Congrats to Julianne Moore on winning a Golden Globe for her startling performance in Still Alice!

Shameless is back next week! What’s with shows and Taylor Swift this week? SVU’s ‘Welcome to New York.’ ‘Aww just like the song’; Parenthood’s ‘We’re not out of the woods yet’ The Simpsons’s ‘Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?’ Not Taylor Swift really, but got me thinking of ‘Are we out of the woods yet? Are we out of the woods yet’, and finally I watched the new Disney version of Into the Woods yesterday and I swear I waited for the song to be used in the closing credits.

Parenthood 6.10

All the Braverman mothers talking about motherhood was everything I wanted. Hank finally showed he is good enough to be Sarah’s match. The writers focused on showing us Hank adapting in a stressful and uncomfortable situation when he wants to help, but his Aspergers robbed him from certain social skills, to see him evolve and figure out what’s right or not to talk about was magical. Drew was feeling guilty about the Paris trip. And like I said in the intro, when the doctors said ‘We’re not out of the woods yet’ I smiled and automatically thought of Mae and how obsessed she, Sarah and Miles were with this Taylor Swift song. Also, Jesse Marchant’s Remembers Defeats from the incredible opening scene is still on repeat. Plus, I obviously cried through the entire episode, but my father teared up at three scenes, and that says something as he usually says ‘they’re not real, stop crying’, but for some reason, never when we watch Parenthood. I know we’ll both miss the show deeply.

No! Damn it.
Walk of shame.
We’ll get there on time. I mean.
Also, rip off someone who can afford it.
Grandma’s 94 or sth and dad’sin ICU.
Zeek, we’re all here.
I’m sorry, It’s family members only. He’s my husband.
That’s all we know.
Life is short, baby. You gotta hang in there.
He doesn’t even eat right. I saw him by the candy machine buying tweezlers.
Favorite loser.
Thank you for being there for me. For my family, for my dad.
That’s why we probably should be vegetarians.
That’s why we should get married.
Amber, Drew. I love you. I love you too.
Don’t ever give up on your own dreams.


SVU 16.10

Just imagine none of this would hape if Amanda didn’t feel this sibling need to protect her little sister. After what happened to her in Atlanta she should have never helped her siater again. She brought so much trouble on Rollins back in season 13. And what on earth happened to Liv? I was really hoping she would apologise for never asking what happened in Atlanta, and for being so harsh on Rollins after what she did last year. But most importantly, I wanted to see her take Amanda to her psychiatrist, make sure she gets help and won’t put herself in any more mess.

Is Liv already in?
The vic is that young detective from Atlanta.
I’m sorry I need to take this.
It isn’t just going to go away.
Yeah it will.
You can never tell who’s capable of anything.
I think Amanda Rollins put her and you up for this.
Just leave me be.
She’ll get over it. She’ll pretend like it never happened. If you pretend long enough, after a while It’s like none of it happened.
He thinks he’s entitled.
You think you’re Patton’s first good girl?
So everything they said about you is not true?
No piece for your old friend Sam?
NYPD won’t bend over.
Bend over?
That girl got what she wanted. Just like Rollins did.
Amanda, you know I don’t take no for a answer.
He pinned my hands above my head and he told me I wasn’t going anywhere and no one would believe me. I gave up. He raped me.
Are you talking about Amanda Rollins? I didn’t rape her or that other girl.
Does that include any other blond young detectives you mentored?
You’re only as sick as your secrets.
Can you go back to that detective?


Revenge 4.11

Victoria seems completely harmless without Conrad. I hate where the story is going now. Did we really have to turn Daniel to a villain? Wouldn’t it be easier to just kill David? He brought his own trouble to the Hamptons and he’s starting to get really annoying. Also, he wants to kill Victoria and I simply won’t watch when Madeleine leaves, so they better stay away from her. I really hope the writers will bring the order back to where it was at the end of the season and Victoria back to the Grayson manor. I am starting to like Margot, she’s making it her life mission to avenge Emily. I just hope they won’t kill her off. Why is Jack taking personal days? You don’t look suspicious at all.

Daniel! Daniel!
Wait what did they say?
Basement it is.
You left the key in the rear door.
What kind of monster would that make me.
Dude, who you’re talking to?
Victoria’s gonna stay here.
Are you out of your mind?
I’m so…
You’re welcome.
Sorry, did you just say a father.
Underneath all the scar tissue.
The night of our wedding.
Someone is headed for Disney world.
I’m sorry about Daniel.
I know.
I’m going to make it my life’s journey to see you pay for what you’ve done.
No but she can.
Soon you’ll be teaching your own son how to do it.
Would you destroy it please. That way we won’t have any more funerals.
It’s always the little things that get ya.


American Horror Story 4.10

This season is very messy. I just want to see Elsa make it in Hollywood already and be done with it. I really hoped she would sing in every episode, without it it’s just Dandy killing people and a bunch of nothing. I hate that they have already killed the best characters. Did we really have to kill Dandy’s mother off? I couldn’t care less about the twins looking for someone to deflower them. At least they brought Nun back. They should have done everything I’m their power to get Lily Rabe.

If you don’t get an ambulence now!
We are where we belong.
Imagine that. Being a freak for being normal.
How’s he going to defend himself without his hands?
You can’t get it up without a doll watching you.
Let’s tear this place apart.
What a psycho. Tell me. How did they die?
We should have been included.
You’re a magician. You’re gonna saw thslis in half.
Homo erectus nonsense.
That’s all I needed to hear.


