Congrats to Julianne Moore on winning a Golden Globe for her fantstic role in Still Alice. Here are the remaining Golden Globe nominated films this year. Plus Unbroken, which should have been nominated.

The Theory of Everything

…was everything. Eddie outshined everyone in the lead actor category. If he doesn’t win an Oscar, the Academy’s wrong. Felicity’s competition is too tight to leave her with a statuette next month. A beautiful story, like all of the nominated ones. I wish It could win best picture.



From the director of Dazed and Confused comes a story that feels like a teen film, but for some reason feels profound. Must me the 12 year shooting period? Nah, it’s the kids and Patricia and the directing and the coloring and the ‘Now it’s only death left scene’. It will probably win all best film awards.


The Imitation Game

My dad argues with me it isn’t historically correct, and I’m not in a posision to argue with a history fanatic. Benedict did a fantastic job. I love that it touched homosexual plot just slightly and wasn’t over excessive. I loved the casting and the flashbacks.

Six minutes… is that even possible?
No, it takes me eight. You’re finished?… Five minutes forty-eight seconds.
You said to finish under six minutes.



This film is incredible, It should get so much more recognision. So should Angelina Jolie. It’s her third picture and by now we can see she’s on the right way to being a genius director.



It could only be better if it was a true story. J.K. Simmons will win all the awards. Should have been nominated for best picture.


Big Eyes

With your Big Eyes and your big lies…
How come Lana didn’t win best song? And why wasn’t it nominated for best comedy? I have already seen it twice. I always loved Margaret’s Ulbrich’s work and wished this part of her life was portrayed. I am not sure if throwing the matches through a key hole was what actually happened, but It had me stunned. All the terpentine mentions for someone who was an oil painter and art major in high school and for whom terpentine was the one smell that stuck for months, I admired all the mentions. Christopher’s acting throughout the whole scene and the ‘I’ll have you whacked’ made this film my fourth favorite film this year.


Into the Woods

Doesn’t bring anything new to the famous musical, and barely anyone can sing and yet everyone would kill to be a part of this film.

I was raised to be charming, not sincere.



Good, but not 12 years of slave. All the bridge scenes are impressive, the story should have been more detailed and they should have defenitely strech it to Dr. King’s death. Unfortunately, it was boring at times. I truly thought a story this great could have been shown more significantly. And they definitely should have hired more famous black actors and not just Oprah, especially since they gave her only an episodic role.


Inherent Vice

This was without a doubt Paul Thomas Anderson’s most messed up film. I have worshipped Magnolia and Boogie Nights for years. Films like The Master, There Will Be Blood, Hard Eight or Punch Drunk Love were all mastepieces. And yet this one, I just could not swallow, even when Paul teamed up the Walk the Line duo Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.