A week late, as I was waiting to add the Downton Abbey special, but I’m not gonna wait till the 25th. I’ll rate it in early January when I sum up all the shows seperately.

Revenge 4.10

Weakest midseason finale yet and the wring character died. Couldn’t just Charlotte die instead? Most importantly, Henry Czerny guest stars, seeing his name in the opening credits made my previously awful day so much better. They should never have him killed. Emily taking Nolan’s secret dolphin shaped foil cameras was nice to watch, but her fight with the FBI agent? Everything about the FBI agent storyline felt forced. What is it with Victoria-s grandchildren? Why do they always have to lose their father shortly after they found out? Favorite scene? Daniel twlling Victoria he’s thankful for Emily telling him the truth, his monologue about wealthy families was just on point. Daniel’s death did not seem like a sacrifice to me, he was just foolishly walking in the wrong place and convinced he’s Daniel Grayson, played a knight. I did not see a sacrifice here, despite what everyone, including the promo for the next episode says. Victoria exposed the truth to David, and all I could tji k of was, enough with the flight talk. We’ve been through this already and it doesn’t matter anymore when the whole world knows he was framed.

Emily is our way out.
They hold grudges and arrest warrants.
I couldn’t live with myself If something happened to you.
A child needs a father.
Even like him?
It’s all part of a bigger plan.
In this startling dress.
I’m grateful.
We throw parties to cover up the truth. We’re not special. (Yes please)
This is not how I expected to spend my summer. (It sounds like a Nolan line, it would be so much better if he was the one who said it)
And in my rage, I chose you. (Like I said, no one cares at this point)
One of the many perks of having a genius as a best friend. (Thank you, Em)
Get out of here! Run!
Why didn’t you listen to me, Daniel! I told you to run. Why didn’t you run.
We can either choose to hide as villains or live as heros. (Wrong show, but a good line)
I want you to know it wasn’t all a lie. (Most dishonest thing on the show)
I know.

SVU 16.10

An exceptionaly painful episode, as we all know where this is going, about three seasons before that frightening promo for midseason premiere. ‘Those are my rape kits’, ‘you could always start an argument in an empty house’, ‘they’re trynna make sure I know my place’ and ‘you know that I never take no for an answer’ from Amanda’s rapist left a sour taste. Why the hell Amanda? She was my favorite character since she showed up at the precinct. Other than that an amazing episode, it might have been the first time, the squad had a brave little girl who managed to remember all the details and even thought of shoving her headphones in the seat to prove she’s been in the car. I was just as impressed as Liv and Amanda were.

I also know he’s gonna do it over and over again, until we find him.
A word of advice Rollins, when you’re coming up with an excuse, don’t over sell it.
And he might have not gone anywhere.
You know how many rapists sing, hum or whistle to their victims? A lot.
How about you take Fin?
Thank you.
You have no hot water.
I’m fine Fin.
Everything has its number but nothing is were it’s supposed to be.
Those are my rape kits?
You could always start an argument in an empty house.
They’re trynna make sure I know my place.

I can’t even go to church anymore.
Sounds like a cost effective trip.
Seems a little young for our guy.
You’re the seargant everyone’s been waiting for?
I shoved headphones between them so I could prove I was there.
It was blue and white.
Great. Don’t say sorry, honey. You did great!
These women agreed to do it. Hey wanted pills.
And since the phone is in your name, we can charge you as well. (They set it up perfectly)


Bones 10.10

In Hitchcock style. Hodgins’s a mad scientist and TJ outshined everyone. Cam fell out of the plane. On point with all the feministic remarks, so very relevant to the times. ZZ Top’s back and so are Max and Caroline and the interns. They could bring Lance back. They should have brought Sweets back for this one. Especially since they brought Pelant. Loved the credits and e everyone. A fabulous episode. Also, Hodgins.

Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz. (My reaction – Yes, our babies! So damn proud of my show)
Cam’s the maid. (Wtf!)
Temperance Brennan. NYPD. (HA!)
Dad. (Did not see that one coming)
Who are you and how did you get in here?
I told you not to call me darling.
When you stop calling me darling.
There are many reasons for murder, darling.
We gotta boogie, man. (Amen)
(From my notes) Wtf is Pelant doing here!? (That reaction hasn’t changed)
She’s tall, dark, egzotic. (And here’s my purse, haha)
Real maid would have cleaned better. (Bones staying Bones, even in alternative world)
This beautiful artist.
What do you have in there, a dead body. Unconsious. (Did not see this line coming! Favorite of the entire episode)
How about that picture? (Had me screaming like a baby)


American Horror Story 4.09

Finn is the greatest character of this season. Go ahead, take Jimmy.

Avon calling.
Now you’re my puppet, mother.
You have a true talent.
There is nothing worse than an alcoholic with bad hygiene. (Laughed and rewinded)
Living like animals.
With one leg.
A chance of love like normal woman.
We buried her weeks ago. (Best!)
This is fresh blood from some lovely ladies I killed earlier today. (No better line than this)
I wanna give my life so you can have one.
Talk you out of it? I’m here to watch. (Haha)
Being what I am, a freak.
You dug a whole for her, you work for me and I’ll pay you 1 mln dollars in cash.
What kind of a psycho goes for a bunch of sweet housewives.


