Two shows mentioned Sophie’s Choice this week, coincidence?

Parenthood 6.11

Let’s go home. There are no words to describe how much I’ll miss this show.


SVU 16.11

Very disapointed with this case. A 15 year old meets up with a movie star she has a crush on and ends up hooking up with another movie star.

Something happened to me?
The driver pulled over and got into the back with me.
That’ll get you trending.
The waiter saw him do body shots off of her.
Hello, somebody had sex with a drunk and drugged 15 year old girl.
Motherhood gas really changed you, Liv.
Call me Big G.
I believe you’ve met Big G.
Life umitates art, I get that.
I didn’t want Scott to find out I cheated on him.
Definitely not, but nice try.
Check please.


Revenge 4.12

I don’t know what they’re doing or why I keep giving it a 10. I desperately need to see Victoria in action instead of watching David screw everything up for our characters.

Death for Victoria would me merciful.
The devil can have it.
My other partner in crime.
You’ll spare Victoria’s life again.
I’m really gonna miss you.
This may become your farawell takedown.
What if yiur friend finds out about your obsessive tendencies?
That their father died assaulting an innocent woman?
You gave her criminal file?
Okay, Louis may be crazy.
I questioned Emily myself.
I’m sure you did.
Actually, I think you have.
I need to start with a damaged little girl called Amanda Clarke, also known as Emily Thorne.
Look what I found. This is so much better.


American Horror Story 4.12

I hate where this show eneded up this year. I was actually surprised when tjey killed Maggie off and that they changed Stanley to Meep. Or that they wanted to kill Elsa! What on Earth is happening this year. The only thing I like is that Dandy’s the new owner now. I wondered how he’s story’s gonna end and this seems fitting. The finale’s next week and I’m more scared about what they’ll pull off than how sad I am that it’s ending. I hope Jessica does one more season.

You tried to kill my dreams, but they cannot be murdered.
You came.
Of course.
But I asked myself, Dandy, how can you be of help?
You look like shit.
Maggie’s next. Elsa’s next.
Looks like you’re gonna have a shot at normal life.
But where would I go?
I’m the new owner.


Bad Judge 1.12

If only every episode was this good. At episode 12, I’m starting to grow to this family. Sad the series finale’s next week.

Let’s a game. Secrets.
You obviously skied on acid.
It was Sophie’s choice.
Because my number 4 was in high school.
Young hopeful and stinky.
What is she George Clooney’s wife?
Wallets get paid more than that.
They’re making Toy Story 4.
I am the law and I’m going for it.
It’s awesome, isn’t it?
The only relationship that end mutualy are those when two people die in the same car accident.
Soy sauce?
Garbage dog’s getting bath.
Of course.
Is it bra food?
It’s almost like I sensed that you and Jim are having problems.
Have you told Jim how you feel?
Having a baguette.
It’s brilliant.
Yeah sure, that too.
This would make a terrible episode of Law and Order.
She toured with The Black Eyed Peas but just briefly.
Bank is gonna be closed for a while.
Are you fucking kidding me?


Cougar Town 6.02

This show used to be so good. Remember when Shonda Rhimes was freaking out about the Penny Can and how happy she was about some advanced episodes that Bill Lawrence sent her? And how she was taking about Wednesdays with wine and Cougar Town? Well that was me too. I won’t complain anymore because I know I’ll be sad not once when It ends. I’ll look back and remember only the good things. Happy Birthday little Bobby Cobb! Can you belive Laurie has a kid with Travis? I can’t! I go back to season one in my mind and just can’t believe it.

Move dude, emergency.
Obviosly, you’re pregnant.
Said no.
Did we have awful public schools.
Fancy pants.
I feel so.
Can we mke her wear the dress?
But move this car.
I need to be with people I love, where nothing changes.
Are they for a girl or a boy? Yes. Shut up, Tom.
Bobby, meet Bobby.


Castle 7.10

We haven’t had an episode this funny in years! And how can the case not be good when the dog is the witness! A little competition never harmed anyone and it might have been what the show needed.

