses it and throws the teacher out of Downton.
70. Amy tells Karma she’s always been in love with her, and faking it was too painful.
71. Layla writes her first song and shocks everyone with how good it is.
72. Layla tells Jeff she wanted to be Joni Mitchell, but didn’t have anything to write about.