American Horror Story 4.10

Pepper’s story was excrutiating, Lily Rabe guest starred, we went back to Asylum and most importantly, Elsa did make it big! Freaks keep dropping dead like flies, how is that possible. By the time Elsa leaves for Hollywood, every single one of them will be dead. I doubt Jimmy losing his hands means he’s dead, even though it should. Maggie is such a weak character, and for the first time I liked Angela’s character. The only episode this season that made me geniunly cry.

And my sweet Pepper.
He was so stupid. (Elsa always saying one thing, thinking the complete opposite)
We should all go that way.
His head in the jar.
I don’t like working for other people. I need to be in charge. To have my own show.(Yes)
I went to the place people throw other people away, an orphanage.
My first monster. (Tearing up)
Get your hand off me you pervert. (The whole newspaper scene is genius)
So your parents just let you go off with this man? (For some reason I loved it)
I do know bullshit when I smell it. (What is this, The Help?)
I hate to break it to you, but life is not like the movies. You simple minded idiot. (Loved it)
Don’t talk to my sister like that. (Deserves a point)
Pepper is a gift. (Tearing up again)
Sweet Jesus. (My reaction exactly)
1962. (Poor Pepper, her sister deserves death)
Do I see real remorse? (So clueless and so good at the same time, I forgot how much I loved her character in Asylum)


Nashville 3.10

So give me a shot, as strong as you got. (With you on this one, Sadie)
I just gotta figure out what I wanna do, you know? (Yes)
People magazine? It’s practically paying for our wedding. (Great remark)
We both know who and what Will is. (Perfect)
He doesn’t want me, but I can’t be with anybody else?
What if I promised it will be alright. (Need this song asap)
My uncle’s passed out. I can’t wake him up.
I want you to marry me.
Just say yes. (Finally Avery, finally)
I’m not that scared little girl I was 10 yrs ago anymore. (Ouch)
Layla in the pool.
I can’t marry you. (No you can’t)
But I’m not Deacon either, am I?
It’s Deacon. I can’t make you a casulty of my life. (This line)
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Rayna driving at the end.


Bad Judge 1.09

This show started off so good and now is a complete mess. Such a shame, we love Kate so much.

Hey hey that’s me. That’s my case.
Oh so nunchunks and heroine can walk on in?
Nobody’s doing anything gently for 9 min on youtube.
That little doucheback had it coming.
That’s tough.
Oh God. You lured me into your house.


The Simpsons 26.08

Weakest Christmas episode of the show. After 26 seasons, I still don’t like Moe. And only so little Flanders in a religious episode?

Now for the obligatory Frozen reference.
Mr Scrooge.
If you do it now, you won’t have to watch Superball.
Welcome to bring us your toilet paper. (The only funny line)
You’re alright, stupid Flanders.
No casual racism.
The place to get drunk is at home.


Pretty Little Liars 5.13

And in Rosewood, bitches get buried‘ should be the motto of the show. No one will ever convince me to liking Ali. The show was better without her. And Cece. And when did Holbrook hook up with Ali? He knew her before she came and lied about being kidnapped. The show stopped making sense, if it ever did in the first place. What’s up with dead Mona looking like Corpse Bride? I love Ezra hanging out with the kids, it seems right. Is Bethany Mrs D’s second daughter? If she had Jason with Spence’s father she mught have had Bethany, but weren’t she and Alison the same age? Paige leaving seems unnecessary and Hanna standing up for the little girls was the best scene of the entire episode. Isn’t it funny how naive they all are to think the Christmas tree is not from A, after 5 seasons of being tortured? Killing off Mona seems like the stupidest move yet. Now Ali will get her screen time and we just can’t have that. At least Lucas was hilarious as Santa, and I guess what this epispde will leave me with is the Fight Song.

Kisses, M.
Is this us? (How did A do that?)
And the monster was born.
I haven’t signed since fat camp. Merry Christmas.
I’m pretty sure that some kid peed on ne and that mean little girl keeps calling me dumb dumb.
And in Rosewood, bitches get buried.
And all those things I didn’t say, were wrecking balls inside my brain.
I think I just found her.
Alison knew Bethany.
Merry Christmas, bitches. -A.


Switched at Birth 3.22

I thought the Freaky Friday episode worked so well the first time I watched it, the second time, not so much. But what’s up with adopting a stranger for Christmas? Regina’s reaction was priceless.

I always wanted to have the kind of Christmas you see in the movies.
I was just thinking the same thing.
Who the hell is Regina?
That means the switch never happen.
We’ll cover it up, so she’s not embarrassed in the morning.
What the hell.
Adopt a stranger for Christmas.
We do. We just don’t show it.
I wish we’ve been switched at birth.
What? What did you just say?
Adopt us? We don’t need to be adopted.


Castle 7.10

What was that? Romeo and Juliet? Weakest episode of the series, but somehow Castle managed to get himself kicked out of the precinct.

It’s the daughter.
You were in what?
You are no longer permitted to work with NYPD.