How a woman so astud could marry a man like Castle?
I’m now Richard Castle, Private Investigator.
I’m sorry that’s confidential too.
A private investigator!?
Who are you and what are you doing with a dead woman’s dog?
Bitch, I know where you live.
I’m just making sure you filled it out correctly.
I was just discussing it with the writer you married.
Welcome to Richard Castle Investigations.
You said married people tell each other things.
My God, I’ve missed this.
We’re definitely on top of him.
When she took something beautiful we had together and shared it with another man.
Oh thank god, now what are you doing here?
The dog is the witness!?


Shameless 5.01

Shameless came back poorly. I always expect this show to blow my mind and this week it simply didn’t. I enjoyed Sheila’s problems with Frank’s daughter, but other than that, it was disapointing. But in the end, Frank’s back living with Sheila and that’s all I need.

Yoy’re lying to your notebook.
Are you expecting a loss of appetite?
Are you my father?
Don’t think so, kid.
And dry humping that man on my couch.
Plus it’s free.
Forgot that argument.
Screw those bitches.
We’re gonna party up Gallagher style.


The Simpsons 26.11

The show that never disapoints and keeps me sane on crazy Mondays. A very good episode. ‘Stay 10 forever’ is what I’d like to wish to all of us.

That would explain a lot.
If I was Fred Flinston.
It’s such a big ass.
For the first time I actually have to do my job.
It’s called a double standard.
I could direct films like Angelina Jolie.
Look back at the elephant.
What if those clowns parked in the same lot as us?
Maybe there’s a better Wifi in the freak tent.
Oh not again.
I’m not? Good. Am I sick?
Is that a grown man going between the children’s legs?
It’s on page one of the rule book.
Homo too.
I’ve been emotionally dealing with it the whole week so yeah.
Bye, Bart. Stay 10 forever.


Switched at Birth 4.02

Far from good, the only thing that kept me through the episode was the thought of the teacher being the Claire Danes’s mom in My So Called Life. God, I loved this show. Why didn’t we find 5 minutes for Marlee Matlin, yet we focused on Regina and East Riverside bullshit again. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for Daphne to go to all hearing college. Bay’s drama is so overrated, the show insists on reminding us it’s a teen show.

You let the door slam after you.
Thanks so much!
It looks like you’re saying end of peace, but I know that’s not right.
They’re meeting without you.
You had to fight their battles.


Pretty Little Liars 5.15

I am really enjoying the college talk. I don’t mind Ashley sleeping with Jason, she deserves to be appreciated and we never see the priest anymore. Aria got into a mediocre college and somehow isn’t too sad about it. I loved her letter to Jackie. It was potentially a very atupid move, but exactly what I would have done. Write a killer personal statement. They wanted personal? They got personal. I was surprised to actually see a grown up version of Jackie instead of the unforgiving and childish one we met a few seasons back. Spencer and Caleb duo is something to look forward to.

Whatever happened to a thank you card?
How many schools did you get into?
Did I miss something, when did you become a professional chef?
I know it hurts. It’s a temporary setback.
I don’t need a dramatic reading of it. I wrote it.
I made these. Eat one.
Because somebody was burried in it.
There’ll be no rest for the wicked.
Burn your life down.


The Good Wife 6.12

I know it may be one of the shows best seasons, but I honestly don’t feel it most of the times. I couldn’t be happier about getting David back! He brings absurd humor which this show needs.

I don’t even recognise these people.
I’ve missed this. All usul disasters.
What does that have to do with my married life?
You know you can tape whatever you want.
I don’t have feelings for you.
We want you back, David.
The governor’s stepping in for the mayor.
I’ve came home Alicia. We’re partners again.
I’m gonna win.


Eye Candy 1.01

Following R.L. Stine’s every project since the 90s. I am very upset about The Haunting Hour cancellation. The pilot was good enough, I will watch the series.

Filthy crooked teeth. Now I have to kill you.
He must have known I’ll be able to do this.
Too love me. Stalk me. Kill me?
She’s hacking their phones.
No, that’s not legal.
He’s at the apartment with you, get out!
Say it or he’ll die without knowing.