Bad Judge 1.10

Rebecca and her friend go to a young people party.


Bad Judge 1.11

I cannot figure out why this show chooses to sabotage itself on every possible occasion, when it had so much potential.

If things don’t go your way, you may never see a woman again.
Is it true you have a sextape?
There was never porn on it before.
He’s never seen a woman naked, has he?
She’s done a lot worse.
How low? A squirrel came to my house.
Feels so much later in my heart.
Is this the group sex thing?
You don’t see me walking around judging people.


Cougar Town 6.01

The final season started very poorly.

What? Fat.
Baby socks with nickles.
Just tell your atupid story, Tom.
Imaginary hat.
I have so many strechmarks on my ass.
My garage is completely sound proof.
On the other hand, secret wine bar.
Should have worn a condom.
You’re not 40.


The Simpsons 26.10

I really thought I was gonna hate this one, but it was so funny. President Coin was read by the same person who read Mockingjay’s audiobook? Lisa made me want to go back to veganism.

Are we there yet?
This time I’m gonna write down where I parked. ‘Parking lot.’
You planted that on me, man.
Don’t get off the bug.
Welcome to the bug, welcome to the bug.
I don’t like the end sound of that.
Tooton Abbey.
Come on, start this thing, I’m not impressed.
Potato chips. D’oh. D’oh! Stupid kid, you ruin every trip.
Sure pick the only two times in history when thinga got messy.
Can I turn my phone on yet?
Homer, you have to stop dropping your pants in front of everyone who claims to be a doctor.
In Sophie’s Choice she chose the boy.
Kid’s got talent, but come on.
The Hunger Games.
That all will be eaten.
Hommus and rice cakes.


Switched at Birth 4.01

This may be one of my favorite episodes of the show. We’re in college now and I have to admit, I did get emotional very quickly and stayed that way till the end. I absolutely adored John’s reaction to the news of Bay taking the blame. I am not sure if I am happy about Daphne not going to Galudett when they have a real pre med program, but as long as we’re keeping Marlee Matlin on the show, I’m happy. Just imagine how average the show would be without her. I can’t wait to see Daphne at college, the show it’s gonna get better just because of that.

I saved my sister’s life and I feel lucky.
That is brilliant!
Bay Kennish, you’re under house arrest.
Melody, some parents want to meet you.
Yeah, I heard that.
With some dude who arranged to have a brick thrown at your mother’s head?
A family feel.
She said as long as I’m in college she’s fine with it.
You redit it.
What deaf program?
You’re hard of hearing?
Fully deaf.
Someone fluent in ASL and chemistry before Monday?
Her other mom.
She just gave me a 100 days more of community service.
How would you like to make a hell lot of money this semester?
I can’t believe there’s even one of you.
So you can go off and make films for your community from your perspective.


Pretty Little Liars 5.14

I don’t know, sometimes I think I’m 15 or sth, cause I cried when Ali finally got arrested and the detective told Spencer they dropped the charges and they now think Ali killed both Mona and Bethany. How could I not cry? Bitch is behind bars and that’s all that matters. Even though she’s not A, she still deserves pain for being mean and bitchy to everyone. The girls are finally talking about college, It’s annoying how they stretched out 2 years to 5 years. The police playing the tape of Mona’s murder was my favorite part of the episode. Also, they got Mrs Grunwald back, but she couldn’t tell us more than that Mona’s in purgatory. The arrest scene was excellent as well, felt proud the girls were there. It’s surprising how I finally stopped complaining about the show and now actually think my life would be missing something without Rosewood.

Showing up to your victim’s funeral. Classy.
It was her, Alison, alive.
We all wanted to stuff Ali in that empty coffin.
It all seems to go back to Radley, doesn’t it?
I want you to help me find the body of the girl that’s suppossed to be in that box.
I know she’s your sister, but so am I.
I see, but through a glass, darkly.
There’s no peace. Only fear.
Sure ali has an alibi, but how strong can it be when Ali’s DNA is found at the crime scene.
Okay. Teach me.
You guys tell Mona’s mom she has cameras in her house.
Mona put them in herself.
Shut up, Ali.
Alison DiLaurentis, you’re under arrest for the murder of Mona Vandervaal.
The Mona you knew. The real Mona.
I bought a 69 dollar ticket to Atlantic City.
The police thinks Alison set you up.
She got out.
No gates, no dams, no barriers.
No I do not accept this.
They don’t allow fireworks in prison, right?


The good wife 6.11

Kalinda got herself Into some serious mess. I wish they showed us more scenes of Diane killing it. Weren’t we just shipping Alicia with Palmer? Why is she kissing the head of her campaign? I haven’t seen an episode the entire Christmas break but wasn’t she having accidental dates with Palmer? I’m glad Cary’s out but at what price. Also, that was quick. I really thought Cary would go to jail.

Yeah, he’ll call you. Like it’s the first day of school.
Now let’s find you a white friend.
Export not import.
Judge doesn’t like you.
Take her phone. Hide it.
We’ve had worse.
What the hell?
This is very dramatic.
Less talking. More sex.
Chew like this.
How about you show me how to make it hypothetically.
I can’t figure anything out.
We pulled it from his computer.
Sit down and stop lying.
You’re free to go Mr Agos.